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Mixed climbing


Scott Adamson Sends "Santeria," Hardest Mixed Climb in Utah -- Short Version

On January 3, 2013, Scott Adamson (31) from Provo, UT sent the first ascent of Santeria in Provo Canyon, making it the hardest mixed climb in Utah.

Cinematography and post-production by Parker Alec Cross.

Winter skills 4.4: climbing and protecting steeper mixed ground

Expert tips for winter climbing. Climbing and protecting steeper mixed ground.

This is one of a series of instructional films produced exclusively for BMC TV in association with AMI (the Association of Mountaineering Instructors), Lowe Alpine and DMM.

We're the BMC. Climb walls, rock, hills, ice or mountains? Join us.

The Remarkables - Where we Belong - Mixed Climbing Friday's Fool

This movie retraces the first ascent of Friday's Fool, a steep mixed (rock + ice) climb on the front face of The Remarkables high above Queenstown in New Zealand.
Months of editing, filming, interviewing local climbers and taking pictures should hopefully give a sense to what climbing on The Remarkables is about!
This movie is dedicated to Howie Mcghie, whose love for the mountains, the outdoors shined through his life, so here is to Howie , a humble, generous and enthusiastic mountaineer. This movie would not have been possible without him.

Everyday - Sarah Hueniken Climbs Mushashi (M12)

At a rating of M12, Musashi is one of the hardest mixed routes in Canada. Ten years ago, Outdoor Research Ice Climbing Ambassador and ACMG Alpine Guide Sarah Hueniken saw a video of the route being climbed by renowned climbers Will Gadd and Ben Firth. In March of 2013, she ventured into Alberta's Cineplex Cave and climbed it herself, becoming the first North American woman to successfully climb M12.

Watch Sarah's successful ascent of Musashi in Everyday, the complete film from AliasCinema.

Read an account of the climb in her own words, here:

And check out some of her favorite ice and mixed climbing apparel and gear here:

Women's Havoc Jacket --

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Winter Layering - Mixed Climbing in Switzerland

Kandersteg in Switzerland has long been a mecca for alpine climbers. In 2015 Rab athlete Jeff Mercier made an incredible link up of three classic mixed routes - in a single day.

Jeff relies on Rab clothing and equipment on all his projects, and in the high mountains down insulation is still the ultimate insulator.

What is Mixed Climbing? Winter Climb on the Cosmique Arete Chamonix

Mixed Climbing uses all the basics from rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering. Join Live Big host Patrick Sweeney on the world famous Cosmique Arete in Chamonix France as he learns from one of the world's top mountaineers - Jon Bracey on how to do this tricky winter ascent of the world's most famous mixed climb.

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Ice Climbing Beside an Active Waterfall

Super-climber Will Gadd attacks the world's most challenging mixed climb: Canada's Helmcken Falls. On February 11th, Will Gadd and his team successfully reached the top of the Falls in British Colombia, Canada, after an exhausting and icy eight-hour climb. The route is considered to be the toughest mixed ice route in the world.

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Here's How You Climb the Craziest Mixed Route in the World | Tim Emmett Diaries, Ep. 9

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Helmcken Falls is probably the hardest mixed route in the world, and we've got a front row seat to part two of Tim Emmett's attempt to climb this bad boy. Tim and his buddy Klem Premrl attempt to repeat this spectacular climb which is absolutely chock-full of insanely unreal features. Check out this stunning footage of what Helmcken Falls does best - be spectacular.

Director: Edit: Katie Schaitel
Producer: Tim Emmett, Klem Premrl, Chad Copeland, Wiktor Supinski
Athletes: Tim Emmett, Klem Premrl
Sports: Adventure, Climbing

Here's How You Climb the Craziest Mixed Route in the World | Tim Emmett Diaries, Ep. 9

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Chere Couloir - Alpine Ice Climbing

Guiding and teaching on the Chere Couloir - this is one of the best known ice routes in the Mont Blanc Range; a modern classic that is frequently in condition. Short, steep and technically interesting, with a quick abseil descent.

Ice Climbing a 1,000-ft Waterfall | Ultimate Rush

Ice climber Harald Berger has waited patiently for one of Austria’s most awe-inspiring waterfalls to freeze over. ‘The Supervisor’ is as high as the Eiffel Tower.

Mixed climbing in Vail, Cupcake Corner

First half is easy with good easy holds but traverse at the top is tricky. Will try to lead next time.

