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Hwa Rang Do® Demo by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee - 7th WMAE 2006

In order to better understand what something is today, we must understand it's roots, it's foundation. And, in so doing, we create greater meaning and purpose in the actions we take today. Thus, by acting purposefully, mindfully today, we sow and preserve our essence, our value, our truth.

In this video Grandmaster Taejoon Lee demonstrates some Hwa Rang Do Self Defense Techniques at the 7th World Martial Arts Expo 2006, Carson, CA.

We hope you enjoy these series of videos as we share our past with you with hopes of better understanding.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, the eldest son of the Founder of Hwa Rang Do® (The Way of the Flowering Knights) Dr. Joo Bang Lee and Hwa Rang Do's heir, offers free lessons and historical footages into the world in the hopes that it may add more clarity and better understanding of the martial arts and Hwa Rang Do®.

He does not strive to make better martial artists, but rather better human beings. Hence, this is a path to Knighthood - to serve, protect and honor humanity.

Hwa Rang Do®:
A Legacy of Loyalty
Relentlessly Seeking Truth
Empowering Lives
Serving Humanity

His mission is to empower the world one person at a time through the strict discipline of Hwa Rang Do training, which epitomizes the ideal to maximize the human potential. Being an Umyangian as he defines himself, he believes in the existence of dialectic opposing forces in all things and the truth lies in harmony, cooperation, and ascension to collectively enhance our consciousness, elevating humanity into the next step of our human evolution - Not survival of the fittest, but survival through cooperation.

His belief is summarized in his quote, The key to the universe lies dormant within the self, waiting to awaken through self-discovery!

His aim is to reach as many people as possible to help them overcome the struggles of life by taking control of their lives through cultivating the self: physically, mentally, emotionally and ultimately spiritually, so that one may break free from the most destructive force that enslaves us, FEAR! So that, ultimately we can truly respect and honor God.

Best of Hwa Rang Do® Joint Manipulation - Takedowns/Counters/Submissions

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee teaches a seminar on Hwa Rang Do®'s dynamic multifaceted discipline of Joint Manipulation - Takedowns/Counters/Submissions at the WHRDA Annual Summer Seminars in Los Angeles 2007.

Korean Martial Arts: Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee Demonstrates a Leg-Grab Counter

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Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, son of Dr. Joo Bang Lee, demonstrates an impressive leg-grab counter/takedown and submission in this exclusive video from the Black Belt magazine video vaults.

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Hwa Rang Do vs. MMA

World Hwa Rang Do Championships 2017 Genoa, Italy - Inspirational

The World Hwa Rang Do Association is proud to present the World Premiere of our video of our Annual Championships held this year in Genoa, Italy produced by Sorrentipity Productions.

It is truly an inspirational video which captures the true emotions and spirit of our beloved family and our art.

We hope you enjoy.

With love and peace, Hwarang forever and God bless!

HWA RANG DO. "Extreme Takedowns Vol.1". Henry Taejoon Lee,

With the second DVD, Grandmaster Lee demonstrates and instructs on the extensive Hwa Rang Do® curriculum of Joint Manipulation. In Hwa Rang Do®, we address all stages of fighting. It's broken down into three different stages: (1) Stage One - from distance, standing up, where you unitize striking, (2) Stage Two - in-close standing up, where one can use the elbows, knees, pressure points, joint-locks, throws, and takedowns, (3) Stage Three - on the ground, where submissions and restraints are used to control or finish the opponent. However, unique to Hwa Rang Do®, we have a fourth stage before Stage Three. It's what we call Quick Lock on the One Knee Position (OKP). In this series we will address the OKP for a Quick Lock and finish to full submissions.
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Hwa Rang Do® World Championships 2017 Promo

World Hwa Rang Do® Association Annual Black Sash Conference / Seminars / Championships 2017 held this year in the beautiful city of Genoa, Italy.

hwarang do Taekwondo Korea phase 2

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Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee: Korean Martial Arts Photo Shoot at Black Belt Magazine

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Go behind the scenes at Black Belt magazine as hwa rang do grandmaster Taejoon Lee demonstrates his awesome Korean martial arts skills during a cover shoot for the August/September 2014 issue!

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taekwondo - Quienes eran los guerreros hwarang

¿Qué eran los hwarang?

