51st All Japan Iaido — Hanshi 8-dan Demonstration

Hanshi 8-dan Demonstration
ISHIDO Shizufumi (Kanagawa) and OGURA Noboru (Tochigi)

Iaido Demonstration Japanese Martial Arts Highlights 2016

Iaido Demonstration Omiya Hachimangu Kobudo Enbu Highlights 2016. Various Iaido kata.

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Sugino Sensei 10th Dan Master of Katori Shinto Ryu.flv

Séance de coupe en Iaido

Séance de coupe en Iaido qui c'est déroulé au Budokan d'Okinawa !

Iaido 13 katas

Sugoi desu

2013 All Japan Iaido Championships - Highlights

— 7-dan Semi-finals: Kumeda (Tokyo, left) vs. Kosaka (Oita, right): Kosaka wins 3-0
— 5-dan Semi-finals (part): Utsumi (Tokushima, left) vs. Ohira (Oita, right): Focuses on Ohira doing 2 Sekiguchi Ryu koryu kata. Ohira wins 2-1
— 7-dan Semi-finals (part): Seki (Ibaraki, left) vs. Morishima (Kanagawa, right): Seki wins 3-0
— 7-dan finals: Seki (Ibaraki, left) vs. Kosaka (Oita, right): Kosaka wins 3-0

Iaido, drawing from the scabbard and attacking, speed and context

NHK Sports Japan — Iaido

NHK Sports Japan — Iaido ; by Kendo World team.

NHK Sports Japan — Battodo

NHK Sports Japan — Battodo; by Kendo World team.


Film du CNKDR sur le Iaidō.

Iaido Toho and Seitei demonstration

Toho and Seitei demonstration in Russia, Ekaterinburg on Iaido Embu 23.02.2008

49th All-Japan Iaido Tournament - 8-dan demonstration

Fukushima, Japan. October 25, 2014

Iaidō 居合道 : The Art of Drawing The Japanese Sowrd

Iaidō 居合道 : All the truth about the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the Japanese sword

Iaido - Drawing the sword techniques

This is a test sequence to show a series of techniques in succession. Opinions please.
Picked up the fact that live blade and green screen makes the sword invisible!

Kendō e Iaidō a "Le falde del Kilimangiaro"

Master Noboru Kataoka Iaido 1988

A remarkable exhibition of Iaido live sword skills by the sensei of the New York City Kendo Club. Listen for the slicing of air.

Iaidō 居合道 en la Charca'l Cura

Rubén haciendo las katas.

Kenjutsu - Mugai Ryu

Mugai Ryu Kenjutsu Kata performed at the opening of the Budo exhibition at the Japanese Culture Institute in Cologne. Performed by Luciano Morgenstern and David Erguvan. More information:

Five Mistakes Students Make in Iaido

Suino-Sensei shows five common mistakes made by beginners in iaido, and explains how to correct them to make your swordsmanship stronger, more efficient, and more effective.

2º Campeonato Brasileiro de Iaidō - Semi-finais - Ikkyū

Suzano - 2014 08 23