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Model yacht racing



The fourth video of six of the 2011 International One Metre model yacht world championship that was organised and run by the UK Model Yacht Association in conjunction with the West Kirby Sailing Club on the marine lake.

Britpops 1 2 & 3 - Stollery from Gibson and Elliot. There is only a couple of points between Stollery and Gibson at the top of the leader board....

6m Yacht Racing at Setley Pond

A compilation of scenes from several 6m class model yacht races at Setley Pond on 2nd May 2012. Setley Pond in the New Forest, southern England, is the home of the Solent Radio Controlled Model Yacht Club ( ).

Model Yacht Racing 1939 Chevrolet Newsreel

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'Title Card: Race! Launch New Mystery Boat, Check Speed in Darkness.

Model sailboat building and racing as hobby. VS miniature sailboats racing on pond; people on dock beside miniature sailboats. CU boy (wearing sailor's cap) showing off model sailboat. 2 girls with model boats (one sits on car bumper applying cosmetics). Man working at drafting table. Man assembling wooden pieces of model boat; CU hand sanding boat. ECU metal turnbuckles (thumb and forefinger pick one up) and pulleys; model boat being assembled. Man, at water's edge, putting model boat into water (night shot); boat sails out of range of lights. Man walks to automobile and opens door. ECU steering wheel being turned; gas and clutch pedal being operated; parking brake being pulled; high-beam button being stepped on. ECU headlights as car turns. Illuminated sailboat on pond (night shot).'

NEW VERSION with improved video & sound:

From Chevrolet Leader News Newsreel Vol. 5 No. 2.

Originally a public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.
The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original).

Wikipedia license:

Model yachting is the pastime of building and racing model yachts. It has always been customary for ship-builders to make a miniature model of the vessel under construction, which is in every respect a copy of the original on a small scale, whether steamship or sailing ship. There are fine collections to be seen at both general interest museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and at many specialized maritime museums worldwide.

Many of these models are of exquisite workmanship, every rope, pulley or portion of the engine being faithfully reproduced. In the case of sailing yachts, these models were often pitted against each other on small bodies of water, and hence arose the modern pastime. It was soon seen that elaborate fittings and complicated rigging were a detriment to rapid handling, and that, on account of the comparatively stronger winds in which models were sailed, they needed a greater draught. For these reasons modern model yachts, which usually have fin keels, are of about 15% or 20% deeper draught than full-sized vessels, while rigging and fittings have been reduced to absolute simplicity. This applies to models built for racing and not to elaborate copies of steamers and ships, made only for show or for toy cruising...

Sail--driven yachts
Construction and rigging

Traditional models are constructed of some light, seasoned wood, such as pine, preferably white pine, white cedar or mahogany free from knots. The hull may either be hollowed out of a solid block of wood, or cut from layers of planks in the so-called bread-and-butter style, or planked over a frame of keel and cross-sections. The first two methods are used in constructing dugout models.

Hollowing out from the solid block entails a great deal of labor and has therefore fallen into disfavor. In the bread-and-butter style a number of planks, which have been shaped to the horizontal sections of the model and from which the middle has been sawn out, are glued together and then cut down to the exact lines of the design, templates being used to test the precision of the curves. In the planked, or built-up model, which is generally chosen by more expert builders, the planks are tacked to the frame, as in the construction of large vessels.

Hulls may also be formed from modern plastics, which may be purchased from a manufacturer as termomoldings or fiberglass layups or fabricated by the modeler... They may have any -rig, but schooner and sloop rigs are most common, the latter being the favorite for racing on account of its simplicity.

Mechanical sailing controls

For uncontrolled sailing craft some form of steering control is required, since with a fixed rudder position the model will turn into the wind. Three kinds of steering-gear are used, the weighted swinging rudder, the main-sheet balance gear, and the steering vane, the object of each being to keep the model on a true course, either before or against the wind. Models are often sailed without dynamic control of the rudder, but although a perfectly built boat will sail readily against the wind without steering gear, it is almost impossible to keep it on its course before the wind without some contrivance to check for divergence...

Vintage Marblehead Last Race of 2017 U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Regatta

Last race of the Traditional and High Flyer Vintage Marblehead pond boats at Redd's Pond. Held July 15 & 16 at Marblehead, Massachusetts.

