Metallic silhouette shooting

Olympic Small Bore Rifle Shooting with Amanda Furrer - USA Shooting Team

NSSF's Bill Brassard discusses smallbore three-position rifle shooting with USA Shooting Team member and London Olympic gold hopeful Amanda Furrer. She also provides a tips that shooters of all ability levels can use to improve their performances, which, as you'll soon see, at this level of competition is 90% mental. (NSSF Video)

Silhouette shooting

Collection of video and stills of silhouette shooting with air pistol and air rifle, outdoor. Dealing with wind, rain, variable distances and human error makes for fun shooting !

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2017 Metallic Silhouette Small Bore and Field Pistol National Championships

Check out the Action from the 2017 Metallic Silhouette Small Bore and Field Pistol National Championships hosted by ACTPA and conducted at the SSPC, 3 - 5 March.

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Handgun Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Handgun Metallic Silhouette shooting, my first shot at HMS, not too bad, might start competing next year, quite a challenging sport.
i have 22 chickens at 25 mt, and some 50mt targets set up for my 22 and 38's.


Pistol Silhouette World Championship in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

Shooting 500 Meter Silhouette Rams

Scott Mann fires on his first bank of five metallic silhouette rams at a distance of 500 meters! Using a semi-custom handgun with open sights. Jim Harris as spotter, giving information about shots. For more information on Handgun Silhouette, see

Continuing Savage B22 FV-SR Review: Smallbore Silhouette Match Shoot

More practical testing! This time I took the bone-stock Savage B22 FV-SR to a Smallbore Silhouette Match. Let's see how it performed!

The rimfire egg challenge was a lot of fun. I liked how it challenged my shooting skills in three stances. Now for something very different, and very difficult.

Silhouette shooting allows only one stance - standing, offhand. No muzzle devices are allowed. No slings. No supports of any kind. The steel targets are very small, and located at four distances. You have chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters, and rams at 100 meters. Keep in mind that you may only use .22LR ammunition or slower, and no specialty ammo like CCI Stingers are allowed.

Serious competitors choose a heavy target rifle and a high-magnification scope. In my case, I've using a Savage B22 FV-SR and a 5-20x50mm Weaver Grand Slam Multi-Stop scope that was a brilliant choice for this match. The Multi-Stop elevation turret let me easily spin up to the color-coded elevation points, and then I handled windage with the MOA hash marks in the modified target-dot reticle. I had a lot of fun shooting in two relays, but I did score pretty low. 14/40 in the first relay; 11/40 in the second. With a heavy stock to add mass and re-balance the rifle, I could probably pick up quite a few more points. The plastic stock works well as a compromise between hunting and range purposes. A dedicated B22 silhouette rifle needs a more vertical grip, and a better balance toward the rear of the gun. Hopefully soon we'll start seeing aftermarket stocks from Boyds.

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NRA Rimfire Silhouette Match

Jay does an awesome job explaining the procedures for the match.

Shooting Silhouette Chickens @ 200 Meters

Scott Mann and Jim Harris use their long barreled handguns to shoot in a Rifle Silhouette match at Ojai,CA. Shows shooting at life size steel chicken targets placed at 200m. For more information on the sport of Handgun Silhouette go to

Pennsylvania State Championships Silhouette Video 2011

A brief smallbore silhouette shoot followed by a few minutes of high power silhouette at Ridgway Pennsylvania, September 2011

Silhouette shooting

Some video of centerfire silhouette shooting near the Riverhead range, Auckland. Distances is 200m only, so the other targets are scaled to match. Usually rams the last target is set at 500m away.

If you think you're an ace shooter, try silhouette shooting sometime. 200m+, free standing with no slings, gloves or shooting aids. Sorts out the COD players from real shooters :-)

The quieter shots in this video are from a suppressed Remington 700 in 223, and a suppressed Howa 1500 in 223. The vapour trails seen are from the 223's, both zeroed to 200m and used in the other videos on long range rabbit sniping.

Slo motion shots recorded on Casio EX-FC100, music is from Freemusic.

