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Kelly pool


Kelly pool awesomeness part 1


Wave pool built by Kelly Slater

Production: Aether Films (
Director: Andrew Mackenzie; Producers: Kyle Bullington & Davis DiLillo; Executive Producers: John Moore & Noah Grimmett; Camera I: Gordon Yould ; Camera II: Seth Naugle; Aerial Cinematography: Davis DiLillo, Kyle Bullington, Andrew Mackenzie Water Cinematography: Daren Vinson Crawford; AC Camera I: Brooks Burgoon; AC Camera II: Jeff Ball, AC Camera III: Josh Hill Production Coordinator: Dana Kurth; DIT: Bruce Schultz; Editing: Gordon Yould & Andrew Mackenzie; Color: Seth Naugle; Music: DARKSIDE

Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch Test Event - Magical Day Highlights

One Small Step for Surfers...One Giant Leap for Surfing. Tuesday's first test event at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, proved to be a milestone in the evolution of pro surfing with Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore taking top honors. Surfing is now ready for the next step, and the ability to dial up perfection anywhere at anytime changes the game even more.

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Kelly Slater's Wave Pool - Drone View

Video by Matt Kurvin
Matt Kurvin Photography and Design

Kelly Slater Wave Pool Surfing Contest

Watch the Kelly Slater Wave Pool Surfing Contest.

The Founders Cup in 2018 is a historic event produced by World Surf League. This is the first time WSL held a team-format surfing contest and it was in a wave pool.

Surfers perform airs, carves, sprays, and mind numbing barrel rides.

You will see Matt Wilkinson, Johanne Defay, Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Lakey Peterson, Tyler Wright, Bianca Buitendag, Frankie Harrer, and Jeremy Flores surfing the wave pool.

This video was recorded during the Founders' Cup event in Lemoore, California. This facility is known as the Surf Ranch (and the Kelly Slater Wave Pool). The event was held on May 5th, 2018 and May 6th, 2018.

This perfect waves rolled by the crowd leaving them in awe.

Event hosted by World Surf League
Presented by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold
Sponsored by Quiksilver

Music by Audionautix and Kevin MacLeod

Recording Date: 5/5/2018
Recorded and Edited by Philip Mora

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The Surf Ranch Founders Cup Surfing Contest (w. natural sound):

Watch an unridden wave at this wave pool

Learn more about the Founders' Cup / Surf Ranch

My 1st reaction to seeing the wave pool

Kelly Slater Wave Pool 2017 - Overhead Waves

Pill Pool Game 1 (Ft. TripleCxd)

GoPro Surf: Endless Perfection at Kelly Slater's Wave Pool

The Kelly Slater Wave Company combines cutting edge science, engineering and design to create the longest, rideable open-barrel man made wave in the world.

Thanks Kelly for the deeper look inside the tube!

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Lost in the Evening ft Gary Jules

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Inside Line:

Gerry Lopez Gets First Crack at Kelly Slater's Left

The 11x World Champ Kelly Slater knew exactly who he wanted to ride the first wave at his Surf Ranch 2.0.

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This Is What It's Like to Spend a Day at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch - The Inertia

The Inertia's Zach Weisberg and Dylan Heyden spend a day at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California and document the experience – from blown waves to perfection.

The Inertia: The Definitive Voice of Surf, Mountain, and Outdoors //

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Bethany Hamilton & Family Surfing at Kelly Slaters Wave Pool

A family that surfs together, stays together! Bethany Hamilton, only 3 months after having her second son is back in the water surfing again. And her husband Adam even catches a way with their first son Tobias. Kelly Slaters Wave Pool is the perfect place train and gets the follow going into 2018 as Bethany continues to push herself and her surfing ability.

Wave Pool Demonstration in Slow Motion 2013

Wave-Pool Demo 2013 - Wave Pools And Surfing
Product by: American Wave Machines 2013
ProSurfBlog presents Epic Surf News

Watch wave pool waves in slow motion and regular speed in this short surfing video.

American Wave Machines has wave-pools already installed around the globe (Sweden, Peru, Nashua, N.H., etc.). The existing wave-pools are the SurfStream product (river-like waves). American Wave Machines is working on the New Jersey water-park project and is going to implement their PerfectSwell product design. This new wave-pool technology is designed to produce a real-surfing ocean-surfing experience. A 10-second ride / wave-length could possibly be produced, in the size pool planned in the New Jersey project. This product can vary wave production in several ways: Pattern, Shape, and Size.

There are some of the other wave-pool companies in the news these days including the Wavegarden to the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Wave-pool momentum has been slow but building over the years. With the Fernando Aguerre and the ISA working towards a goal of adding surfing as a sport in the Olympics, wave-pool technology has been a key component in making the dream a reality. There are some dates on the calendar for the ISA/Olympic projections. 2024 is a date that is being tossed around.

We do learn a lot about the current products and wave-pool solutions provided by American Wave Machines though. Really exciting stuff.

Thanks for watching this surfing wave-pool historical update.

We would like to thank American Wave Machines, and Bruce McFarland, for providing the product demonstration and taking the time to talk with us.

Original Music by Chris Getz (DJ Getz)

Recorded by Philip Dominguez
Interviewer/Host Philip Dominguez

Produced by Trade Federation, Inc.
copyright all rights reserved 2013

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Watch the complete 2013 Wave Pool News Update:

Drone veiw whispering wall and kelly's pool

Philly Quad Squad, Tasha aerial view of kelly's pool and Whispering walls.

