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L3DO - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA Motivational Fight Choreography)

Our new fight choreography, this time a breathtaking and motivational Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combat!!!

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Filmed in Pamplona (Navarra), Spain

Recorded with Sony HDR-CX160E

Insane Man Omg !! - Mixed Martial-arts Calisthenics Gymnastics Tricking Taekwondo

Insane Man Omg !! - Mixed Martial-arts Calisthenics Gymnastics Tricking Taekwondo






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Bruce Lee | The God Of MMA

Bruce Lee was not only the first man to popularise Mixed Martial Arts, he is also the unprecedented master of it as well. Join Boxing Legends TV as we take a look at the top 5 Bruce Lee Movies and badass fighting scenes

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Paul hertzog - Bloodsport Soundtrack
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Mixed Martial Arts news, another 225 card bout added (Guida / Green)

Top 50 Knockouts in MMA History

A compilation of 50 of the best knockouts in MMA and UFC history. Not in any specific order!

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This video includes:
Top 50 Knockouts in UFC History
Top 50 Knockouts in MMA
Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History
The Best Knockouts in UFC
The Best Knockouts in MMA
When mma fighters lose control! Highlights! Knockouts!
Taekwondo in MMA! Top-8 best knockouts and highlights!
Cockiest fighters get ktfo! Top-25 best knockouts and highlights!
Family Friendly
Top 10 MMA Knockouts
Top 20 MMA Knockouts
Top 30 MMA Knockouts
Top 40 MMA Knockouts
Top 50 MMA Knockouts
When MMA Fighters Lose Control
MMA Fighters Lose Control
UFC Fighters Lose Control
Fighters Lose Control
The Ultimate Fighter
Craziest MMA Moments
Scariest MMA Moments

Master Moves of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - Human Weapon

History Channel : Human Weapon

ALL MMA - Incredible Compilation 2017

ALL MMA - Incredible Compilation 2017
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MMA-KEGI: Alexandra "Stitch" Albu workout (made by kendziro)

Клуб миксфайта MMA-KEGI
Alexandra Albu is a Russian Mixed Martial Arts practitioner. She is from Moscow, Russia and currently is training at the MMA -KEGI club in Moscow. She is the development of Andrey Tsarkov, the main instructor and the owner of MMA -- KEGI.
In combination with all of her athletic abilities and her competitive spirit, Alexandra tried herself in Mixed Martial Arts. As of today she compiled an undefeated record of 5-0 with all of the wins coming by early stoppages. Her first four victories were in the battle proven country of Thailand, but her last victory over the Pankration Champion Lyubov Demidova propeled her to a much higher level. Alexandra took the victory in the first round by TKO (Punches from the mount).

Due to Alexandra's phenomenal athletic achievements it was a matter of time for her to be noticed by a major MMA management organization and she was signed by Red Fury Fight Team to further advance her professional career.

Highlight made by kendziro (kegi@bk.ru)

Bellator MMA: Derek Campos vs. Brandon Girtz 3 FULL FIGHT

Going into the trilogy, Derek The Stallion Campos & Brandon Girtz were tied one fight a piece. The third fight would live up to the bloody & violent expectations. #Bellator181

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MMA Girl Gabi Garcia Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Girl Gabi Garcia is a Brazilian who is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) grappling world champion, and member of the IBJJF Hall of fame. Gabi Garcia was born in 1985. Garcia trains in São Paulo with Fabio Gurgel, at the Alliance team, where she has achieved three Abu Dhabi Combat Club championships and nine world Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships. She went into MMA in 2015 and is undefeated since
Than if you need martial art gear go to

Bellator MMA: John Salter vs. Jason Radcliffe FULL FIGHT

Look back to Bellator 188 John Salter vs. Jason Radcliffe in it's entirety!! And don't miss John Salter's upcoming fight at #Bellator198!

#Bellator198 | SATURDAY, April 28th, 2018 | On Paramount Network at 9/8c

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MMA In India | Kultar Singh Gill vs Amr Wahman | SFL 4

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STRONGEST Martial Arts Girls - Fantastic Edition 2018

STRONGEST Martial Arts Girls - Fantastic Edition 2018

TOP 5 Traditional Martial Artist in MMA

Traditional Martial Arts in MMA. List your TOP 5 in the comments Section.

Here our TOP 5 Traditional Martial Artists that we think have crossed over successfully to MMA.

