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Kite landboarding


Flyboarden (Kite landboarding) Romo 2012 team

8 day Kite landboarding trip to Rømø Danmark with Team in the period of 28th of July until 5th of August. All 8 day kite landboarding (in the Netherlands we call it Flyboarden), kitesurfing and buggying.

It's Windy kite landboarding

Just your average Saturday at the local kite spot of Frinton on sea in the Uk, first time out on the new Peter Lynn Escape V5 7m kite !!!!!

How To Kite Land Board Tutorial FULL video

If you enjoyed this video please support this project for making it free to watch.
Welcome to the Super Kite Day How to Kite Land Board Tutorial!
It's finally here, the full free video. It took a lot of time to get this ready but here it is. Share it with your friends, get them into kiteboarding too. I made this video to help people learn and benefit from this free video, but please remember this is not a substitute for kiteboarding lessons with a qualified instructor. Kite Landboarding is a dangerous sport so please take great care. Practice with a trainer kite and read the manual. Get lessons from a kiteschool and your progression will be much faster and safer. This video is only a guide and you can't beat a lesson with a real instructor in the real conditions.

Kites used in this video:
Flysurfer Viron2 DLX 6m

Flysurfer Speed 4 lotus 18m

Flysurfer Cronix 10m

MBS Pro 90 board

Abe Alzouman
QuiCk ShOt FilMs

Filmed with GoPro 4 Black edition and GoPro3 Black

All Footage is owned by 'QuiCk ShOt FilMs' - Super Kite Day Youtube channel
I have full permission to use music from the Artists 'Anitek' and 'Kognitif'.

Full music credit goes to:
Anitek Music

Kognitif musique

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Kite Land Boarding is FUN !

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Kite Land Boarding is awesome !!

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Sunset Beach Freestyle Kite Landboarding

Took a week off at home. Here's some the highlights that were caught on film

Kite LandBoarding in mountains ! Part #1

Kite landboarding in the Alps! That's how it looks like, epic landscapes and awesome view for a cool land kite session in the mountains :)
This is the part #1 of my land kiting series riding the mountains.

Spot : Col du Lautaret, Pyramide.
Wind : 12 knots

In this video I ride with the PEAK3 :

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Powerkiter :

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Kite Landboarding - Crash by

Kite - Mountainboarding in Switzerland / Valais / Turtmann
Wildwind squad
Gin Eskimo / Trampa / Mbs
Music : Ghinzu - 21st Century Crooners (Blow)

Kite Land Boarding with Abe (Trailer)

Kite landboarding at my local spot. Weston shore Southampton. Summer 2010.

Ozone MANTA II 12m

Kite landboarding speed 49,08 mph GoPro 4K

Kite landboarding inside action max speed run 49,08 mph (79 km/h)!!!

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Kite Landboard Lessons WIND WARRIORS, Foxton Beach

Want to learn to Kite Landboard, well youve come to the right place!
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Learn on the latest Ozone Kites and a selection of the Sickest mountain boards on the planet.
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Super Kite Land Boarding

Abe and Lolo kitelandboarding in France

Filmed 100% on GoPro Hro, GoPro Hero 2 and GoPro 3 Black edition

Abe Alzouman
QuiCk ShOt FilMs

Song Name: Gotta be Jumping
Artist Name: Pugzilla & Envious Mind
Record Label: Scour Records

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Kite Land Boarding - GoPro Hero6 240fps super slow motion

GoPro just launched their brand new Hero6 action camera, which is able of an amazing feature, 1080p 240fps super slowmotion!
And that might just be the perfect tool for filming KiteLandBoard action at it's finest. See Lolo BSD in action with our SPEED5 12.0m closed-cell all-terrain kite.
Video by rider Lolo BSD:

Deluxe Super Kite Land Boarding

October home spot sesh, Good wind and sun all day. Trying out my new Flysurfer speed 3 Deluxe.

Music: Parov Stelar - Catgroove

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This Addiction - Freestyle Kitelandboarding

This is Addiction

It's been a long winter with very little video to show for it.
With a trip to Cornwall and a number of sessions up Cleeve it was time to push for another video.
Flying mainly on Speed 3 15,12m deluxe
also featuring ion4, hifi comp, Blade 5


Kite Landboarding with Ozone Flow 3m in light 8-10 kt wind Baku

Wind started dying once I launched the kite so had to ride gusts. Had some nice cruises down the field but generally was a pain, need a kite at least twice as big for this.

Progression Kite Landboarding Beginner DVD Teaser

Fat Sand Productions are excited to announce the imminent release of our 5th DVD in the Progression series of instructional videos. We have taken the proven Progression method that has made us the best selling kitesurfing instructional DVD worldwide, and applied it to help beginners get to grips with Kite Landboarding.

Summer Kite Land Boarding

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Winter Session kite landboarding

This is a Winter Session, Kite Land Boarding in the Uk on a week day.

camber kite landboarding


Kite Landboarding SturmSession Tempelhof 6.-7.2.11

Wir hatten in Berlin 20 - 45 kn Wind ... Und es war GEIL !!!!



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