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Land windsurfing


Windskate:, Windsk8, Dirt Windsurfing

Un petit aperçu de ce qu'il est possible de faire en Windskate. Filmé à la Franqui. Plus d'infos sur le site

Land Windsurfing


Windsurfing Snow Land

This clip show some rare footage of sailing on snow with a windski and a windsnow. See some foward loop, jumps and other crazy moves made by Grégoire Lafortune and me.


UK :
Our new freeride board is for those who want to have fun on runs but who also want to make progress on basic tricks : jibe, duck-jibe, 360 ° ... Equipped with 3 straps as «windsurfing position», the Cross accept to receive 2 straps in the axis for its freemove version (you can easily remove all straps to create a real « school board »). Wiser than his two younger sisters, this board offers the best compromise between ease, comfort and handling. The best board to enjoy the pleasures of land windsrufing.


DECK : Composite Tech (Wood/Fiber Glass)
TRUCKS : Sk8 Pro
WHEELS : Black / 23x6,5cm
GRIP : Power Grip
STRAPS : Pro Neo
DIABOLO : included + 1 insert
DIMENSIONS (overall) = 123x45cm
WEIGHT : 8,8 Kg

More infos :

FR :
Notre nouvelle planche freeride est destinée à ceux qui veulent se faire plaisir en tirant des bords mais qui souhaitent aussi progresser dans les manoeuvres basiques : jibe, duck-jibe, 360°...
Equipée en 3 straps pour retrouver la « position windsurf », la Cross peut aussi recevoir 2 straps dans l'axe pour sa version freemove (possibilité d'enlever complètement les straps pour la transformer en board « école »).
Plus sage que ses deux petites soeurs, cette planche offre le meilleur compromis entre facilité, confort et maniabilité.
L'idéal pour profiter sans contrainte des plaisirs du windsurf terrestre ...


PLATEAU : Composite Tech (Wood/Fiber Glass)
TRUCKS : Sk8 Pro
ROUES : Black / 23x6,5cm
GRIP : Power Grip
STRAPS : Pro Neo
DIABOLO : inclus + 1 insert
DIMENSIONS (hors tout) = 123x45cm
POIDS : 8,8 Kg

Plus d'infos :

Dirt Windsurfing at the Dossen (Bretagne, France)

Short session of Dirt at the dossen on tuesday 10th July 2007.

This is Guenoz (blue sail) first try.
I hope we will have more to come (better and with more skill)


Sam Gooch Landwindsurfing at weston super mare beach

windsurf land

windskate su argine fiume Po

TurfDog Dirt Windsurfing Revolution

Short movie of Windsurfing on TurfDog dirt windsurf boards

MaSuLa - Maa-Surfilaud. Trying to learn Windsurfing on the land.

MaSuLa - Maa surfilaud.
Maa surf Eestis.

MaSuLa - Land surfboard.
Windsurfing on the land in Estonia.

Land Windsurfing Auckland

Land windsurfing in Auckland, New Zealand

Sail: 4.0m
Wind: 5 - 15knots

Feel free to ask any questions

Windsurfing | How to Shaka

Thanks for watching our coaching video we hope that it has helped you with your windsurfing.

To learn more about GetWindsurfing and our coaching clinics please visit our website.

Windsurfing is awesome - Marcilio Browne, Bernd Roediger, Víctor Fernández in Maui, Hawaii

