Kite buggy

Delta Secret Run - Kitebuggy - 20130518

Delta de l'ebre
Otro buen fin de semana más :-)

Freestyle Kite Buggy @ Ivanpah Dry Lake - Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate laying down some tricks at Ivanpah near Las Vegas, Nv.

GoPro: Kite Buggy

Family outing cruising the Danish North Sea Island of Rømø with kite powered 3-wheeled buggies.

Special Thanks: Kevin Holtze

Shot 100% on HD HERO® cameras from ‪

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Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic


Voici le replay complet de l’émission diffusée dimanche dernier sur France Ô (10.12.17). Au programme : Découverte du Kite Buggy et du Kite Mountainboard avec Guilhem Fevret !

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championnat d'Europa Kite Buggy 2016

championnat d'Europa. Leucate: La Franqui 22-26 AOÛT 2016 KITE BUGGY

Kite buggying with the Peter Lynn Hornet 3.0

Location: Westend Beachclub De Kwinte

New video with the Peter lynn hornet 4.0 (vs blokarts):

Aberavon Sand Pirates Aberavon Kite buggy Jumping flexifoil 11 08 2013

Learning to land basics kite buggy.

Learning land basics on kite buggy.

Carbon Kite Buggy

At Speed Week, we were lucky enough to have David Hobbs and his carbon kite buggy visit us - mainly to let Cris Italy loose in the buggy for a week and see how it went. Unfortunately, the winds were pretty uncooperative and the buggy (and the rest of us) didn't do nearly as many km's as we should have done. The buggy looks absolutely awesome and is a real credit to David's vision and skill as a designer and builder. Cris managed a few good runs in it and was pretty impressed overall with some modifications - mainly to the suspension - needed. We threw quite a few ideas and comments at David who was willing to listen and take our ideas away with him. I believe there will be a few changes made to the buggy and look forward to seeing it again soon.

Kite-Buggy : Crab-Buggy proto 3, first trial, 2005

First trial of the prototype 3, at la Franqui, in South of France, with the presence of Sebastien Clarke and Christopher Tasti.
Only two hours of wind, a slippery ground but we appreciated the great improvement of this new generation of crab.
In this video, the first crab 360 in history ....

Kite buggy 6-12-2017

Not enough wind to kiteboard

extreme offroad kite buggy

yaehh one of our best rides on the halde norddeutschland watch more videos on

Bolton Le Sands Summer Meet 2013 - Kite Buggy

A couple of runs out of 85 miles I did this day, using Landsegler UL Beach Wheels, 2.7m PL Vapor, XXtreme Apexx

Kite Buggy Uncut

Some kite buggy fun at cambersands UK : )

Homemade kitebuggy low cost

kite buggy crash

Kite Buggy Water 2

UNITE! - Buggy Freestyle

Luke Southern together with Stu (a local freestyler, progressing fast) shot a new video on their local spot. Of course going for some big air freestyle moves and improving current tricks showing what can be done in a freestyle buggy and how we all share the same stoke!

Both Stu and Luke are flying the Flysurfer Speed3 in the buggy. (Size 12m - green, size 15m deluxe - gold/black)


Kitebuggy Römö am 30.04.2017 mit 81,9 Km/h Topspeed

GT Buggy mit Flysurfer Sonic FR 9

Trainingskurs im Nasswatt

Kingston SE January 2017 Kite buggy

Kite Buggy and wind usage at Kingston SE Beach, South Australia.
members of from all over Australia in attendance.

Kingston is a yearly event usually focused on a dry lake bed, Lake Nadzab. This year due to heavy rains in the previous few weeks, the lake was anything but dry.

Plan B, Conditions on the beach where fantastic, with hard packed sand and not a lot of debris. Conditions from 5 knots onshore to 25 knots cross where there to enjoy.

Mez, took nearly all of this footage with the phone from the top of the rocky outcrop, 'the granites'.

thanks to everyone who came, this film only represents a fraction of the kites, buggies and people who where here for the two weeks.

See ya.