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One On One Basketball Drills - Kick The Can

- click on that link to see more free videos from the country's top high school, college, and pro coaches. Today we're looking at a great drill to help with your ability to stay in front of the offensive player. Don't shy away from contact!

Kick The Can and enjoy true flight!

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Kick the Can....

Shoot'n cans for a Cause.....

How to: Goal kick l Long ball technique l Kick the ball farther

Goalkeepers of all ages and skills have problems with their goal kicks for several different reasons but the biggest error I see keepers doing is caring too much about power and speed when it comes to striking the soccer ball from the six yard box. When you over focus power and speed you leave room for errors from mistiming your strike to losing balance on your plant foot.

It's all about technique and contact when it comes to the goalkick and if you're just a starting or beginner goalkeeper don't worry so much about distance focus on accuracy. I can promise you if you can accurately pass the ball a medium distance it is much better than just kicking it up in the air for a 50 /50 ball.

Beat Your Competition - Vibe Tracks

WHO CAN JUMP KICK THE FURTHEST?! | Jump Kick Distance Challenge | Team GNT

A fun challenge where Team GNT see who can do the furthest Jump Kick! I hope you like it :)
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Fraser Malik-

Any move attempted is done at your own risk. I advise you to practice with a qualified coach to minimize the risks of injury.

What is the Song?
Hey Now by MK2. It's Royalty Free and can be found in the YouTube Audio Library.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball - 3 Soccer Kicks You Must Know

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kick the can give away

Kick The Can

June 20th, 2013, 2300 hrs. Anchorage Alaska. A good old fashioned game of kick the can with the whole family. MamaCita was the guard, and nearly caught everyone!

Kick the Can - 1ex

Xynn's chart?

Kick the can

Playing kick the can

kick the can

Kick The Can

lovin that cactus cooler

ITG - Don't Kick The Can

Second try on Don't Kick The Can. First try also failed as you can see from the condition of the can. :)

Clash of Kings IV 2012 / Kick the Can and Bridge Battles

Kick the Can's objective is to knock over the cones of the enemy team(s).

The winner was yellow team.

The Bridge Battle allows for 100 rezes per team before rez is closed.
Legion team won the first battle, with Nordanmork/Anvard team winning the second match.

It was also one of the last fights of the day, and many people were tired.

kick the can

empty server fun

kick the can

Kick the Can [Tim Lincecum style]

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Song: Kick the Can - DDR

Why did I make this video? Ahaha. Well, Timmy's delivery reminds me of this song, from that unique kick at the end of his mechanics. I know I didn't edit a lot of the stuff, it's nothing fantastic. But I sitll hope you enjoy :)


Kick the can!!!!

the best classic game ever!!

Kick The Can

At Wisp Resort 2-12-12

Kicking the can

dem yung gooks kickin aluminiums