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Mongolian wrestling


Mongolian wrestling amazing technics

Mongolian wrestling, known as Bökh is the folk wrestling style of Mongols. Bökh means durability. It was a military sport intended to provide mainly strength, stamina and skills training to troops. Bokh is the most important of the Mongolian culture's historic Three Manly Skills, that also include horsemanship and archery.

Genghis Khan considered wrestling to be an important way to keep his army in good physical shape and combat ready. The court of Qing Empire (1646--1911) held regular wrestling events, mainly between ethnic Manchu and Mongol wrestlers. Russian Sambo also has its roots in Mongolian Wrestling. There are several different versions, Mongolian (in the country of Mongolia and in Tuva of Russia), Buryatian (in the Buryatia of Russia) and Southern Mongolian (in northern China).

Since there are no weight classes in the Naadam of Mongolia, a small wrestler can compete against an opponent over twice his size. Smallest wrestlers usually weigh around 70 kg, while the biggest are over 200 kg, the median weight of a competitor at the Naadam is around 115 kg.

Mongolian athletes have won 56 gold medals and 36 athletes became world champions until 2013. Freestyle wrestling has been practised since 1958 in Mongolia.Today 5,000 people (2013) participate in freestyle wrestling programs in Mongolia, and the national team consists of 26 athletes. Mongolian freestyle wrestlers have won the first and the most Olympic medals of Mongolia.

Mongolian wrestlers are using their warrior spirit and fighting skills to conquer the national sport of Japan - sumo wrestling. Starting in 1991, Mongolians began to become especially dominant in sumo, as of 2005, Mongolians composed roughly 5% of all ranked sumo wrestlers, making them more than 60% (37 out of 61) of non-Japanese rikishi in Japan. In a 2009 survey conducted by a Japanese statistical agency, of the four sumo wrestlers named as most famous by Japanese people, three were Mongolian.

Wrestling Mongolia Highlight

Wrestling Mongolia Highlight

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Mongolian Wrestling Coaches Strip and Go Nuts In Protest at Olympics

The coaches thought otherwise about the outcome.

Mongolian Wrestling Training at Darhan Muminggan 內蒙古達茂旗搏克協會 搏克訓練

Training with the pro: 巴圖吉日嘎拉

Mongolian wrestling nice performances

Mongolian wrestling, known as Bökh is the folk wrestling style of Mongols。。

Mongolian / Tuvinian wrestling

Traditional wrestling from Mongolia

Mongolian dominance in Sumo

Battsetseg: Mongol Queen (FULL MOVIE)

Battsetseg: Mongol Queen is United World Wrestling's first-ever documentary and features the incredible life story of Soronzonbold Battsetseg​, the two-time world champion from Mongolia whose life journey was made possible by wrestling and the Olympic​ movement.

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Mongolia VS Kazakhstan ~ The Great Eurasia Wrestling Tournament 2014 Final ~

~ 2014 テュルク相撲ユーラシア大会~ 決勝戦 モンゴル対カザフスタン

【Mongolian Wrestling】Live 30 Sept 2017

Эрчим хүчний 95 жилийн ойн хүчит бөхийн барилдаан

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Kungfu Warriors VS. Mongol Wrestlers [ENG SUB]

Me getting my arse kicked at mongolian wrestling by a mongolian (Part2/2)

Part 2 of 2

Brian Shearer Mongolian Wrestling

Brian Shearer competing in Mongolian Wrestling at the NYC Naadam Festival. July 11, 2015

Wrestling: Mongolian women grapple with tradition

Mongolia's freestyle women wrestlers hope to take gold in Rio. But they are forbidden from participating in their country's own traditional grappling festivals.

Golden Belt Mongolian Wrestling Championship 2015 第二屆國際蒙古搏克《金腰帶》爭霸賽


Uyghur Folk Wrestling Tournament: Mongols VS Uyghurs

First Round Full Match | Hasar Mongolian Wrestling League 2014 - 2015 哈薩爾搏克聯賽

2014-2015年度哈薩爾搏克聯賽 第一場月賽

2014-2015年度“草原情·哈薩爾搏克聯賽”在內蒙古自治區呼和浩特市迎來揭幕戰。11月1日晚,在烏蘭恰特舉辦的第一場月賽中,16名搏克名悉數亮相。經過16進8、8進4、4進2的激烈博弈,最終,烏斯胡巴雅爾與白音孟克在爭奪決賽權中,烏斯胡巴雅勝出,順利晉級年度總決賽。 恭喜蒙古國烏斯胡巴雅爾奪得第一場月賽冠軍!





【Mongolian Wrestling】Live 10 Sept 2017 pt. 2

Монгол Улсын Хөдөлмөрийн Баатар, Гавъяат тамирчин Найдангийн Түвшинбаярт хүндэтгэл үзүүлэх наадам 2-р хэсэг

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Mongolian wrestling

【Mongolian Wrestling】Live 27 May 2017 Part 2



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