"John John & Kelly" | The Making of Proximity | Episode 4

Young prodigy John Florence and 11-time world champ, Kelly Slater, head to the otherworldly detinations, where filmmaker Talon Clemow creatively retrieves a lost backpack.

Today, fans get an exclusive, behind-the scenes glimpse of Proximity's personalities, places, and production in the last episode of Chronicles - The Making of Proximity. Presented by LifeProof, the four-episode, mobile-first series will kick start the journey toward Proximity’s cinematic climax.

Chronicles is filmed & edited by Nathan Myers
Produced by Teton Gravity Research & Garage Media Entertainment

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Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens!

Epic Surf News 2016 - Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens

Kelly Slater provides a demonstration for the Professional surfers. So it is technically open to more than just Kelly.

Hello and Thank you for joining Pro Surf Blog for this unique Epic Surf News Update.

On December 18th, 2015 Kelly Slater published one of the most historic videos of his barreling wave pool. Now in May (May the 4th be with you) Kelly unleashed another series of videos. This time he has Carissa Moore, Kanao Igarashi, Nat Young, and Wingnut surfing in his wavepool!

Watch Carissa Moore shrelp, Kanoa Igarashi do a floater-to-barrel maneuver, Nat Young get the longest barrel of his life, and Wingnut as the 1st longboarder to ride in this wave pool.

This wave pool has everyone salivating. The Kelly Slater wave pool looks to be the best invention in surfing history. We will see.

Hey Kelly, how bout a media trial day? Oh man that would be the shit!

Watch Professional Surfers in Kelly’s Wave Pool!
Carissa Moore Wave Pool
Kanoa Igarashi Wave Pool
Nat Young Wave Pool
Wingnut Wave Pool

Thanks for watching our May 2016 Surf News edition.
Hope you have an Epic 2016.

Music by: Silent Partner
Song Title:Come On In (Remixed by Phil D.)

Originally Recorded by Kelly Slater Wave Company

Edited by Philip Dominguez
Hosted by Philip Dominguez

Produced by Trade Federation, Inc
copyright all rights reserved 2015

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ACD 2018 Finals Siming Chen vs Kelly Fisher

2018 Asian Culture Day Pool Tournament

Siming Chen vs Kelly Fisher

ACD pool tournament was held at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were a lot of great matches with a very strong Pro field on the Men and Women's side.
This is the 2018 ACD Finals between Kelly Fisher vs Siming Chen, the current #1 female world champion. Kelly needs to win 1 set and Siming needs 2 wins to take the title.
Hope you enjoy.

Asian Culture Day
I want to educate you on a monumental event that's happening in the great city of Las Vegas.
Last year, the Senate passed a bill, which was signed off by Nevada's governor Brian Sandoval, proclaiming May 18th as Asian Culture Day here in the state of Nevada.
As a Taiwanese born in Taipei Taiwan, I am very honored to be able to say I was a part of this festivity and I would like to invite you to come celebrate with us. We are throwing a big party all thru out Las Vegas from May 16th thru the 19th 2018 to celebrate the Asian Culture Day Holiday.
There will be multiple events thru out Las Vegas from the Fremont Experience, to the Rio Resort & Casino, and at the Orleans Casino.
One of the events, which I'm the producer of, is the 1st Annual Asian Culture Day Pool Tournament. For the pool enthusiasts, Efren Reyes is coming. For the people who don't know who he is, he's the greatest player that has ever lived. He is allowing us to call this his Retirement Tour. We will also be presenting him with the first Annual ACD lifetime achievement award. HUGE!!!

Come check out my YouTube channel for some great videos:

Thank You to our Main Tournament Sponsor Aruze Gaming.
Aruze Gaming is a global entertainment company that designs, develops, and manufactures slot machines and gaming devices for the global casino market. Aruze Gaming’s principles are to create fun and entertaining experiences, to build trust and maintain global relationships to foster a strong gaming culture, to provide quality products and content for all customers while offering exceptional customer service, to be socially responsible by supporting and encouraging responsible gaming initiatives and to dream and challenge conventional wisdom by thinking out-of-the-box with no compromises that transcends not only on different industries and domain, but also on generation and gender. Delivering excitement and enjoyment is the ultimate objective of product development at Aruze.

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2014 Women 9-Ball WC - Jeanette Lee v Kelly Fisher

2014 世界女子9號球錦標賽 Women 9-Ball World Championships

Jeanette Lee The Black Widow v Kelly KwikFire Fisher

11-Year-Old Jackson Dorian at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

The 11-year-old godson of Kelly Slater, and Shane Dorian's son, gets his turn at the Surf Ranch.

Artist: Tall Tall Trees
Song: Backroads

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O'Gorman V Kelly, O'Leary V McQuillan - Irish Premier Pool 2017/2018

Irish Premier Pool 2017/2018
On RedDishTV
Irish Pool Association - Abbey Court Hotel

Gearoid O'Gorman V Paul Kelly, LIVE 10am
Pat O'Leary V David McQuillan, LIVE 12am

Saturday 2nd, Day 2 (morning) of the new Premier League 2017/2018 Session - Held during the Irish Pool Grand Prix, at the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh.

Irish Pool Association host their first event of the 2017/2018 season September 1st to 3rd and the top players from all corners of Ireland will meet again to earn earn those valuable Irish Ranking Points.

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Stream Links:
Fri 8pm:
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Sun 11pm:

The stream is brought to you by RedDishTV and hosted on the Irish Sport Online channel on YouTube.
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Irish Pool Association:

Kelly pool muck around

Kelly pool muck around at the house of Hores :P



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