CMRC - Strictly Sail RC Match Racing

RC Match Racing @ Strictly Sail Chicago 2012 ... Chesapeake Performance Models CR-914 RC Boats run by the Chicago Match Race Center

The best radio controlled model boat of the world? See and find your own opinion

stockmaritime is producing radio controlled sailing boats since 2006. With the new 3X1 we tried to design and build the best model boat you can get for a affordable prize. The boat is produced in Hamburg, Germany - hand crafted.
This boat is not a toy - it´s a piece of sports equipment!

The stockmaritime yacht designers are experienced and they have won a lot of dinghy and big boat races. They love also touring. For this reason the 3X1 is easy to transport and good sailing.

There are better boats available on the market - but you have to spend 2-4 times the money as buying a 3X1.

Model Yacht Racing

Racing Marblehead Class Radio Controll Model Yachts in Redds Pond, Marblehead M.A.

Amazing: Sailing a carbon racing sailboat in all weathers - radio controlled

The 3x1 is the result of 9 years experience with the model boat business, more than 40 years successful racing with dinghies/big boats and 4 mouths of intensive testing the boat, sails and equipment in all weathers.

Now there are sailing more than 280 boats - 200 in germany, the others over the whole world. A fast growing fleet of yacht lovers, who want to sail their love.
The strict one design rules guarantees fair and fast sailing over years without the need of a new boat.
We think, we are producing the best sailing model yacht of the world - in relation to the price.
If you have sailed a 3x1 Carbon One Design Racer, you will never miss it.
Watch this and the other videos!

Model Yacht A Class

A Class model yachts competing in the Poole Model Club A Class Series

THE VOLVO OCEAN 65 - surfing with gennaker in the North Sea

12. december 2013, St. Peter Ording. We tested the new VOLVO 65 model at the beach at the North Sea. Big waves for such a small boat. But great fun surfing faster than the waves - thanks to the new gennaker system.

More Information:

Radio Controlled Lasers at Gosport Model Yacht & Boat Club

Radio controlled Laser model yachts racing at Gosport's Walpole Park Lake home of Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club

Men's Star Sailing Race 2 Full Replay - London 2012 Olympics

Full coverage of the race 2 round of the men's star sailing event at the Weymouth & Portlands venue as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games,

Subscribe to the Olympic channel:

Sailing was first contested as an Olympic sport at the 1900 Paris Games. Since then, the classes of boats allowed to compete have continually evolved to reflect advances in yacht design and technology. Equipment advances over the past 20 years have created a trend towards smaller and lighter craft, placing ever greater demands on both the athletic and technical capacities of the sailors.

Find more about Sailing at

The return of the J-Class. Huge elegant yachts, born in the 30s.

A J-Class yachts is elegant and speedy. As a model boat with genua you can afford this masterpiece of sailing style.
Watch the video of the maiden voyage.

Model Soling Race

The Charleston Model Yacht Club races twice weekly at the James Island Park. This is a sample race on a very light-wind day.

Adventure: Tuning and sailing a trimaran model sailing boat

It´s our first multihull experience. First time we´ve tested the trimaran kit volans. After first sailing we´ve made a lot of modification to reduce weight and maximize sail area.
With success - you can see it in the video without any problems ... enjoy our tuning kit!
We are working on some more tuning stuff: wider beams, watertight hatches, ... visit our website!

model yacht match race

A full length match race in gusty conditions, close racing in AC15 class yacht

FASTNET-RACE of River Elbe/SVAOe. Long distance race for model yachts.

One time a year the most crazy sailors of Hamburg meet together and race 6,2 kilometers along the river against current.

IOM Sailing Meter Monthly May 2016

radio control yacht racing

DF 95 RC Model Yachts

Dragon Flight 95 Inaugural day at Fleetwood

Model yacht club racing at Jackadder, Perth West Australia

A Class club racing, One Metre class racing, my Creed 10rater with (first) its D rig up and then its C rig. And at the end, my Mini40 clocking 28.8km/hr. Fastest speed yet!
About 3/4 of the way through the movie there is a spectacular windward broach by an A Class Sword (#76) - well done Glenn!



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