World Championsships 2008 Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Big Bore Contest,

Long Range Target Shooting - Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

Smallbore Rifle Silhouette can improve your ability to shoot offhand. Find out more at
When shooting in a Rifle Silhouette match you're not seeing how close your bullets were to the center of a targets, it is a matter of if you hit the targets.  The scoring is as simple as you have knocked it down, or you missed.  You shoot at 4 different targets which are Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams, all set at different distances.  The arcade aspect of the competition is appealing to most everyone.  If you hit where you wanted, you see the target fly off of the stand.  There are disappointing moments seeing your misses just off the edge or between the legs of the Ram and the moments where you feel fortunate because you nicked it just enough to make it topple over.  You can get mentally involved with the pressure to hit that 5th in a row or 10th in a row to win a pin.  You already know you have the 4th or 9th consecutive and you know you will need the next one to complete it. That can be a nice feeling to see the last one fall completing 5 or 10 in a row and getting a little bit of a boost in the personal challenge the sport has to offer.  It is a tough sport in the beginning but do not be discouraged by your initial results.  The average shooter will start with a score of less than 30% of the targets knocked down.  There is no telling how well or how fast any individual will progress but, everyone improves their shooting ability with the experience.   The skills learned here can be very useful in other sports as well as hunting.  It builds coordination with the rifle and skill with the trigger pull helping to keep the shots on target.  There is an excellent handicap system.  There are 5 different classes based on the amount of targets you can knock down.  You will be competing against others with your same skill level.  As a your skill level increases you will move up in classification. Personally I started in the Hunter rifle in B Class (lowest) and the Standard Rifle in the A Class (second lowest).  Over time with practice and experience I was able to work up to Master Class in both rifles.  Only similar practice and experience will determine which level will be your best.  NOTE: It does not take expensive equipment to try this sport.  In the beginning your ability to hold steady on target and fire correctly will be the biggest factor in determining your score. This is offhand shooting training at Rifle Silhouette target shooting. Rifle Silhouette is long range target shooting at steel targets. More info at

Shooting Metalic Silhouette Competition (PERBAKIN CUP PEMALANG).

Shooting Metallic Silhouette Competition for air rifle caliber 4,5mm in Pemalang city Central Java.

Lomba Menembak Metsil kelas Senapan pompa angin Kaliber 4,5mm se Eks Karisidenan Pekalongan di Kota Pemalang - Jateng tanggal 08 Oktober 2017 memperebutkan piala Ketua Perbakin Pemalang.

High Power Silhouette, Jan. 6, 2013

Short high speed video showing the recoil from a .308 ram load, and several hits on pigs and turkeys.

February 200m High Power Silhouette Match

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

IHMSA Shooting Positions 1

This video describes the positions used by IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association) shooters.

High Power Silhouette - Ram Hits

A selection of bullet hits on full size metallic silhouette animals using centerfire rifles in 7mm-08 and 30-06 calibers. Filmed from the firing line at target distances of: 200m (chickens), 300m (pigs), 385m (turkeys), 500m (rams). The camera is a Casio EX-ZR200 running at 480 frames per second.

Bloopers from the 2010 IHMSA West Coast Championships's Field Correspondent Gretchen Martin stutters over her words reporting from the field at the 2010 IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association) West Coast Championships 10th Anniversary in Grants Pass, Oregon, hosted by the Josephine County Sportsman Association. Clip also includes announcement of the 2010 IHMSA West Coast Championship winners!

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The NEFTA Classic 2015: Air Rifle Shooting Competition

Welcome to another episode of Air Arms TV. Home of the very best airgun shooting, hunting and air rifle reviews on the net!

Today, we join the team as they compete at the North East Field Target Association Classic competition. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the NEFTA Classic, the competition is one of the biggest events on the field target calendar. All the shooters are expecting a tough 2-day tournament. The course is laid out with targets placed in several demanding locations throughout the woodlands; each target will truly test the shooters skills.

Silhouette shooting can offer many challenges; a number of shooting stances are required for the targets. The shooter with the overall best score at the end of the 2-day event will be the 2015 North East Field Target Association Classic champion.

The NEFTA Classic isn't purely about the shooting; camaraderie is an important part that everyone involved enjoys, especially team Air Arms.

You and Air Arms, a winning combination.

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