Kyudo Demonstration - Tokyo Budokan Reopening Events

Japanese Budo Demonstration for the Tokyo Budokan on August 11, 2012.
Kyudo - Tameto Nagawa (7 Dan) - Kokichi Miyagi (7 Dan) - Yukiko Saito (7 Dan) - Heiji Murakawa (8 Dan).
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Kyūdō Japanese Zen Archery | Kyūdō Demonstration | University of Hawai'i

Badass archer girls :-)

The Empty Mind - Kyudo or Japanese Archery

This is a clip from The Empty Mind Documentary. This is a rare opportunity to see the great archers of the Japan Kyudo Federation. This demonstration took place at the All Japan Kyudo Championships. The Location is the Meiji Shrine. The soundtrack is by Richard Brookens of Yellowbell. For more information go to

Le Kyudo, c’est quoi ? La voie de l’arc

vous propose un mini documentaire sur la voie de l’arc : Kyudo

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Mini documentaire En Terre Martiale réalisé par Lionel Froidure

Le Kyudo est une Voie de développement physique, moral et spirituel, de réalisation de Soi.

L’histoire de l’arc est intimement liée à l’humanité. À son origine, l’arc est une arme de chasse ou de guerre dont la fonction est de tuer. Ainsi, dès que l’archer encoche sa flèche avec l’intention de tirer, il rejoue le drame permanent de la vie et de la mort, de sa vie et de sa mort. Un Maître de Kyudo a dit un jour : « Votre première flèche doit atteindre la cible comme pour tuer un ennemi car si vous le manquez, lui peut vous tuer » . Cette image rappelle à l’archer qu’il doit mettre toute son âme dans chaque flèche, comme si c’était sa dernière : « Une flèche, une vie » . Fortement pénétré de cette évidence, le tir à l’arc au Japon ne s’est pas limité à la fonction utilitaire de tuer mais a été investi d’une dimension symbolique et spirituelle. « L’arc est le réceptacle abritant les qualités du guerrier, les qualités propres de l’arc prenant une signification presque mystique »

Pour le pratiquant de Kyudo, l’arc et les flèches sont des objets de vénération (Tempyo), investis de spiritualité et utilisés avec respect.

Kyudo: The Japanese martial art of archery explained

Kyudo originated in 12th century Japan out of samurai culture and beliefs. It is the martial art of archery, in which archers prioritise achieving the perfect mental state to execute the perfect shot.

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Kyudo Master and class

A master and his students show their art.
Ein Meister und seine Schüler zeigen ihr Können.

Kyudo - the sound of an arrow being released from bow

The sound of an arrow being released from bow during a Kyudo (Japanese archery) demonstration. Nippon Sports Science University perform at Albert Park Sports Stadium, Melbourne on 13 February 2010.

弓道 Kyudo | Suzuki sensei 10 dan

Suzuki Hiroyuki
Born in 1901, died in 1984, age 83. Hanshi 10th dan. Studied kyudo under Awa Kenzo Hanshi and Chiba Tanetsugu Hanshi.

Kyudo Training

A training day in Japan for black belt kyudo students preparing for their next test.

Kyudo Demonstration - Nippon Budokan Kagamibiraki 2018


Kyudo Demonstration during the 2018 Kagamibiraki & Budo Hajime, at the Nippon Budokan.

--- Introduction ---
Since ancient times, the Sharei, the ceremonial shooting, was presented during religious ceremonies and other formal occasions. Traditional clothing is worn, representing a specific era and its traditions, and the shooting is executed based on the principle of Kikyo Shintai.
It is said “shooting begins with etiquette and ends with etiquette” meaning that one should act according to time, place and ranking of the situation. It is the main focus of Kyudo to reunite the shooting and etiquette in harmony.
Since ancient times, one’s goodness is polished through the bow and it has become an important tool to establish the ethical and moral structure of society.
In that sense, emphasizing the spiritual aspects with honesty and courteousness, the shooting allows to express one’s heart, and embodies the beauty of harmony.

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:
Narration: Brian Kamei

--- MUSIC ---
Instinct Bensound (
Spirit Mega Mix Kevin MacLeod (

Athens Kyūdō Nyumon

Short footage from the first ever presentation of Kyūdō (Japanese archery) to a Greek audience.
The event took place on May 7th, 2017 in Athens, Greece and was organized by Furyu Dojo Athens.

Furyu Dojo Athens

Filmed & edited by
Giorgos Sardelis

Student's Kyudo(3)

Excellent players of Kyudo , or Japanese Archery .

Kyudo - Japanese Archery at O-Chochin Matsuri

Short video on a kyudo event at the O-Chochin Matsuri (Giant Japanese Lantern Festival) in Aichi Prefecture.

Cringeworthy Kyudo...

First time shooting a yumi with thumb draw. Cut me some slack...

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Kimono - How to put on a Kimono (Kyudo)

Kyūdō at Tokyo University of Science

360 view of Kyūdō (Japanese style archery) at Tokyo University of Science 東京理科大学

Thank you to the archers who were kind enough to let me film their practice. They are nice and funny people. どうもありがとうございました

弓道②(Kyudo - The Way of the Bow)

We present a special feature on Kyudo, or traditional Japanese archery. Unlike western archery, Kyudo is not simply about striking a target, it is about observing the proper etiquette, actions and state of mind. We look into the history of the art and introduce the customs that govern its every aspect, from the instant the archer enters the dojo until the moment they leave.

弓道 [Kyūdō] - Japanese archery

Kyudo @ Nippon Budokan Training Center.
- Just a simple video on Kyudo taken during my trip to Japan on 02 April 2008.

[Kyudo] Koshiya Kumiyumi [Battlefield] Demonstration

Japanese archery on battlefield demonstration by Mr. Tomotsugu Goka

Event : 1st Southeast Asia Kyudo Gathering 2015
Place : Kg. Pandan Sports Complex, Kg. Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, M'sia

NRW Meisterschaften im Kyudo 2016 - Aachen 3/3

Düsseldojo Kyudo