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Kite buggy


Delta Secret Run - Kitebuggy - 20130518

Delta de l'ebre
Otro buen fin de semana más :-)

Freestyle Kite Buggy @ Ivanpah Dry Lake - Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate laying down some tricks at Ivanpah near Las Vegas, Nv.

GoPro: Kite Buggy

Family outing cruising the Danish North Sea Island of Rømø with kite powered 3-wheeled buggies.

Special Thanks: Kevin Holtze

Shot 100% on HD HERO® cameras from ‪

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Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

Aberavon Sand Pirates Aberavon Kite buggy Jumping flexifoil 11 08 2013


Learning to land basics kite buggy.

Learning land basics on kite buggy.

extreme offroad kite buggy

yaehh one of our best rides on the halde norddeutschland watch more videos on

Kite buggy mishap mega loop on flexifoil 8.5 blade with billy parker.

Billy parker tries kite buggying for the first time and flying his first flexifoil blade- the video starts as he just sits in the buggy for the first time, on his first and only run a freak gust sends him 20ft straight up then backwards maybe 60m down the beach, heroicly he doesnt hesistate in throwing the 8.5m into a kite loop, incredibly he initiates the second loop before landing. To loop an 8.5m almost twice airborne is a crazy prospect. Thankfully he lands feet first and all is well but he's very shook up.

check out - our kitesurfing schools website for more billy parker and other kiteboarding videos and stories.

Cheers, Dave

Aberavon Sand Pirates Best of 2015 Freestyle Kite buggying

the best bits of 2015. not loads of sessions but the sessions we did have were quality. 2015 was also the year we switched to depower. pictures from:
Theo Southee

Richard Green

Chris Hayes
Click Photography Wales

KiteBuggy Texel 2017 / RevierKiter meet`s Kitebuggy Texel

Motivation KiteBuggy fahren.

Buggy kite - Sport extrême

Salut les sportifs, je vous partage un autre sport que je fais quelques fois par an sur les plages du Nord, donnez vos avis dans les commentaires ;)
Si vous aussi vous pratiquez un sport pas commun, n'hésitez pas à me le mettre dans les com de la vidéo ou de nous l'envoyer en message sur notre page FaceBook:

Cliquez ici pour voir nos autres vidéos ou vous abonner sur notre chaîne Youtube :


SNAPCHAT: teamworkout91

Kite buggy 6-12-2017

Not enough wind to kiteboard

Kite Buggy Ouddorp 03-06-2017


Power Kite Ice Buggying Lake Poygan, WI

Power Kite Ice Buggying Lake Poygan, WI

IBX 2018 Ivanpah Kite Buggy

An assortment of Born-Kites being flown by Windstruck at IBX 2018 on Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, CA/NV border, USA

UNITE! - Buggy Freestyle

Luke Southern together with Stu (a local freestyler, progressing fast) shot a new video on their local spot. Of course going for some big air freestyle moves and improving current tricks showing what can be done in a freestyle buggy and how we all share the same stoke!

Both Stu and Luke are flying the Flysurfer Speed3 in the buggy. (Size 12m - green, size 15m deluxe - gold/black)


KITE BUGGY 4. Equipamiento

El piloto de kite buggy Luis Garfia nos muestra el equipo necesario para practicar este deporte. Podemos empezar simplemente con un buggy y una cometa pero pronto necesitaremos más material según vayamos aprendiendo. Nos explica también el tamaño de la cometa que debemos utilizar en función de la velocidad del viento y el precio del equipamiento de kite buggy.

Todos los vídeos de KITE BUGGY aquí:

Agradecimientos: Asociación A Tomar Viento.

Si quieres ver más vídeos como este visita nuestra web:

projeto kite buggy Windcar Brasil

Lúcio, instrutor de esporte náuticos da escola Viva Vento testando o nosso Kite Buggy e devidamente aprovado, transpondo dunas.
Cidade: Rio Grande
Praia do Cassino
Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil
24 de março, 2013

Kitebuggy Brouwersdam

Kitebuggy Brouwersdam
Buggy: Protask
Matte : Speed 4 10qm

The best of Kitebuggy Texel

PTW Dominator 4 Power Kite Buggy

This will be a two in one buggy, primarily, it will be the full blown Dominator, it will also have two front ends, one for Eurotrax wheel, and another front end so the whole buggy can run on midi's or barrows.

First thing on my mind was....can that buggy have any improvement, can that buggy get any better. Well, in all honesty not a lot. The thing I love most about that buggy apart from running perfectly was, it didn't matter which angle you stood around that buggy, it still looks great. Most of the racing scene now have buggies either made by Ruudje in Holland or Trikbits in the UK, and over the last two years the development of the side rails has changed, the rails taper in at the front and are higher around the thigh area, and also wider at that point to allow for leg movement, what both these Buggy makers do though, is have their side rails CNC bent on a robotic machine. My challenge would be to make the perfect side rails for me in the same hand and a hydraulic bender. I also wanted the bottom rail second bend from the front to be much closer together, there would also be two extra bracings between the three rails at the rear end, apart from that, at first glance you would think it was the same as the others.

Finally on the last meet at Bolton Le Sands, we were discussing how to pimp our rides even more than the normal PTW bling, well spinners were mentioned, and so I have set out on this buggy to add high polished spinners on each wheel.



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