Full Metal Jousting Episode 2 - "Unhorsed"

John calls out Rope, the Black Team #1 pick. After a brutal hit to the face in practice, one jouster may be heading to the injury list. And two competitors face off in the list in the second preliminary joust.

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Knights Of Valour Extreme Jousting Tournament

A HighWay Pictures film.
Music by Adrian von Ziegler.

Jousting Concussions

Full Metal Jousting Episode 3 - "Death Sticks and a Coffin"

Red Team tries an unusual training technique to help prevent unhorsings, while dissension grows in their ranks. With skill levels improving, two jousters battle it out in the hardest-hitting joust yet.

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Full Metal Jousting Episode 4 - "Blood and Guts"

A brutal shot in practice sends a competitor to the hospital, leaving a teammate to joust in his place. Shane reveals a surprising twist in the competition.

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Carnage @ World Jousting 2007

Getting hit hard and falling in full armour off a horse..

Full Metal Jousting Episode 6 - "Ready to Rock"

A practice turns ugly as two jousters are sent to the hospital with gruesome injuries. After another injury in training forces a jouster to pull out of the competition, Shane and the coaches are forced to pick his replacement, and their decision does not sit well with either team.

2004 Full Contact Jousting Championship

2004 World Jousting Championship London Ontario. This is for real. No scripts. World Championships brought to you by HPN Multimedia

Jousting - Knights of Nottingham 4th September 2016

Jousting - Knights of Nottingham 4th September 2016 at Sutton Bonington Show

RIP Paul Cooling

Full-metal jousting at the Alaska State Fair

Knights don helmets, pick up shields and put armor to the test. Fans are treated to run after run of horse and knight hurtled at one other. The object is to use the lance to land a perfect strike against the opponent’s shield.

St. Olav's Tournament 2014 Joust Finale passes

The last 6 passes during the jousting finals of the St. Olavs Tournanament 2014.

Jousting: WorldJoust™ Tournament of the Phoenix 2010 DVD Trailer

Preview of the WorldJoust Tournaments' DVD for Tournament of the Phoenix 2010.


Produced by Jeffrey Hedgecock of WorldJoust Tournaments, in cooperation with the Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester MA. Directed by Eric Dubé.

Contents include a 30 minute documentary of the event, running edit of all the joust passes captured on video and interviews with all the competitors and key tournament staff.

Available through WorldJoust Tournaments, Historic Enterprises Inc, and the Higgins Armory Museum gift shop.

Rod Walker on Jousting

A video put together by A&E Australia. Rod Walker, the Full Metal Jousting Black Team Head Coach talks about jousting.

Harcourt Park 2015 "Grail of Chivalry" Jousting Tournament

A video of some of the jousting at the 2015 Grail of Chivalry World Invitational Jousting Tournament at Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, New Zealand in February 2015. Organised by the Order of the Boar, this is one of the world's premiere jousting events and attracts jousters from around the world.

Jousting training

Jousting training on Connor the Cob. Practice using a flag, the beginnings of jousting with a quintain and sword and ring work. Connor took to it quite easily!

Medieval Jousting & Reenactment

The Order of the Boar is a Wellington (New Zealand) based medieval reenactment group. This video taken from our official Classic Fighters 2007 (airshow) DVD highlights the groups jousting display at the show. See their web site at:


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Jousting -- Die Grossen Ritterspiele zu Schaffhausen 2014 July 16 TVNews

(Downloaded from the SWR Landesschau Baden-Württemberg TV news website.)
News coverage of The Grand Tournament of Schaffhausen, includes interviews with Arne Koets and Petter Ellingsen. To read more about this specific tournament follow this link:

For more information about competitive jousting, check out The Jousting Life website at:

Medieval Jousting Mini Documentary

For a school project on Medieval Jousting

Full Metal Jousting Episode 5 - "Hits Like a Truck"

A frustrated jouster has second thoughts, and asks Shane to grant him his release. A member of the Black Team violates the rules of the competition and is sent home, forcing Shane to choose an eliminated jouster as his replacement. Then, one of the most dominant riders in the house finally takes to the list in the fifth preliminary joust.

Jousting competition at Arundel Castle - August 2014

International jousting competition at Arundel Castle in August 2014. The lances used are solid ash, but with a softer balsa section for the last metre. Original jousting lances were made entirely of solid ash wood, or sometimes hollowed. In this competition achieving a broken lance with a strike to different target areas scores different points. You are not allowed to strike the horse of course.