2015 World Series of Mahjong Grand Final

Watch as four of the world's best mahjong players representing China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong compete for the title of World Champion at the Grand Final of the World Series of Mahjong at the Venetian Macao. And the winner is...

2015 World Series of Mahjong Semi-Final

Watch as the top eight mahjong players from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan compete for the world's largest mahjong cash prize along with the coveted title of World Mahjong Champion. Over 200 contestants compete in the preliminary rounds with only eight players making it to the Semi Final. In Part 1, we recap the Qualifying Tournaments held in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vancouver before introducing the top players in the Semi Final Round held at the Venetian Macao. Follow Part 2 for the Grand Final rounds.

老外挑戰麻將: Foreigners Play Mahjong In Taiwan


空拍+協拍團隊: 相信印象
音樂: (Le-soir-J)
贊助商: 微克詩國際事業有限公司

Mahjong au jansō #3 - Tournoi d'automne

Minh Tri vs Guillaume vs Mathieu vs Simon

Mahjong japonais (riichi), règles Chuuren (
Finale de notre tournoi d'automne filmée le 27 septembre 2015 à notre jansō

Japanese mahjong (riichi), Chuuren rules (
Summer tournament final shot on September, 27th 2015 in our jansou


Mahjong au jansō #2 - Tournoi d'été

Matthieu vs Romain vs Anthony vs Chantal

Mahjong japonais (riichi), règles Chuuren (
Finale de notre tournoi d'été filmée le 5 juillet 2015 à notre jansō

Japanese mahjong (riichi), Chuuren rules (
Summer tournament final shot on July, 5th 2015 in our jansou


Pilote "culture mahjong"

Pilote de format court (2:30) parlant de thèmes liés au mahjong (joueurs pros, jansō, manières, culture, etc.)
Certaines directions prisent par l'asso ne nous laissent pas le temps de nous consacrer à ce projet, il est donc abandonné ou tout au moins mis en pause pour une durée indéterminée, voici donc en lot de consolation la seule vidéo qui ait abouti !

Nintendo Wii game play Mahjong 2017 VLog1

Mahjong au jansō #1

Akka vs Chantal vs Minh Tri vs Anthony

Mahjong japonais (riichi), règles Chuuren (
Partie filmée le 10 mai 2015 à notre jansō

Japanese mahjong (riichi), Chuuren rules (
Game shot on May, 10th 2015 in our jansou


How to Play Mahjong 1


2015 世界麻將大賽 選手比賽策略大公開
Tips from the masters at the 2015 World Series of Mahjong tournament

Mahjong Action

Oracle co-workers playing mahjong at Howard's house.

Play Mahjong Chain Game

Play Mahjong Chain Game: Instructions for Mahjong Chain
How to play: Click 2 identical tiles to connect them. Each connection can have no more than 2 turns.

Mahjong Poker Shoot Out 123

Mahjong Poker

Mahjong Poker 6

Mahjong Poker


Soirée mahjong au café i.

Mahjong Hishoden Naki no Ryu (麻雀飛翔伝 哭きの竜) (Vol 2)

Best Mah Jong Set Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Mah Jong Set

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Cute Girls Playing Mahjong

Mahjong au jansō # 6 - Analyse d'une donne

Dans cette vidéo Matthieu et Simon analysent une donne tirée d'une partie jouée par Matthieu il y a trois semaines.

Pour en savoir plus sur le mahjong :

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DMR36 World Series of Mahjong Macau

Without question, Mahjong is one of the most popular games in Asia.

Now, the World Series of Mahjong is turning the game into a star-studded tournament, with contestants from around the world recently competing in Macau for one million US dollars in prize money.

This year, 302 contestants from 15 countries battled it out for the title of World Mahjong Champion, with the 1st place winner taking home a cool 500,000 US dollars.