Windsurfing is awesome - Marcilio Browne, Bernd Roediger, Víctor Fernández in Maui, Hawaii
Best of Windsurfing 2018,HD,Windsurfing, tutorial Windsurfing 2018, top Windsurfing 2018.
Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.
1. The Wind: The best windsurfers on the planet gathered on Maui, Hawaii for the 2015 Novenove Aloha Classic of the American Windsurfing Tour.
Windsurfing is an incredibly dynamic and difficult sport. Being that it takes place often in windy wavy conditions, it can be difficult to photograph. A couple of the toughest photographers go out in the water to search for different angles, navigating through waves and trusting the windsurfers not to land on their heads. I took to the skies with a quadrocopter drone. It is by far the most difficult thing to film aerials of, that I have encountered. With high winds and massive waves, the scene is constantly shifting and changing. The windsurfer changes speed, and I discovered while shooting, that the wave slows down when it hits the reef. You must avoid salt water ocean spray coming off the waves. Battery time is cut in half, down to 6 or 8 minutes while battling the wind. With each battery swap I had to clean salt water off the drone's camera. Sometimes the drone is not fast enough to keep up with the windsurfer, and so I would have to turn the drone, and tilt the camera to keep them in the shot. It was a balance. The closer I got to the windsurfer, the more chance I had of messing up the shot. I also almost had a near mid-air collision with Ricardo Campello's drone. The screws in my drone are rusted, but it's still holding up. As challenging is it was filming this, it was also the most exciting subject to film.
2. Marshall Island Windsurfing Exploration: The trip of a lifetime. I have been bugging Keith Teboul about going to the Marshall Islands for some windsurfing and some good times. Finally I got a message, Marshalls are going to be good on Thursday, flight leaves tomorrow, bring your camera, your windsurfer, and plenty of sunscreen. You in? said Keith.
Excited like a kid on Christmas, I booked my flights, bought some sunscreen and we were off. I think the images speak for themselves. The beauty of the Marshall Islands is amazing. While this video only shows hard core waves, it seems funny to say, but the thought of freeriding around this place had me pretty fired up. I would say this is the most beautiful place I have been on Earth. 4 Million frequent flyer miles, 27 countries, never have I seen a place like it.
Marcilio Browne and Bernd Roediger came along with Keith and I and the trip was a blast. Brawzinho was insane to watch as you will soon see, with some nasty wipeouts. Bernd was even more impressive as he had stayed there for 6 weeks and was really starting to let loose when he was getting barreled by the sea monster and came up with a broken back and some serious time off the water, only allowing us to get a couple clips of him ripping it up.
Hope you enjoy the video.
Thanks for watching my video, don’t forget like and subcribe.
- Marin Hoxha & Chris Linton - With You [NCS Release]
- Unknown Brain - Why Do I- (feat. Bri Tolani) [NCS Release]
- Krys Talk & Cole Sipe - Way Back Home [NCS Release]

Episode 1: Light wind core skills: clew first sailing, backwinded sailing windsurfing

TWS ( Freemove Technique Series is a series of instructional videos. We teamed up with professional windsurfing coach Colin ¨Whippy¨ Dixon ( to explain you all the details about downwind and upwind moves that will help you put your windsurfing skills on the higher level!

In the first episode we explain the light wind tricks that can make your sailing better. It´s a preparation before learning all the plaining moves and help you to control the sail. With a good technique in light wind manouvers you will get the automatic feeling for moves in the future, so take your sup or big board and practice!

Camera & edit: Bartek Jankowski (

Longboard Land Windsurfing GoPro HD

A day down in weymouth with our home made longboard land windsurfer!
4M sail on a 106cm Board in about 10 knots. Filmed on the GoPro hd hero,Thanks for watching.

A la découverte du Dirt Windsurfing

Une véritable alternative et un complément à la pratique du windsurf

windsurfing on land

rider Eetu Vihmari from Finland,Pori city

Windsurf dry land duck tack and burner practice featuring Dmitry.

Windsurf dry land duck tack and burner practice featuring Dmitry.

Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015

Landboard Windsurfing with Hans, Bob, George & Chad.

Turfdog Land windsurfing Promo

Turfdog is the ultimate land windsurfer. Weather advanced freestyler or beginner these boards are perfect way to practice in light winds or with out access to the water.

How to make a Flaka? Freestyle Windsurfing Tips with Nicolas Akgazciyan - Black Team Academy

Nicolas Akgazicyan F-400 explains how to land a freestyle trick Flaka. Freestyle Windsurfing Black Team Academy.
Music by Dan-O:



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