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Model aerobatics


2015 FAI F3P World Chp for Indoor Aerobatic Model Aircraft - Part 1

Disciplines / Task Styles:
F3P - (Indoor aerobatics) - seniors
F3P - (Indoor aerobatics) - juniors
Place: Pruszków (Poland)
Dates: 14 Mar to 21 Mar 2015
2015 FAI F3P World Championship for Indoor Aerobatic Model Aircraft

2009 World Cup C/L - F2B Aerobatic Model Aircraft

Světový pohár upoutaných modelů letadel /
World Cup of control line model aircrafts;
F2A, F2B, 9.-10. 5. 2009, MODELKLUB Hradec Králové

Phoenix Model Future Freestyle Aerobatics! HD

Our 3. Video is an Flight with an Phoenix Model Future Freestyle.
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Aerobatics: X-Plane 10 flight simulator vs reality

Here is a first test where I have tried to reproduce a complete unlimited aerobatic program. The model is the Mikael Brageot's free program (talented world class pilot)

I have choosed the same aircraft (that I have developed for X-Plane flight simulator), the same airfield and the same point of view to record the two videos.

As I have tried to respect the program, the speeds and the axes as best as I can, the result seems very similar in both recordings.

The virtual flight has been recorded in one shot (as the real one), so you can see many mistakes during the virtual flight.
You can watch the uncut virtual flight here:

Video's cuts have been done only to correct some time lags between the two flights.

The virtual flight has been realized without reference to the original video during the flight.

This challenge is only a part of the tests that I am working on, to enhance this aerobatic flight model.

Flygfilm med Oxalys klass F3A Model Aerobatics

Oxalys som flyger på Trollhättans Modellflygfält.
Från ovan ser man den underbara naturen kring kanalen, brinkebergskulle. Vargön Malöga

Ultron 3D model

I became more and more familiar with Ultron 3D depron model that I design to myself in order to learn 3D flying.

It's Good To Be #1 In the World; ; David Moser #1 Remote Control Pilot in The World Freestyle

David Moser #1 Remote Control Pilot in the world flying his Hangar 9 300 Plane Freestyle. You can see for yourself why he is #1, it is something to behold. He can make that plane dance around in the air, it is just amazing to see. This is David just messing around, he had no idea I was recording him. And he had no idea I was going to U-Tube him. Of course I did get his permission, he is a wonderful soft spoken, respectful young man. It was the first time he had used the new smoke, pretty cool too. His rank comes from points & world invites attended and won. He is the reining IMAC Unlimited Champion in South East and is #1 Eastern qualifier for the World Team in IMAC to be held in Muncie Ind Sept 2 -6 2014. Filmed on location Clover Creek Aerodrome, Toone, TN August 29,2013. Clover Creek Aerodrome holds all sorts of flying clinics, and it is a wonderful facility. You need to check them out too.

Aerobatics in Extra

Petr Kopfstein performing aerobatics in Extra 330 SC above his home airfield near Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Bohemian Aerobatics by Michael Wargo

PA team Pilot Michael Wargo flies the whole lineup of Precision Aerobatics planes.

Frazer Briggs Big Plane Aerobatics at Papakura Manukau Model Club

Frazer Briggs Big Plane areobatics at Papakura Manukau model flying club. Knife Edges, Tail stands, spins and thrills. Clevedon Flying at its best.

How to fly 3D aerobatics DVD by Precision Aerobatics

New How to 3D DVD trailer
For more info visit:

Super talented Redbull RC Aerobatic team

Crazy talented pilots and really cool models flying in tight formation and doing smoke effects at JetPower Fyresdal 2016. Great show guys..

Amazing model plane stunt display

This was filmed at the wings over awatoto model airshow

Ashburton Model Aero Club - 2018 Flyin Aerobatics

Video 1 - Showing some flying skills

SuperPhanton Aerobatics

SuperPhantom does aerobatics

Michael Wargo and PRecision Aerobatics Intro to Aerobatics 1

PA Team Pilot Michael Wargo introduces RC Pilots to the world of Aerobatics

RC Aerobatics F3A: (5) Freestyle with camera's

This video follows a RC Aerobatics F3A Competition plane through a freestyle expression session with cameras on-board.

We mounted cameras all over this Competition plane and captured dramatic planes-eye-view video from a morning of fantastic flying.

This plane competed in the SA F3A Team at World Champs 2017 (Argentina). Piloted by Clinton Carter Brown, assisted by Grant Brook (pilots on SA F3A Team 2017), at Irene Radio flyers Club.

More videos in this series:
Part 1: The Basics of F3A sport flying

Part 2: Introduction to a competition plane

Part 3: Demo of P-19 schedule with stickplane

Part 4: Power-up and preflight checks

Part 5: Freestyle Aerobatics with camera's

Aerobatics in a model helicopter

3DHS Demonstrator Edge 540

I am excited to share some footage of me wringing out the brand new 3DHS Demonstrator Edge by Extreme Flight! The Demonstrator is a variant of the 106 Edge 540 and was made to demonstrate the awesome new features and techniques Extreme Flight has to offer. It has the brand new printed ultracote technology which does not peel up at all, and allows for any color scheme design! It also has laminated carbon fiber throughout the entire airframe. It flies extremely light, it's incredibly strong, and looks amazing! It is a whole new step in the RC aerobatic world! It is powered by the DA-120 with stock mufflers spinning a Falcon 27x11 which pulls this thing around like crazy! I am running the new MKS HBL380s which have insane torque and speed! It has the Pulse 2S 2550mah RX packs, Spektrum AR12120 DSMX 12-Channel Powersafe RX, Powerbox Smoke Pump, and Aero Cumulus smoke oil. It is all guided by the Spektrum DX-18. This thing is killer and I can't wait to fly it some more! Look for it at events this summer and in the future! Thanks to my parents, and all my sponsors and The Lord for all his help and blessings! Enjoy the demonstration!

Extreme 3D plane aerobatics show / IX Festival Aereo Ala Sur R/C (2014) [MundoRC]

IX Festival Aereo Ala Sur R/C
Extreme ·D plane aerobatics show
Pilot: Martin Pickering . Model: Edge 540 from Pilot-RC

Martin hizo un show haciendo acrobacias 3d extremas, acompañadas de música y efectos de humo.
Muchas gracias a la gent del club Ala Sur R/C por invitarnos a este festival aereo. Repetiremos, seguro. :)
Martin gave us an incredible show doing extreme 3d aerobatics, with music and smoke effects.
Thanks a lot to these Ala Sur RC Club guys. We'll be there again, sure!.

*** WATCH Martin flying his Turbine JetCat :

More videos from Martin Pickering / Más videos de Martin Pickering in his channel:



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