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Match between Grandmaster players Trevor Simon of Antigua & Barbuda and Ibrahim Abubakar of Ghana

The Almaty Open Oware Tournament a side tournament of the III World Togyzkumalak Championships held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2015

Abstract Mancala tutorial


Mancala Champion

The Mancala World Championships - 2009

Intense Mancala Action

Aunt vs. Nephew: Who will win? Battle of the Titans, and testing the new camera's video functionality

International Awale Tournament 2016

Match between Fernando Tavares of France (Seven times International Awale Champion) and Julian Groves of Great Britain, with overhead shots.

Mancala make my move

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Oreo is playing Mancala


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[Event CZECH OPEN 2013 - Mancala]
[Site Pardubice (CZE)]
[Date 2013.07.13]

Doble conferencia del ciclo social Hashtag...qui en Mancala

De los pies a la cabeza, con el apoyo del grupo Eurofund, desarrolla un profundo ciclo de 45 conferencias en el ámbito social entre 2018 y 2020. El centro Mancala, un reconocido espacio para la integración social en el barrio zaragozano del Áctur, fue escenario de una doble sesión del mismo el 25 de abril de 2018

How to Play Marble game

game, kid game, marble game

HVR Sports Inc - Seven Stones [Pittu] Game

Seven Stones is a traditional Indian game, boasting of a special place in the Indian Culture, spread over a wide region even today. It is also called as Lagori , saat-pathar (seven stones), pittu and several other names, is the most complex popular children’s game in India, and is rather like Dodge ball, but more aggressive.

How to Play Dodgeball

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Dodgeball is a great game to play for exercise and fun with minimal equipment, and here is how it's done.

Step 1: Set up the court
Designate a centerline on the court and line the balls along the centerline before the start of the game. Courts should be around 50 feet long and 30 feet wide with walls or fences at either end.

Basketball courts work well for dodgeball.

Step 2: Start the game
Position an equal number of players at either end of the court. Recruit someone to blow a whistle to indicate the start of the game.

Step 3: Get balls
Rush to the centerline to grab as many balls as you can at the start signal.

Step 4: Throw and catch the ball
Throw balls at players to get them out. If you catch a ball thrown by an opposing player, the thrower is out and a player on your team who has been eliminated can reenter play.

You can use a ball in your hands to block balls coming at you, but if you drop the ball you're out.

Step 5: Ending the game
End the game when all players from either team have been eliminated.

Did You Know?
The longest dodgeball marathon lasted for 24 hours and two minutes, performed by the New York Epic professional team.

Oware match between Ibrahim Abubakar and Assel Daliyeva

Oware match between Ibrahim Abubakar Oware Grandmaster and Assel Daliyeva Togyzkumalak Grandmaster in Almaty Kazakhstan in April 2015




Rules of Morabaraba

Learn the rules of South Africa's most popular board game, also a National sports. Presented by the Wits Wargames Club.

How to play CONGKAK!


Marbles Rules by World Marbles Federation

Learn more about marbles tournaments at .

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Mancala's Knights

Experimental Chess-like Mancala game

The road to the men's final | Australian Open 2017

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal faced a lot of challenges coming into the Australian Open 2017. Their rocky roads to the men's final have paved the way for an epic match for the ages. Who will have what it takes to win the Championship?



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