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Lancashire wrestling



2 german submission grapplers arrange to come to Lancashire for 2 days to experience Lancashire Catch wrestling at its best with advanced Catch Wrestling Old Timer Jack Mountford & Students!!!

Lancashire Catch Wrestling Seminar @ Gracie Barra Manchester with Jack Mountford

Jack Mountford (old timer from Wigan Burrough) teaching Lancashire Catch Wrestling @ Gracie Barra Manchester.

This is our very first Catch Wrestling Seminar under LANCASHIRE CATCH WRESTLING altho Jack Mountford has been teaching seminars and classes for many many years in Catch!!!

If you would like a seminar with Jack Mountford or Tommy Heyes, please contact Vic for more details, we do not charge an arm and a leg for seminars, its about SPREADING CATCH!!!

Jack Mountford Leg Locks - CATCH WRESTLING

Jack shows some leglocks from the ground

5 Differences between Catch Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu (German Subtitles)

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Some Clips used in Differences between Catch as Catch Can Wrestling and BJJ.
Derrick Breaux Collar Chokes
Catch Wrestling Koala vs Kurt Pellegrino
Chris Crossan Catch Wrestling Move Of The Week
Jay Pages Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Super Heavyweight Catch Wrestling Match from Legit Pro Wrestling 4. England 2017.

The Leg Split From Cradle - Lancashire Catch Wrestling

We are pleased to announce our brand new Lancashire Catch Wrestling Website is now live, you can now sign up and learn Lancashire Catch Wrestling step by step which has been passed down from the greats of Wigan/Lancashire

Billy Robinson's Catch Wrestling Arm Lock Techniques

From his DVD: Billy Robinson's Catch As Catch Can Wrestling

Wrestler vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner


Catch Wrestling vs. Jiu-Jitsu? (Gracie Breakdown)

After six exciting matches at Metamoris 4, Ryron and Rener received tons of requests for a Gracie Breakdown. Of all the matches, the most requested breakdown was the headlock/neck crank/chest compression technique that Josh Barnett used to submit the unsubmittable Dean Lister. Watch as Ryron and Rener analyze the strengths of the technique, and then teach you an essential training exercise you can use to sharpen your defensive skills and avoid the crush if you ever find yourself beneath a much heavier opponent who has a Catch Wrestling background!

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Teddy Pericleous vs. Jack Cordero 160lbs Catch Wrestling

On Sunday, February 17, for the first time in almost a century, real catch-as-catch-can wrestling matches were held at a public event in New York City. The setting was the MMA World Expo at the Jacob Javits Center. In this video coach John Potenza and Joel Bane talk to Eddie Goldman about catch wrestling as we view Teddy Pericleous, who had wrestled at Colonia High School in New Jersey, against Jack Cordero, who had no wrestling experience prior to training at Snake Pit USA Catch Wrestling. It was a 160 pound match as Jack Cordero won the first fall by rear naked choke submission, while Teddy Pericleous won falls two and three by pin, thus winning the match.

What is Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW)? - Japanese Catch Wrestling (German Subtitles)

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Quick Catch Wrestling lock flow from side control!

I only had a minute today! So I blasted out a quick video for you animals. No real instruction, just BEHOLD and enjoy!

Josh Barnett | Catch Wrestling Techniques

Russian Arm Tie to Arm throw with a Reverse Double Wristlock finish.
IG : @JoshLBarnett

The Problem with Catch Wrestling

I've recently started training in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and it has thrown an issue with Catch Wrestling into sharp focus for me.

This is my potentially controversial look at that issue.

A Catch Wrestler's thoughts on Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

I've been training in Catch Wrestling for some years, due to the lack of training opportunities, and a bit of fortuitous good fortune I have now started training in BJJ as well.

This is my thoughts on the difference

MMA ITO DOJO "Submission Arts Wrestling Class"

Submission Arts Wrestling Class. (Japanese Catch Wrestling)
Our mission is developing The Catch As Catch Can style!!

Billy Robinson Teaches Catch Wrestling Standing Posture Breaks

Catch wrestling legend Billy Robinson demonstrates how to deal with an opponent that resists having his head pulled down and responds by pulling back.

Lancashire Catch Wrestling - Crucifix Armlock

Crucifix Armlock technique demonstrated by Vic Jones, learned directly from Jack Mountford.

Catch Wrestling Neck Cranks

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