Hojojutsu technique

Alexander Laskin, 2nd Dan Ju-Jutsu and Hojojutsu, shows another method of tying up by short rope.

Hojojutsu; Throwing a knot anchor

rope work is a big part of our study at LOTSWild, how to make it, use it, fight with it, fix it. In addition to knots and hitches for outdoor use we study traditional and modern restraints and modify techniques from Gi chokes and flexible weapons to be used with any rope like device. Here Spencer throw a knot for demonstration. This is used to create an anchor point on an arm of someone holding the other end of a rope. Practice starts slow, then done moving, finally as part of a free flow exercise.

Hojojutsu technique

Long rope Hojojutsu technique by Alexander Laskin, 2nd Dan Ju-jutsu and Hojojutsu

Hojojutsu technique

Short rope hojojutsu technique

Hojojutsu technique

Hojojutsu technique shown by Alexander Laskin, 2 Dan in Ju-Jitsu and Hojojutsu.

Hojo Jutsu to Hand Positions

A Hojo Jutsu Bunkai to the Opening Hand Positions of Koshin Ryu Tai Jutsu

Hojo Jutsu Concepts

Basic Hojo Jutsu Concepts of Koshin Ryu Tai Jutsu

Hojo - Jutsu

Fesseltechniken mit einem Strick

Ogawa Ryu Small Documentary - Impresión Hojojutsu

Introduction and narrative by Luis Nogueira
Spanish - but soon with english subtitle

Ogawa Ryu HojoJutsu Small Documentary 3/3

Documentary about Hojojutsu - Excellent!Soon with english subtitle.

Ogawa Ryu USA - girls training

in New York - USA

Ogawa Ryu HojoJutsu Small Documentary 2/3

Documentary about Hojojutsu - Excellent!Soon with english subtitle.

Ogawa Ryu - 自然の伝統 Shizen no Dentou 捕縄術 Hojojutsu - 2015

Training moments under Shidoshi Jordan’s guidance
and instruction.

Hojojutsu Demo

Rope tying from Ninjutsu/Budo Taijutsu

Ogawa Ryu HojoJutsu Small Documentary 1/3

Documentary about Hojojutsu - Excellent!Soon with english subtitle.

HJJC wrist lock and throw finishing with hojojutsu technique

Armbar to Handcuffs - The Samurai way (Q&A)

In this video I look at a solution to a question I was given? How can you apply handcuffs from Juji gatame (arm bar position)? Whilst I would never recommend this as a starting position to do this if you needed to then this provides one potential solution.
We use the samurai method of using hojojutsu (the art of binding) to produce handcuffs.

Ogawa Ryu Trditional Training VI

A demonstrative video of traditional trainings executed in Valencia - Spain. We can see here Aikijujutsu and techniques called Shiba Tsugami (the rope was used on horses in old times) and belong to Ippon Me Seiteigata. The techniques' names are: yamako, kingyoo,ryooshi,hagumi. Interesting...

Hojojutsu | Jiushin Kan Malta | Jiushin Ryu Jujutsu

Hojojutsu | Jiushin Ryu Jujutsu
Jiushin Kan Malta

Bajada Brothers - Christian Bajada - Roderick Bajada

Tying up, Shibari Jutsu, with a Kusarigama chain - Ninjutsu weapons technique - AKBAN

Yossi Sheriff, , the Akban Academy headmaster explains how to use the Ninjutsu weapon technique of the Kusari gama (manriki gusari) to throw a special flying knot tie up in Ninjutsu.

Go to For a thorough look at one part of the AKBAN documentation project.

Using the rope or chain with a kunai or a gama (kama) at one end. The flying knot is one technique with the kusari gama also called kusari fundo or manriki gusari. It is a technique that relies on the abilities of the basic Ninjutsu kihon, especially the ura shuto. This technique, one of the Shibari (縛り) is the beginning phase of tying up a captive. It is not a Kinbaku (緊縛), but a part of the Hojōjutsu (捕縄術) or Nawajutsu, (縄術) in the Koryu we practice.

Uke: Sandan Karmel Z.