Dragon Army vs. Sofa King Good - CA Studio Kickball Championship 1080P HD

North Hollywood, CA - Studio division kickball championship game versus number 1 ranked Sofa King Good and number 2 ranked Dragon Army - played on 1/9/2012 - Fall Season Championship -

Greatest Kickball Move EVER

Possibly one of the greatest kickball sequences EVER occurred between the New York Shower Hammers from New York City and the Deja Vu Dynasty from Bowie, Maryland. The play happened in overtime in the 8th inning. Both teams belong to the Pennsylvania Kickball Classic (PAKC Kickball365 Circuit Tournament).
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Epic Game of SliP & SliDe KickBaLL

We got a little bored of regular kickball, so we thought we would add some slip and slides into the mix and it ended up being the best day ever! Kickball will never be the same again once you add in those slip and slides, it definitely adds in a much needed level of difficulty/strategy

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Filmed with a go pro 3 black and go pro 4 silver
Edited in Imovie
Music was purchased at

SSK Kickball: Kickaholics vs FlowerNades

It's the start of the Summer Kickball Season here at SSK and Game's Are Looking Good and The Comp is stiff!!

This Game Features Defending Champs.. Kickaholics and New to the league but not to Kickball FlowerNades...

Played July 30th!

Played July 30th At Duncan Park

Join Our League Today! Next Season is FALL, Sept, 2017

Call Us: 770-629-7750

2013 Arizona Kickball Open Championship - Brew Crew Cartel vs. Sofa King Good

The 2013 Arizona Kickball Open Championship featuring Brew Crew Cartel (CA/AZ) vs. Sofa King Good (CA)

2013 South Florida Kickball Open - OSC vs. Lights Out

SFKO Pool Play match-up featuring Other Shot Callers (DC) vs. Lights Out (PA)

Slip'N'Slide Kickball Game #3

Cam Newton Celebrity Kickball Tournament

Experience the sights and sounds from Cam Newton's celebrity kickball tournament! All proceeds will benefit the Cam Newton foundation, which impacts local and deserving youth in the areas of education, physical fitness and wellness.

WAKA Kickball - Suns Out Guns Out vs. RioT - West Coast Regionals, 2014

El Segundo, CA.

WAKA West Coast Regionals, Pool Play Crossover Game #4.


Some Kickball to mix things up with the Friends. Never be afraid to go back out and relive the good 'ole days when you were a wee lad in elementary school! KICK BALL IS FOR COOL KIDS

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Tequila - J. Rabbit Remix

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How To Get On Base In Kickball

How To Get On Base In Kickball - a tutorial

Do you love kickball? But stink at getting on base? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Are you already a player? But just want to raise your level to kick-'ballller'?? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Tune in for some tips and strategies on how to raise your kickball game.

How to Kick a Homerun in Kickball (well, almost)

GoKickball Noncompetitive League - Summer 2016 - Wolf of Ball Street vs. The Grass Kickers

Wolf of Ball Street in the light grey.

Squandered another homerun because I couldn't keep my footing rounding second. I never seem to be able to round second without slipping in these here boots. (I wear an indoor cleat because they give some traction but are more comfortable and much easier on my feet than a regular cleat.)

I put a good foot on this pitch, and hit it where I was aiming. They had a female fielder out in center. First mistake right there. It went slightly over her head, but I couldn't quite make it all the way around after slipping. Another homerun lost to bad footing. (And it wasn't even really damp yet. Which does make it harder sometimes to make a swift turn.) Not sure if I stepped on the base or what before my feet came out from under me. Definitely frustrating.

Kick Ball FAIL

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LI Kick 2014 Indoor Kickball Championship

KickPlay 360 - Women Kickball League - ATL

Women kickball is soo exciting, they play hard and win harder.
Way to go Ladies.
Kickball with Kick Play 360

DC Kickball Open Final Game - Meatballs vs. iB - Full HD

The championship game for the Washington DC Kickball Open - a Kickball365 Circuit Event held at George Mason University on July 16th, 2011. Meatballs from Florida vs. iB from the DC area -

Bro Show Featuring Greg Olsen Charity Kickball Tournament

Bro Show Featuring Greg Olsen Charity Kickball Tournament

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Kickball Player Misses His Kick In Spectacular Fashion

While we're laughing at this guy, let's also appreciate the curve on that pitch.

LaMelo Ball And Chino Hills Basketball Team Plays Kickball : DAY IN THE LIFE WITH THE BALL BROTHERS!

LaMelo Ball And Chino Hills Basketball Team Plays Kickball. DAY IN THE LIFE WITH THE BALL BROTHERS!


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