Mixed Climbing Man Machine Greg Boswell | Britain's Best Climbers, Ep. 2

Climbing doesn't really pay, so he drives a tractor to get paid so that he can buy the gas to drive himself to the climbing spots. That's dedication.
Best of Britain episode two follows top winter climber Greg Boswell. Greg spends his summers working on a Scottish farm and his winters climbing hard routes in the mountains. Somewhere in between he trains by dry tooling both in a farm out building and at the UK's premiere dry tooling crag, The Tube at Newtyle Quarry.

British Climber Profile: Greg Boswell | Best of British - Britain's Best Climbers, Ep. 2

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Winter Climbing in Scotland (English)

With friends Ian Parnell (UK) and Audrey Gariepy (Canada), Ines Papert has been climbing some of Scotland's steepest routes. What is so special about Scotland? The access routes are usually long and difficult, the weather can change alarmingly quickly and it is almost always wet and windy. The routes are climbed in traditional style; gear is placed and removed during the climb; and there are no anchor points. This kind of climbing requires tremendous courage and experience because a fall could have dramatic consequences.
The team climbed every day until dark and completed some of the most stunning routes in the Northern Highlands -- also some of the toughest. A huge challenge -- and not only in front of the camera.
Ines climbed Blood, Sweat and Frozen Tears (VIII,8), reportedly making her the first woman to lead that grade in Scotland.

Cameraman, Hans Hornberger, accompanied the team and produced some inspiring footage of the climbs.

Scottish Ice trip - Mixed climbing in Ben Nevis - Scotland

If there is one place on earth where climbers celebrate the arrival of the next snowstorm, it has to be Scotland. Each winter, pounded by the North Atlantic winds, the Scottish Highlands are covered by a layer of snow and frost at the mercy of weather conditions. Here, winter climbing has existed for more than a century, and the smell of adventure is as authentic as the whisky borne of the local peat. Climbing is done from the ground up, without bolts, and generally onsight. An introduction to the very modern ethics of Scottish mixed climbing. It's in those condition that Ueli Steck flashed the secret (X, 10), the hardest climb in Ben Nevis.


Dani Arnold refuses to get wound up and completes a repeat ascent of Anubis on Ben Nevis in winter. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the black dog Anubis stands for mummification and death rituals. For fans of extremely difficult climbing tours, however, the name is firmly associated with an intense route in Scotland. Scotsman Dave MacLeod completed the first winter climb of this daring line in 2010, following his first ascent in the summer. Having previously climbed one of MacLeod's test pieces The Hurting, after a fierce battle, Dani Arnold has now completed the first repeat of perhaps the most difficult mixed route in the British Isles.

Build Your Lock-Off Strength - Mixed & Ice Climbing

The weather is changing and it is time to hit the gym to prepare for ice and mixed season. Here are two simple moves that will build your lock-off strength and help you send your fav routes with ease.

Storm Giant: The World's Hardest Drytooling Route

The story of Gord McArthur's ascent of Storm Giant (D16), the hardest drytooling* route in the world.

*Please note that this line has been changed from 'mixed' to 'drytooling' as this route was not established as a mixed route. The route is designated with a 'D' rating to distinguish it as such. We have changed the copy to reflect this here, but cannot change the film's title. This was an oversight on our part and apologize for the confusion.

Mixed Climbing Avalanche Accident.m4v


This accident occurred on Nov 6th 2011 in South East Wyoming on a first ascent of a previously unclimbed route (it's been climbed in the summer - never as an ice climb as far as we know).

I am posting the video as a reminder of how challenging self-rescue is when things go wrong on an alpine climb. Our climb was only two miles from the road, but a broken ankle made it feel much farther. I hope this video helps other climbers make wise choices about how they manage risk.

Oh...and, yes, that is a reference to Touching the Void.


Will Gadd Wins Ouray 2006 Competition HDV

A very quick edit of footage from the Ouray 2006 Mixed Competition. Set to Dr. Jeep, which is what was playing in my head while I climbed. You can hear Karen McNeill, Kim Csizmazia and some friends yelling at me to get my ass in gear and climb it. Totally fun route!

Desert Ice: a 3 Strings video production.

Desert Ice - Ice climbing in Zion National Park, Utah.
Created for Arc'teryx by 3 Strings Productions -

“No one has found a venue this big since they invented the f**kin' ice tool.

“This is different than just hiking up to the Cave or the Amphitheater or whatever… You gotta use a compass.”

“These things are not waiting on you. When it is in, it’s in.”

“Climbing routes like this is like defusing a time bomb, and you can’t walk away from it.

Jesse Huey
Scott Adamson
Angela VanWiemeersch
Pete Takeda

3 Strings Productions:
Andy Mann
Cory Richards
Keith Ladzinski
Josh Povec
Lilly Rosenthal



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