2016 HO Sports Kneeboard Collection

The 2016 HO Sports Kneeboard Collection includes Frankie Panno's hard charging pro model Agent board, the flagship Joker Board and the all new cable park Reflex Board. No matter what type of knee-riding you're doing, we've got you covered. HO Sports Kneeboards also include the Proton, Neutron and Electron boards, for those who prefer the feeling of a Roto molded style. For 2016 we've also added several kneeboard accessories including the Pannoshock inflatable pad for cushioned landings, the Pannolock dual locking strap and more! Check them out at!

Kneeboarding for the first time

As the title says, went kneeboarding for the first time. Skip to 5.30 if you want to watch me stack it

Kneeboarding 101

victoria learns to kneeboard

kneeboarding 2016

obrien sozo kneeboard

Pro Kneeboard Tricks Amazing National Champion Crazy Air

Aaron Weible July 2010.....First of many Videos.....Bringing Kneeboarding Back....This is How Kneeboarding is done...

kneeboarding flips and tricks


Luke's 1st flip on a kneeboard 2015

Kneebording on Lake Martin with the Merrett's. Luke landing his first ever back flip.

Kneeboarding the Wedge

Max Bollinger talks about kneeboarding the Wedge in Newport Beach California.
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2017 International Kneeboard Rider Cup Recap

Kneeboarding for the first time

Knee boarding - first time. Filmed at Liberty Lake Wa on my Bayliner Capri.

3 People Knee Boarding

Clara, Ian, and Austin Knee board together on Lake Sawyer, Summer 2011!

Montage - A Kneeboard Surfing Film

Kneeboarding from Kneeboard Surfing USA's archives featuring top US Kneelo surfers.

Water Cable Park - kneeBoarding by (Center Parcs) De Vossemeren

An afternoon of cable water ski with a kneeboard at (Center parcs) De vossemeren, I went for the first time knee boarding was great fun to do =).

Een middagje kabel waterskiën met een Kneeboard bij (Center parcs) De Vossemeren, ging ik voor het eerste keer kneeboarden was erg leuk en lachen om te doen =).

Epic kneeboarding WIN GoPro HD Hero 2

Gijs, Martijn en Floris. GoPro HD Hero 2
We are having a good time and we like to do this in our free time.

Best kneeboard montage ever!

I do not own any of the music. I do not own any rights or copyrighted materials in this video. This video is only for entertainment reasons.

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How To Kneeboard

Scheels Watersport Expert Chad Schilplin shows how to ride a kneeboard.

Kneeboarding Summer 2015 (Drone Footage)

Kneeboarding Summer 2015 (Drone Footage)

knee boarding trick video

great video

Kneeboard Tahiti

Taapuna - Tahiti
Taapuna - Tahiti - Kneeboard
Music by The Glitch Mob - In for the Kill
Filmed 100% GoPro HD1

Professional Knee Boarding Jumps

three amazing jumps at 3:30 & 3:55 & 4:35

GoPro Hero 2 Kneeboarding fun

Kneeboarding with a friend and my GoPro, no jumps, just 360 fun . Subscribe Please