Jet sprint boat racing

Extreme Jet sprint racing. Small boats, huge motors!

Very fast Hamilton jet boats with huge V 8 motors race a tight circuit at Meremere New Zealand. These are insanely quick and nimble machines.

Round 4 - Altherm NZ Jetsprint Championships 2017

Finals for Round 4 of the Altherm NZ Jetsprint Championships 2017. Filmed at Riverside Jet Track, Crownthorpe on Sunday 12th March 2017. All boats.


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Reg Smith Jet Sprint Race Wanganui

27th December round 1 NZ Jet Sprint Series with SMARTY CAM

Jet Sprint Boat Racing Compilation

Video by Grant Lauterbach Photography.

Supported by Grants Car Stereo Morley. Perth, Western Australia.

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2016 Salmon River Jet Boat Races - Riggins, Idaho

Check out this short video we put together from the 2016 Salmon River Jet Boat Races in Riggins, Idaho. For more info about the Jet Boat Races, visit

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This Might Be The Wildest Boat Race On Earth | Red Bull Dinghy Derby 2016

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All over the world, the humble little dinghy boat is the safe and simple introduction to boating for millions of people. Not in the town of Renmark, on the banks of South Australia's Murray River, however. There, in the otherwise sleepy town of just 8,000 souls, they like to strap souped-up outboard engines to their little dinghies and then race them at speeds of up to 80kph in a race that since 1981 has grown a deserved reputation as one of the fastest and wildest events on water, the Riverland Dinghy Derby.

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Oregon sprint boat races

Got to work behind the scenes at boat races at the new track in Lebanon, Oregon. It was quite an exciting day! Sorry for the poor quality, I didn't get all the crashes either

Song: Blinding Night by TIMESOUNDER

GoPro: Fastest Hydroplane on Earth

After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, the modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat, capable of speeds over 200mph and powered by a 3000 horsepower Lycorning T-55 L-7 military Chinook helicopter turbine engine. Welcome to H1 Unlimited.

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Jet boat crashes

what happens when the driver gets it wrong...

2017 Salmon River Jet Boat Races - Riggins, Idaho

This is the Saturday morning upriver leg of the race. I wasn't able to get as good as a spot as last year, but the roar of these awesome boats is worth watching.

V8 Superboats Cabarita May 24th 2015 Crash Compilation

No major incidents recorded, just a few minor slips and the boats ended up going a bit wrong.

Marsing Idaho Sprint Boat Races July 2009

Marsing Idaho Sprint Boat jet races July 2009.

American Sprint Boat Racing Port Angeles, WA Qualifying

American Sprint Boat Racing heads to Extreme Sports Park in Port Angeles, WA for a second time. It's third race of the season and it's starts with the qualifying rounds.

Show airs September 29, 2015, 8AM ET, only on MavTV.

Jet Boat Racing 2016 | World Jet Boat Championship Marathon St. Maries ID

Jet Boat Racing is an exciting sport, so join Detours for Derrik as I watch the the 2016 World Jet Boat Championship Marathon! It is on the top of my Things to do in idaho list. I spent two days on the St Joe river The first day was for the show and shine in down down St Maries Idaho I then Spent the rest of the day scouting out a good place to camp, a place I could sleep and have a good view of the speed boat racing. About three in the morning of day 2 I was awoken by a crashing pickup truck (see the Video Here: ). Then before the race started I was joined by two older couples who promptly cut down the tree that was obstructing out view. The Powerboat racing started along the 25 Mile stretch of the st joe river and they were completing the course in just over ten minutes. All in all I enjoyed the jet boat world championship 2016.

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About this video: This video is about jet boat racing at the World Jet Boat Championship 2016. This video is about speed boat racing at the World Jet Boat Marathon 2016. This is a powerboat racing video at the race the joe. Also it is experimental for asmr engine also asmr moto but also asmr jet and asmr boat. I also wanted to experiment with ASMR racing. Also a part of idaho jet boat racing. Detours for Derrick and Detours for Derek are search alternatives. This is apart of a list of things to do in idaho

jet sprint memorial lap with barry on board

jet sprint racing st john washington

Big Block V8 Sprint Boats On the Rogue River Boatnik 2015

Big Block V8 Sprint Boats at the Boatnik Festival in Grants Pass, Oregon. On the Rogue River.

Lucas Oil...On The Edge! Episode 189 - Modified Jet Boats/Historic Crashes

Super Modified Jet Boats in Spokane, WA & Historic Crashes from OTE

Jetsprint Crashes & Onboard Hotlap

3 Jetboat crashes from Round 2 of the
NZ jetsprint champs in Gisborne 26 Jan 08, and a hot lap on-board with Rex Bryant, one of the fastest drivers in the Chemz Group A class.
The first crash is a flame out with Graeme Mincham
Second is the spectacular multi roll with huge G's after Bevin Muir clips a tyre.
Last is Ian Ferguson's Navigation error which resulted in an encounter with a fence.

14 foot Sprint Boat up white water rapids Klamath River - Coon Creek

AWESOME FOOTAGE - 14 foot Sprint Boat up white water rapids on the Klamath River July 2012