Durante el periodo de los 3 reinos, específicamente en Silla en el reinado de Jinheung surgieron los hwarang (Hombres de la flor), ellos eran los guerreros de élite de Silla, estos guerreros de elite eran educados en el estudio de la filosofía, la historia, la literatura, el baile, la pintura, el arte floral, la equitación también el arte del combate, ballestería, conocimientos de defensa personal etc. Basado sobre el concepto de la unidad de opuestos, las técnicas de pelea sin armas eran conocidas por sus mezclas de lo duro y lo suave, circular y lineal de sus ataques (Tae Kyon), se dice que un puñetazo lineal podría quebrar la armadura de madera de un oponente y matarlo instantáneamente.

Todas estas enseñanzas eran con el fin de acrecentar su disciplina tanto espiritual, como física, según relatan en varias ocasiones las más antiguas crónicas coreanas Samguk- Saghi y Samguk-Yusa.

¿Quiénes conformaban el hwarang?
La orden de los hombres de la flor, estaban conformada por los hijos de las familias distinguidas. Así que no cualquiera podía pertenecer a estos guerreros.

¿Qué importancia tuvieron los guerreros hwarang?
Este grupo de elite fue formado con una razón primordial y esta era proteger al reino de Silla. El reino de Silla era considerado el más débil de los 3 reinos.
Koguryo trato de atacar a Silla y al reino de Paekche, Pero cuando trato de atacar a Silla se tuvo que enfrentar a este grupo de jóvenes caballeros aristócratas, que quienes gracias a sus arduos entrenamientos lograron defender a su reino.
Sin embargo, a través de sus proezas los hwarang inspiraron a la gente de Silla, a elevarse y unirse.
Por las victorias de Silla, la península de Corea se unió por vez primera vez en su historia naciendo así una nueva disnatia Silla Unificada.

¿Cuál era el código de los Hwarang?
Para guiarse y dar principios a su caballerosidad, incorporaron el Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae que es el Codigo de Ética de los guerreros Hwa Rang Do. Consiste en las cinco reglas Hwa Rang Do Okae y las nueve virtudes Hwa Rang Do Kyo Hoon.

Hwa Rang Do Oh Kae
Sa Kun E Choong - Lealtad a nuestra patria
Sa Chin E Hyo - Lealtad a nuestros padres y maestros
Kyo Woo E Shin - Confianza y hermandad entre amigos y compañeros
Im Jeon Moo Tae - Coraje para no retroceder frente al enemigo
Sal Saeng Yoo Teak - Justicia para no tomar una vida sin causa justificada
Hwa Rang Do Kyo Hoon
IN - Humanidad
OUI - Justicia
YEA - Cortesía
JI - Sabiduría
SHIN - Confianza
SUN - Bondad
DUK - Virtud
CHOONG - Lealtad
YOONG - Valentía

Gracias por compartir este momento conmigo, compartelo,
Y para todos ustedes GAMSA 감사

Aprende, Entrena y Evoluciona.

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Hwa-Rang - Pattern

Hwa-Rang, ITF TaeKwon-Do Pattern performed for instructional purposes by Mr. Joël Denis - Head Instructor V Degree Black Belt

Yongtoogi: Hwa Rang Do®'s New Standup Fighting Sport

This past August/September, on the cover of Black Belt Magazine and featured article, Hwa Rang Do®’s Grandmaster Taejoon Lee spoke publicly for the first time about it’s unique 2-day martial arts decathlon, which is their World Championships!

For the past 50 years, no martial arts venue, tournament or sport has been able to capture the full breath of what was possible with a martial arts curriculum consisting of over 4,000 techniques. So over the past 20 years, Hwa Rang Do®, sought out to create its own!

Since 2010, Hwa Rang Do®’s World Championships has consisted of 10 separate tournaments in the categories of forms, weapon forms, point fighting, grappling and various categories in sword fighting and stick fighting.

Each year, the champion was crowned based on their overall performance in ALL tournament categories, not only testing their skill, but their endurance and spirit as well.

The final piece to this already grueling 2-days of competition was added this past year, with the advent of a NEW Fighting Sport, Yongtoogi, which consist of submission fighting rules designed to condition fighters to master Hwa Rang Do’s self-defense formula of defend, takedown and quick submit.

