Letterboxing video

Abc Rockys Letterboxing

This is our Lifetime Activities class letterboxing video. Enjoy!!!!!

GC VLOG #001 - Switzerland and Letterboxing with a good twist

I visited a GC-store in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
They have a really cool task for a letterbox in their window and the box close by..

Letterboxing- Maddie Stull


My Letterbox Hybrid Geocache

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Music is provided by Scorefitter

Oscar's Letterbox GC3EZFN

Just a video I made to lead you to a geocache. Intended for children but anyone is free to follow.

Don't get caught with your beard in the letterbox!

Torb sextuble kill xbox one competitive

Dino Eric Letterbox (GCNW)

Dino Eric and I head to a community garden to find a letterbox hybrid cache. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun with Dino Eric.
I had a bit of audio issues at the end but you don't need to hear me talk anyway. Enjoy our little adventure!

Bis zum bitteren Ende - D5/T5 Letterbox Nachtcache

Ein kurzer Trailer zum D5/T5 Letterbox-Nachtcache Bis zum bitteren Ende (GC2B8HH)
6 Stunden Adrenalin in eine Minute gepackt ;-)

Butterfly Letterbox Hybrid

The Butterfly Letterbox Hybrid is probably my favorite geocache yet. In this video, I have added each of the drawings on the geocache description page and attempted to bring them in just before the actual location. Sorry, I don't show you the final location of the cache.

What the heck is a Letterbox Hybrid?

Letterboxing is another form of treasure hunting that uses clues instead of coordinates (To learn more about letterboxing visit A letterbox hybrid is a letterbox who's owner has also posted it on geocaching.com and posted its coordinates. This means it can be found whichever way you choose. These types of geocaches will contain a stamp that is meant to remain in the box and is used by letterboxers to record their visit.

Butterfly Letterbox Hybrid

A few weeks ago, I convinced the Crew to help me find GC1DV9G - Butterfly Letterbox Hybrid in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. I explained that we would us drawings of different landmarks around town to find our way to the final geocache location. I failed to mention we could just use the coordinates and save about an hour of hiking around town (oops, not my fault they didn't read the description!)

We drove downtown and made our way to a parking spot near ground zero. We then discussed where we thought the first clue was leading us. As we walked in that direction, the Crew started questioning why Flagg2007, the cache owner, posted coordinates so far away from the starting point (I remained silent until this passed).

We finally arrived at the landmark in the first drawing and began searching for the location of the next drawing. It took just a few minutes to realize the goal was to stand where the artist was standing and not actually going to the location of the landmark. We forgot this a few times along our journey and had to double back to re-orient ourselves. As we worked our way through the drawings on the geocache description page, Dave mentioned that he thought we were going to end up right back where we started (I believe that boy has an internal compass, like his daddy).

We came around the corner near ground zero we spotted my truck and Dave says, See, I told you! I quickly explained what I had done, but said, either way, we were going to be walking the same distance. We could have parked near the first picture and walked back to that location after finding the cache or parked near the cache so we finished up with the win. They all agreed I had made the better choice, but I think I was still in trouble for keeping my plans to myself.

We had a nice hike downtown and got to enjoy a different kind of cache. I would call it a win!

If you're ever in Chattanooga, Tennessee and want to have a great geocaching adventure, I highly recommend the Butterfly Letterbox Hybrid Geocache. You won't be disappointed.

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DJI - Adding tilt to videos using the letterbox effect

If you have some footage and didn't tilt the camera while flying but would like some in your final edit, then you can add it in post. Using the letterbox effect not only adds a more cinematic look, but also allows you to tilt/offset the camera up or down. Its a fast and effective way and can create some nice footage that would otherwise require a little more flying skill/experience.

Please like/subscribe or leave a comment. Lets try and get to 2K subscribers! Yeeow! Any thoughts flick them my way. This is a basic editing solution so don't have a go at me for not using best practices etc.. Thanks I'm just sharing some of my knowledge/tricks.

#GeoChallenge June 2016 finding a letterbox

Put out a letterbox and found a letter box for the June #Geochallenge

Thanks to Cache Advance
and Josh The Geocaching Vlogger
for putting out the challenge

Brent Smith aka simrebel
@simrebel @hnag1 Twitter

Haldimand Norfolk Area Geocachers

Seed 30 letterbox

Gretchen Blieler's Original Work of Sport

How to check your moms letterbox #2

Marionette - Letterbox (timelapse video)


v2 iPhone 640x480 Letterbox

Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Episode 28 - Achieving Cinema Aspect Ratios

This video demonstrates how to get a true 1.85:1 or 2.39:1 cinema aspect ratio without just adding the simple letterbox templates.

River Wye - Letterbox rapid

Braintree Canoeing Club paddled the upper Wye in early Jan 2015

The Gunslinger YouTube Letterbox.mp4

We recently crossed paths with one of our favorite K-1 Fighters, JOHN WAYNE PARR! JWP is an all around great guy who is very in touch with his fans and the muay thai community. This is our way of saying thank you.

John Wayne Parr is a Professional Muay Thai Champion and K-1 Max Fighter. He was recently featured on the reality series, The Contender:
Asia (muay thai)

Etive Letterbox boof

Boofing Letterbox rapid on the Etive