2012 All Japan Kendo Championships - Final

Final match between Kiwada (White, Osaka) and Uchimura (Red, Tokyo)

Best of Kendo ~ Awesome ~

Let's enjoy Kendo!!!!

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Kendo for Life

Training at home is very important. But there are things that we should pay attention to so that we will develop less bad habits. This video is made before the holiday break at the dojo I instruct for my students to train at home.

Kendo in High Speed Camera(Slow Motion)

This Kendo clip is from Japan Public Broadcasting's documentary on A Human's reaction ablitiy.The show includeded a short track start,Pro Baseball batter and Light weight Boxcer as well.
Interest thing about the show was that former studies suggested that Human
can not react no faster than 0.2 second limted bb the speed of electric pulse running through eye - frontal cortex brain - the body muscle..But, new sport analysis studis found
some athletes could react in less than 0.2 second.
Mr. Tanakanabe had much better reactive ability than Mr. Teramoto's. But,
he could not catch up Teramoto's Men already released before his.
Takanabe mentioned in his interview later that He froze for a moment when
Teramoto change his move from aiming DO to MEM. This split second frozen
moment made his defeat. The narration concluded the segment stating that
Takanabe won in reactive superiority, but Teramoto won in Kendo.

Kendo Training Camp 2 - Kote Technique by Nishimura - Tozando Inside News #15

0:54 Keiko with Tozando Kendo team and dinner with champs
2:44 Rensei Taikai Kendo Camp
5:17 Special lecture by Hidehisa Nishimura
7:43 Keiko

This episode features a digest of 2017 Tozando Rensei Taikai Kendo Camp held at Kyoto Old Butokuden. Veronika Orasch was invited for this event as a winner of Win A Trip To Japan campaign this year. For this second Rensei Taikai, this year's All Japan Kendo Champion, Hidehisa Nishimura joined us along with Daiki Kiwada, Yuka Kozuno, Mariko Yamamoto and Shinsuke Matsuwaki.

Tozando Inside News provides exclusive insights of Tozando’s new products, events and services.

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How to Begin Your Training in Kendo? Part I

This is a kendo instruction video.
In this video you can learn how to begin your training. It includes

- Etiquette in Seiza
- Draw Your Sword
- How to Sit in Sonkyo
- Take a Close Look at Sonkyo

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Kendo「剣道」- 15th WKC Men Individual Final (Japan vs Korea) [VID:20120525001]

The Men Individual Final of the 15th World Kendo Championship in Novara between Korea W.S Kim in White and Japan S. Takanabe.

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Best of Kendo ~ Too fast part2 ~ All for WKC

Let's enjoy Kendo !!!!

combat de kendo 8eme DAN

64th All Japan Kendo Championships — Final

64th All Japan Kendo Championships
November 3, 2016 - Nippon Budokan

Katsumi (Kanagawa) vs. Kunitomo (Fukuoka)

All Japan 8-dan Tournament — Nihon Kendo Kata enbu

H8-dan Fujiwara Takao (uchidachi) and H8-dan Makise Noriyasu (shidachi)

Kendo 9th Dan Keiko

50th AJKC Demo

Nihon Kendo Kata

Filmed at the Kendo World Keiko-kai in Tokyo, 2012

Kendo in New Delhi Promo

Kendo is one of traditional Japanese martial art and sport where competitors wearing protective armour score points against each other by striking designated body targets with bamboo swords, called ‘shinai’. One of the main characteristics of Kendo is that it has managed to maintain a strong sense of cultural tradition and spirituality.
Desi Beatdown visited the Kendo training class at the Japanese School in New Delhi and will shortly be producing a report on the subject.

Grandmasters kendo match at NJ Kendo Academy

Visiting Grandmaster Kakehashi (8th Dan) sparring with Grandmaster Seong (7th Dan, owner of the NJ kendo academy) in an exhibition match. Also in attendance were Grandmaster Kato (8th Dan, NY Kendo Club) and several other high ranking masters from the NY/NJ area. What a fantastic practice!

Démonstration de Kendo

Le Kendo un art martial venu du Japon.
Impressionnant à voir, chirurgical dans la pratique et long dans la maitrise.
MDL est allé filmer les championnats de France excellences.
Voici un teaser en attendant les matchs (et plus) sur la chaîne MDL Monde Du Loisir

2010 8-dan Kendo Championships Finals

The finals of the 8th annual 8-dan kendo championships, held in Nagoya on the 18th of April, 2010. Finals between Funatsu Shinji, 54, of Osaka (winner in 2007) vs. Sato of Hyogo, 57

WARRIORS OF BUDO. Episode Five: Kendo by Empty Mind Films

Trailer for our upcoming new release in the Warriors of Budo series, Episode Five: Kendo. No other Budo or Japanese martial art is so closely identified with Samurai culture and the spirit of Japan than Kendo, the way of the sword.
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Kendo vs Kenjutsu

kenjitsu fight with wooden swords

Kendo Match 2017 AUSKF National Championships: Men's Finals

Kendo Match 2017 AUSKF National Championships in San Jose, CA. The Finals of the Men's Division. Between SCKF and MWF

#Kendo #AUSKF