Emphasis being on the “quick submit” part, as fighters only have 5 seconds to execute a submission, after a takedown is completed, before they are stood up and continue the match on their feet.

For the first time, we’d like to share with you the HIGHLIGHTS from this past summer’s World Championships for Yongtoogi! Enjoy!

How To Do a Wheel Kick / Spin Kick - CyberDojang.com: Hwa Rang Do®

In this preview, Grandmaster Lee explores the fundamentals of executing a Hwa Rang Do® Signature kick, The Spin Kick, also known as wheel kicks, and the countless variations available.

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Assisting Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is Dr. Mark Cheng.

The Beauty of HWA RANG DO

A sample of the beauty of the Hwa Rang Do forms, done by the seaside.

Hwa Rang Do Gumtoogi Sword Fighting, by GM Taejoon Lee

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, 8th Dan of Hwa Rang Do, and son of the founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, presents a comprehensive introduction to Gumtoogi, the Hwa Rang Do Sword Fighting. In swordsmanship, in a duel, it is about life or death, not winning or losing. There's only one price for a mistake death; there are no do-overs. This is the true warrior's mind-set. Gumtoogi is the best way of cultivating this Warrior Ethos, The Hwarang Spirit! Another way we like to think of it as: One Cut, One Life! In the search of creating a modern sport venue of weapon fighting that aligns with the comprehensiveness of the Hwa Rang Do curriculum, we seriously looked into the possibility of adopting an existing weapon fighting system with its equipment and armor. Thereby we have decided to use the Kendo/Kumdo armor by adding a modification in the form of a leg protector (Hache Hogu), that allows for leg strikes as well as spinning cuts, and incorporated the rotational strikes to make it unique to our Art of Hwa Rang Do. In addition, we practice fighting with all sizes, variations and combinations of swords (made in bamboo) as well as incorporating a wide range of movements and techniques. In this DVD, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee explains in detail the bases of stepping, distancing, basic strikes to head, wrist, waist and legs, spinning leg strike, counters and an introduction to Ssang-gum, Twin Swords.
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Taejoon Lee: Hwa Rang Do Sword Fighting Demo

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From July 30 to August 7, 2010, the World Hwa Rang Do Association held its 50th-anniversary celebration in Los Angeles. It included black-sash testing; a tournament that attracted practitioners from as far away as Italy; and lectures by Dr. Joo Bang Lee, the art's founder, and Taejoon Lee, the art's grandmaster. For many, the highlight of the 10-day event was Saturday's banquet, which featured a demonstration of hwa rang do grappling and sword fighting, speeches by Joo Bang Lee and Taejoon Lee, and the screening of a broadcast-quality hwa rang do documentary. In this exclusive video shot at the banquet, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee and several of his students demonstrate hwa rang do sword fighting.

Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang Do

Twin Sword Fighting (Hwa Rang Do® Gumtoogi) - Spinning Cuts!

A Seminar on Gumtoogi (Hwa Rang Do® Sword Fighting) Ssanggum (Twin Sword) Hwejun Dari (Spinning Leg Cuts) with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee at Minneapolis, MN in 2010.

Hwa Rang Do® World Championships 2010: Team Sparring Final - Midwest vs. WC USA

For the first time in the history of martial arts competition, the Hwa Rang Do® 50th Anniversary Championships did something no other single martial arts organization has ever done before. Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do warriors from around the globe competed in 10 tournaments in distinct categories, representing the full breath of the most comprehensive martial art system in the world, the first Decathlon of Martial Arts. These tournaments took place over the course of 2 days for color ranks and 4 days for 1st Degree Black Sashes and above. Many of our individual competitors participated in all 10 tournament events and demonstrated the breath of their skill and knowledge for the world to see.

This video is the Team Fighting Division Finals with point-sparring rules with takedowns. This was before the implementation of Yongtoogi.

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*Posted with permission from the World Hwa Rang Do® Association.*

*NOTE: HWA RANG DO and TAE SOO DO are registered trademarks held by the Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and are licensed and controlled by the one and only governing organization, the World Hwa Rang Do Association.

Knife Defense Seminar - Hwa Rang Do® Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

Hwa Rang Do® Grandmaster Taejoon Lee teaches a Knife Defense Seminar in Minneapolis, MN during his Midwest Tour in 2006.