Ogasawara-ryu Kyuba-jutsu

Recorded at the 2009 Nihon Kobudo Kyokai Enbu Taikai demonstration at the Nippon Budokan, Feb. 8th.

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu Rare Backstage - Original Training Scenes - 2005

rare Scenes in 2005

The Art of Japanese Archery

Demonstration of Kyujutsu, the Art of Japanese battlefield Archery,during the 10th Gathering of the Clans 2014 in Kilkenny,Ireland

Ogawa Ryu - IBS - ASB - Kyujutsu Practice and Instruction

Kyujutsu Practice and Instruction - Private moments

In Brazil, with Shidoushi Thiago Moraes, Sensei Raoni, Sensei João Paulo and Uchideshi Adriano

Ogasawara-ryu Kyuba-jutsu Reiho

Taken from the 75th anniversary of the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai, Tokyo, on the 15th August, 2010.

Ogawa Ryu - Shizen Culture - Kyujutsu 弓術 Anthropological and Mystics aspects - 2014

Alfredo Tucci and Luis Nogueira - in Valencia - Spain

Kyūjutsu 弓術 japanische Bogen-Kunst

Goshinkan Ninjutsu im Sakura Honbu Dojo Leipzig Bogenschießen 🎯

Kyūjutsu 弓術 Bogen-Kunst

Bogenschießen 🎯 im Sakura Honbu Dojo Leipzig

Ogawa Ryu - Kenjutsu Toritake - Juliana Galende - Class Moments - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

Sweet Couple in Love with Asian Martial Arts

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As a martial art is defined styles, teach the skills and techniques of serious physical confrontation with an opponent. It may be rules or teaching system act. In contrast to the martial arts is the martial arts, in which it comes to sporting competition fight.

In practice, there are numerous styles that are a mixture of martial arts and martial arts and teaching to other aspects such as philosophy, culture expand, religious elements, mindset, daily life and health.

Traditional martial arts have often been developed with the aim of its practitioners to military combat forces prepare. Therefore, in many traditional martial arts unarmed and armed disciplines are taught. The use of more sophisticated weapons has been greatly formalized in certain traditions, such as the Japanese Kyujutsu, Kenjutsu, so these styles to the requirements of a military education ( Formal service ) meet, at the same time but are no longer pure martial arts.

Modern martial arts, as well as modern interpretations of traditional teachings are still practiced with the goal of physical fitness and self-defense. Is also part of the victory in the competition as a goal in the foreground, which in turn draw the distinction between this concept of martial arts more difficult. Modern martial arts are also to be found today in certain areas of the training of military and security forces.

Martial Arts is to measure their ability to fight with an opponent by fixed rules. Here, the sporting aspect is important, ie it comes to winning in compliance with the rules, and to be better than the opponents. In contrast, in the exercise of martial arts very different targets, such as the perfection of her own style, self-discipline and other more spiritual components.

Today traditional oriental martial arts practice even include an ethical code must have its roots in the Confucian Chinese, Shinto Japanese and spirituality of Zen Buddhism ( chan禅). In addition, some martial arts, such as tai chi chuan, is preserved as a practice to improve physical and mental health.

Some martial arts, especially the martial arts originated in China, Japan and Korea, beyond physical applications and include knowledge of trauma, regulation psychophysics ( chi kung (qigong)) therapy ( acupuncture, acupressure, herbal ) and other areas related to traditional Chinese medicine. This is a natural extension of the martial art because, at an advanced level, techniques benefit from a detailed knowledge of physiology and energy functioning in the body of the opponent in order to increase the efficiency of them.

Most martial arts are specialized in one type of weapon or technical type of bare hand (no weapons), but some are declared complete systems with and without weapons (ie most of the classical martial arts of China as kung fu Shaolin or styles Taoists, and some Japanese martial arts such as Ninjutsu ).

References on Chinese martial arts place them in 2100. C., although it is uncertain about its true age. The reason for the martial arts has been the development of methods of defense and attack in clashes physical, using the body preponderating, fists, hands, elbows, knees, etc.., with its highest expression in the conflict.

During the restoration of the Meiji period, the code of Bushido, Zen Buddhism and Japanese martial arts inspired support served in the birth of the nationalist movement that led to the start of aggressive expansionism of Japan and the Second World War.

Systema (Russian: Система) is the name under which you know the art of Russian combat martial art based on the ancient Russian. This martial discipline is part of culture and ancient Russian traditions. It was banned by the Communists during the Russian Revolution, and restricted for use in the training of some elite units Spetsnaz, Russian army.

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Ogasawara Ryu Part 1 of

Wonderful body control!
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Ogawa Ryu - Experience Series - Kyujutsu - anthropological research - 2014

Shidoshi Luis Nogueira - 2014 - In Valencia, Spain.

Kyujutsu no Kihon (Basics of Archery)

Young Genin group (7-12 y/o). AMA Ninja Division. Academy of Martial Arts Budokan, Modern and Traditional Martial Arts Training Hall. Visit us

Old Kyudo Movie Part 1

Old Kyudo Movie Part 1

Ogawa Ryu - 弓術 Kyujutsu - Joutou forms - Shidoshi Luis Nogueira - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

Kyujutsu lenshu.wmv

Ogasawara Ryu Kyujutsu

The Ogasawara Ryu demonstrating Kyujutsu at Atsuta Jingu 44th Annual Taikai, May 22nd, 2005. This looks strange, but the target is close to the practicioner because of the danger involved in shooting live arrows indoors and not on a designated range. Help us keep making FREE martial arts videos! Donate what you can today!

kyujutsu kagashi ryu

ninjutsu ninpo kogei kagashi ryu
mikkyo bonji den ninja bujutsu kyudo kyujutsu

Ogawa Ryu - 弓術 Kyujutsu - Carlos Santos - Training Moments - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu - IBS - ASB - Researcher Series - Kyujutsu

Now subtitled!!

About the Daikyu, the long bow (yumi)
By Uchidehsi Adriano Afonso

In Brazil