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Ice yachting


Ice Yachting

Ice-Yachting on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden 4 Januari 2015
Song: The Reciver Artist: Letter box

Austrian DN - Ice Yacht Racing Team at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia - 2016

April 2016 is the 1st time that the Autrian team started at the Baikal DN - Ice Yacht Races. :-)

International DN Ice Yacht Championships 2015

The International DN Ice Yacht World and North American Championships are being held in Kingston, Ontario (right in front of our office). For the Kingston Yacht Club, we skated out to the middle of the lake, and put together a little highlight piece for them to remember the event by. Great job Kingston Yacht Club!

The perfect ice - Ice boats on Lake Geneva

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Before today I thought a hike was what a center did when the quarterback yelled the word, or a long walk in the wilderness. But I experienced a HIKE today on an ice boat called Zephyr III with Bob Mereness at the helm. In this case a hike is when the boat edges up on two of the three runners. Ice boats can get up to 100 mph although today I think we were only going about 50, which was plenty fast for this newby!

So I started by walking out on transparent ice, so see-through that I felt like I was walking on water. You could see fish swimming underneath. I was questioning my own sanity for just a second but then remembered I am committed to getting the shot no matter what so I charged on about a 1/4 mile into Lake Geneva with my Canon 5D Mark II with 1080p HD video built in. It turned out that a monopod and my 24-105 lens was the perfect combination for the video project.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Music by Secrets in Stereo. Used with permission.

We recently shot more photos and video (March 2014) Here is a new video:

Here are more photos to view and maybe purchase as well.

Iceboard World Record GPS Speed.mpg

Windsurfer Ice Boards set Official GPS World Record speeds on Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire, USA. Many sailors surpase the 50 knot barrier over miles of clear safe ice.
February 12 2012
World Record Icesled Class: 52.65 Knots avg. 10 second run

Complete listing of record holders:

Remote Control Ice Yacht - test in 30 knots of wind

This was only the second time trying to sail my radio control ice yacht. The first time there was zero wind, this day it was blowing 25-30 knots with snow drifts blowing across the lake. Despite the wind I tried sailing anyway, this was the result.


La Spezia 2013-05-28. First navigation trial of the new fast cruiser built by ICE YACHTS and designed by FELCI YACHTS.

Last Blast 2015 (World Record Ice Sailing Speed)

Ice sailing at World Record speeds on Long Pond in Harwich, MA. Bumpy (grade 6) ice and very short reaches made this a dangerous game of Chicken. If you went hard, you would be facing a world of trouble at your peak speed! Fun stuff!! Jeff Brown reached 55.2 knots or 63.5 mph... (wind driven on ice!)

FareVela test: ICE 62

Cala Galera, 24 febbraio 2014. Intervista a Marco Malgara (Ice Yachts) e anteprima della prova che sarà pubblicata su FareVela di aprile 2014

Ice 52 Test

Portofino, October 2015 Ice 52 Test preview

Ice Yachting Sweden

Ice-Blokart on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden in the winter 2015

Music: Without a sound Artist: Letter box

S-8 open class ice yacht (boeier), y/c Strelna, Saint-Petersburg, Russia | DJI Inspire1

S-8 open class ice-yach racing in Gulf of Finland, St.-Petersburg.

Saint-Petersburg S-8 open class ice-yacht association
Open class S-8 (Russian: Svobodny vosmimetrovy class or vosmyorka), mainsail - 8-sq.meter, crew - 1.
Free design with Class Rules limitations.
S-8B - wing sail 8-meter iceyachts.

More info about S-8 ice-yachts on FB and VK.

(russian only, more info, news, racing, drawings/building/trimming):

Austrian DN - Ice Yacht Racing Team at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia 2017

March 2017 is the 2nd time that the Autrian team started at the Baikal DN - Ice Yacht Races. :-)

Ice Yachting in a DN 2013

Ice yachting in a DN Uppsala Sweden February 2013

Class III Ice Yacht - S 10 - in action - trailer

Coming soon to a PC near you! A movie made by Pär Johansson, owner of the Class III Yacht S 10.

For download of high res version of the movie, please visit:

Ice Yachting in Lake Hopatcong

Ice Yachting in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

Setting up the Class 1 Ice Yacht Jack Frost

You may want to watch this video with the sound off. This video shows the Jack Frost being set up on Orange Lake. There was beautiful ice but no wind when I took this footage. The Jack Frost is a Class 1 Hudson River Ice Yacht. She is 50 fee long.

Ice Yachting on the Hudson

Video shot aboard an ice yacht on the Hudson River, just north of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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Historic Gathering of Classic Stern Steerers on the Hudson River - ice boating

A historic gathering of classic stern steerers on the Hudson River off Astor Point March 1 and March 2, 2014. Thanks to Hudson Valley Brass from Bard College for their performance.

Iceboat Crash Compilation

Some of my favorite youtube iceboat moments... Some of these look painful.

Just a reminder for us to be careful and try to stay in control for the 2012 season.

Music: Jeff Beck, You Had It Coming, Earthquake



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