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Full Metal Jousting Episode 2 - "Unhorsed"

John calls out Rope, the Black Team #1 pick. After a brutal hit to the face in practice, one jouster may be heading to the injury list. And two competitors face off in the list in the second preliminary joust.

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Jousting Concussions


Knights Of Valour Extreme Jousting Tournament

A HighWay Pictures film.
Music by Adrian von Ziegler.

International Jousting Tournament 2015 // Jousting Ground

International Jousting Tournament 2015

Jousting Ground

held in Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

21st and 22nd of February 2015

Medieval. Highs and Lows of the Jousting actions on the day.

Competitors from all around the world fight for the prestige title of World Jousting Champion.


Full-metal jousting at the Alaska State Fair

Knights don helmets, pick up shields and put armor to the test. Fans are treated to run after run of horse and knight hurtled at one other. The object is to use the lance to land a perfect strike against the opponent’s shield.

Full Metal Jousting Episode 5 - "Hits Like a Truck"

A frustrated jouster has second thoughts, and asks Shane to grant him his release. A member of the Black Team violates the rules of the competition and is sent home, forcing Shane to choose an eliminated jouster as his replacement. Then, one of the most dominant riders in the house finally takes to the list in the fifth preliminary joust.

Medieval Jousting & Reenactment

The Order of the Boar is a Wellington (New Zealand) based medieval reenactment group. This video taken from our official Classic Fighters 2007 (airshow) DVD highlights the groups jousting display at the show. See their web site at:


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Jousting: Tournament at the Tower pt 2, London England 2007

Jason Kingsley (at left) and Tobias Capwell (at right) smash it up at the Tower of London, September 2nd, 2007.

This was part of the Tournament at the Tower in which Armourer-Jouster and Historic Enterprises co-owner Jeffrey Hedgecock participated, but unfortunately was only able to participate in the first show, due to a hand injury sustained in a hard strike on Order of the Crescent team-mate Steve Mallet, in his third course.

The jousting at the Tower was the most intense yet seen in England, featuring a 40 metre long 6 foot high solid planked tilt, the first ever used in a major modern jousting event. Several jousters sustained light injuries due to the force of impacts caused by the speed of the horses and near direct angle of the lance strikes.

Other jousters participating included Graham Turner, Philippe Willaume, Sean George and Mark Griffin.

World Jousting Tournament of the Phoenix

Highlights from the Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway, CA 2008

San Diego Bike Jousting Tournament, 2015---Video #1

With hopes for a regularly scheduled joust, a local group organized todays fun.

2004 Full Contact Jousting Championship

2004 World Jousting Championship London Ontario. This is for real. No scripts. World Championships brought to you by HPN Multimedia

Jousting Arizona Renaissance Fest 2017

Seems jousting is a really popular thing :-)

Jousting in Darwin

Darwin Royal Show

Ryan Nyquist BMX Tall Bike Jousting Battle: Getting Awesome Ep. 2

In episode 2 of Getting Awesome, Ryan and friends gather for the Old World manliness celebration of a jousting tournament. With support from Haro Bikes and brother Shea Nyquist, Ryan crafts extra tall bikes and custom Osiris shoe tipped jousting poles. The tournament kicks off with man vs. man elimination rounds until a winner is crowned. Who will be crowned the most awesome knight? New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Rod Walker on Jousting

A video put together by A&E Australia. Rod Walker, the Full Metal Jousting Black Team Head Coach talks about jousting.

Wake Jousting with World Champ Skimboarder!

Clarion Marine invites you to watch World Champion Skimboarder and Pro Wakesurfer Austin Keen invent a NEW sport: Wake Jousting.

On the waters of Carlsbad Lagoon, Austin Keen joins forces with Clarion Marine, Liquid Force and Wakefoil to take on our Axis Wake Captain Kalon. Who will come out victorious?

Stay tuned to our channels for a chance to win our breakthrough new Marine headunit, and our EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes video.

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Medieval Jousting at Highland Renaissance Fair

This is a little piece on jousting. It was shot at the Kentucky Highlands Renaissance Fair in Eminence, KY. The jouster are with RoundTable Productions out of Pennsylvania

Henry V's jousting helm reproduced, Part 1 - Capwell & Easton

Henry V's jousting helm (the original is in Westminster Abbey) has been reproduced and is at the Wallace Collection. Here Dr. Tobias Capwell & Matt Easton look at the reproduction and talk about the original helmet and crest. Part 1 of 2.

Full Metal Jousting Episode 6 - "Ready to Rock"

A practice turns ugly as two jousters are sent to the hospital with gruesome injuries. After another injury in training forces a jouster to pull out of the competition, Shane and the coaches are forced to pick his replacement, and their decision does not sit well with either team.

The FOX SPORTS International Jousting Championship

For the first time ever, FOX SPORTS will be broadcasting Jousting!



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