MMA today is a sophisticated combat sport, but there are a few Traditional Martial Arts that shine through the mix of martial arts.

In previous videos we have discussed the the technical and psychological difference between Martial Arts and MMA today.

One point we made was MMA produces unarguably some of the fittest and well conditioned athletes of all the combat sports. Although, the key word to note was the term ‘athlete’, even professional athlete. As we suggested that athletes were not martial artists.

This doesn't mean that there are not martial artists that compete in MMA. Hence, our list of who think are the best fighters to apply their martial art approach to MMA.

In future videos I will be discussing the psychological importance of mental fitness training for combat, self defence and MMA. The goal is to make you mentally tough, because Psychology wins fights. In the meantime train hard, be safe.



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The Most Creative Fighters in UFC MMA

Some of the most creative fighters in the history of MMA. Starring Sean O'Malley, Yair Rodriguez, Zabit Magomedsharipov, Genki Sudo, Jon Jones, Tony Ferguson and Michael Page.

Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark

I'm Savage - Revenge

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Which Martial Arts are Bullshido • Brief Martial Arts

Some of the martial arts are clearly Bullshido. Yet how do you know if the martial art you are doing is not? In this Brief Martial Arts episode we will take a close look at what exactly makes a martial art Bullshido and which practices are easiest to mistake as not one.

These days the term Bullshido is fairly common and even widely recognized. While it may sound like a term meant to intentionally insult / it can often be a noble attempt (just not always expressed well) / to expose false martial arts which encourage a lack of critical thinking and sometimes even cause potential danger to the lives of it’s practitioners and their loved ones, making them believe they are capable of defending themselves and others in an actual self defense situation.

Nevertheless there are still many martial arts which could be categorized as bullshido and continue to profit from their false claims without taking responsibility. In order to bring more awareness to this subject and to save people from falling into the wrong hands, in this Brief Martial Arts video we will take a closer look at what exactly defines a martial arts as bullshido and which practices could be considered such, so that present and future practitioners could be careful in choosing them.

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To begin with let us have a detailed look at how to define and pin-point a Bullshido practice. The term Bullshido as explained by Urban Dictionary is: a martial arts instruction that is fraudulent, inept or otherwise not worth trusting. This is actually a very good description, yet to fully understand it, we will further break it down to distinguish a trustworthy practice from a bullshido one.

A martial art which is fraudulent

Part of the bullshido culture consists of martial arts and it’s representatives who make intentional, false claims that their martial art will offer great value to attract more students and to increase their revenue. Most of the times this suggested value consists of promising an effective set of self defense skills, while they are actually not capable of delivering it. Places who use this strategy are also sometimes referred to as McDojos.

Interestingly enough, in my experience most bullshido masters are actually not aware of their lack of ability to deliver their promise of an effective self defense system and they end up believing their false claims themselves. That brings me to the second part of the bullshido definition.

A martial art which is inept or otherwise not trustworthy

As mentioned before, some martial arts instructors and schools actually believe that they are capable of offering an effective set of self defense skills, while actually that is far from reality. Even famous martial arts such as systema, wing chun and taekwondo can fall into Bullshido Martial Arts category for these reasons.

Bearing this in mind, I want to point out, is that if a martial arts school is not promising the most effective set of self defense skills and officially addresses it’s lacks in this realm, such a practice should not be called Bullshido. It is primarily when the promise of effective self defense is made and the lacks of the system or instructor are not addressed, that is when a practice falls into the category of Bullshido. Unfortunately that is often times the case.

One more thing that is important to answer before starting to call out specific bullshido martial arts, is to identify what an effective system of self defense consists of. While many martial arts techniques appear realistic during training, often times they are learned with a non-resisting or non-alive attacker who is either majorly cooperative, or attacks with very low intensity and unpredictability. As addressed by the instructors of the most effective self defense systems - real setting self defense situations are very different from that of a training in a Dojo. Also, a real self defense situation offers many more components such as unusual terrain, a storm of internal chemistry, unfamiliar and hidden weapons and on top of that all, an attacker who by no means wants to cooperate and attack in a specific way. Thus any system which claims to be an effective system of self defense, yet refuses to do pressure testing in high level intensity, bases itself on cooperative and repetitive training or fails to address it’s limitations should not have the right to claim itself as an effective self defense system.