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My 46 megaminx PLLs

Erratum : at 2:47, the algorithm is R' U' R U' R U R2' U R U' R U' R'.

corners : 0:00
edges : 2:28
blocks : 4:03
other : 5:26

EN :
Hi everyone ! There is 151 PLLs. I'm showing you the 40 algs that I know and the two kinds of commutators that I use to execute 6 corners cycles.
If you you to see the rest :

FR :
Salut tout le monde ! Sur les 151 PLL, vous pouvez voir les 40 algos que je connaît et les deux types de commutateurs que j'utilise pour passer 6 permutations de coins.
Toutes les PLL :

5 Tips for Getting Faster at Megaminx

Hope this helps. More to come in the future. :)

PLL and OLL:

Simple LL guide:

Time Stamps:

Star: 0:08
F2L: 1:48
S2L: 3:19
Last layer: 5:11
Lookahead+Practice: 6:52

Hey guys! I'm CubeStack. I'm a female cuber/stacker who loves to make videos. My favorite events are 3x3 and megaminx. I've been cubing since 2015 and stacking since 2016. I started my YouTube channel in February of 2017.

Check out my PBs here:

Business email:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S7000
Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
Audio Recorder: Audacity
Editing: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018
Outro Music: Last Summer by Ikson:
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Other Music used:
Star Eyes by urpleactus
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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(former)Megaminx World Record Single 33.17 : Yu Da Hyun

Busan Winter 2016
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

All 16 Megaminx Corner Orientations and Algorithms I use for them !

1) Sune 0:06
R U R' U R U2' R' U

2) Anti - Sune 0:14
R U2 R' U' R U' R'

3) Left Sune 0:21
L' U' L U' L' U2 L

4) Left Anti - Sune 0:27
L' U2' L U L' U L

5) Double Headlights 0:34
L' (Sune) L

6) Far Headlights 0:43
L' (Anti - Sune) L

7) Right Pi 0:50
R U2 R2' U' R2 U' R2' U2 R

8) Left Pi 1:00
L' U2' L2 U L2' U L2 U2' L'

9) Far Bow tie 1:12
( R U2 R' ) U ( R U2 R' )

10) Headlights 1:19
R2' D' R U2 R' D R U2' R
(Sune) U ( Left Sune )
I use the second one

11) Bow tie 1:29
(R' F R RB' ) ( R' F ' R RB )

12) Chameleon 1:38
X' ( R U R' D ) ( R U' R' D' ) X

13) Headlight Sune 1:48
(Sune) U' ( Sune )

14 Headlight Left Sune 1:57
U2 ( Left Sune ) U ( Left Sune )

15) Far Pi 2:07
( Sune ) U2' ( Sune )

16) Middle Pi 2:17
( Sune ) U2 ( Left Sune )

Finally over with the long description.
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Coming up : All my Megaminx PLLs
Bye! 2:25😜

38.65 Megaminx Solve by Yu Da Hyun

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea
PLL Skip

2-7 and megaminx Relay 9:42.06

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

Megaminx Unofficial World Record Single 30.88

2016. 10. 23
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

Megaminx cube single CR 31.94

Korean Championship 2017

Cube: QiYi Galaxy

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

QiYi Mofangge :

Megaminx cube CR Average of 5 : 36.52

(39.71) (30.67) 34.08 39.27 36.22
CWR Fall 2017

My Facebook Page :

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QiYi MoFangGe




Megaminx avg of 12: 55.94 seconds

With Meffert's. This is good avg for me! My PB is 54 seconds. Competition will be held 1 month after :)

Megaminx cube Average of 5 : 35.19

2016. 09. 29

(34.30) (37.18) 35.86 34.78 34.94

Review of the Magnetic Galaxy v2 Megaminx |

Lel this isn’t the light mega v2 m, I just like their logos!

Music used:
Joakim Karud: Waves

Megaminx in 1:21.67

=== LOOK HERE === Answers to common questions:

Edit: Note that I wrote this years ago, some infos aren't up to date and I don't care enough to keep them updated, sorry.

- This puzzle is Meffert's Megaminx, available for $19.90 with free shipping at or at, etc. Mine was already assembled, not a DIY. I improved it like this so it turns better:

- It is very similar to the normal 3x3x3 Rubik's cube, both structurally and for solving. Basically it's the same, only more of everything. Well, it is harder to solve blindfolded, which I did back in 2004:

- The video is real. Solving these puzzles isn't hard, convincingly faking this might actually be harder. Many people think I reversed the video... that's really not necessary. But if you're curious how that looks/sounds, check out my video response Rubik's Cube reversed endings at

- When I took this video, I was the fastest, but by now many others have surpassed me. Some have even solved it in less than a minute, check out the current official ranking: (this is from real life competitions where we meet in person and have official scramblers and judges etc)

- Erik Akkersdijk holds the current average record and has a nice tutorial:


Megaminx cube single CR 30.12

CWR Winter 2018
Cube: offcial Magnetic Galaxy V2

My Facebook Page :

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QiYi MoFangGe


YuXin Megaminx LittleMagic v2 Review En Español -Edurubiks

Síguenos en
Pag de Facebook:
Grupo de Facebook:
Canal personal:

Megaminx Unofficial World Record Average 5 : 34.58

2016. 09. 17

35.02 33.75 (37.28) 34.96 (31.83)
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

44.06 Official megaminx single!!

Chambéry Cube Open 2018 (January 20th-21st), megaminx final (winning avg) last solve

Super happy with this! 37th in the world, and female WR#2! (sort of a non Yu-Da-Hyun FWR lol). Good scramble, the F2L+S2L time was about 33s, the OLL 2s, and the PLL 9s :P it might have been a little faster if I didn't fail the last part, maybe NR and overall PB idk and idrc :p

Bravo à Clément pour sa 2ème place avec 56.61 avg (son 1er sub1 !) et à la camionneuse qui a presque battu mon avg avec 54.47 !!!! J'ai pas mal progressé et je continue à m'entraîner, j'espère bien descendre ma moyenne bientôt :)

Cube: Galaxy v1 concave that I've been using for about a year now
Ma page d'info speedcubing/My speedcubing info:
Instagram: juliettesebastien
Sponsored by !

Learning Full Megaminx PLL: A-Perms

In this video I show 4 cases that look similar to the A-Perms on 3x3.

Do you like it better when I show each algorithm once or twice? Comment below!

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Como imantar un MEGAMINX /Magnetic Megaminx (Alvaro)

En este video les enseñare a como imantar un megaminx

-Imanes de neodimio N50 4mmx2mm

Canal de Juan Pablo :

Facebook :

UWR Megaminx cube Average of 5 : 41.19

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea



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