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Soldier returns home to surprise family during puck drop

U.S. Army Sergeant Dan Urman surprises his family as they are about to drop the ceremonial puck before the Coyotes final game of the season.

Inside Hockey: The Sutter family legacy

A feature on how Penguins' Brandon Sutter aims to add another Sutter name to the cup.

Cailyn's Camp: The Hockey Family

Cailyn fell in love with hockey at her first Blue Jackets game, inspiring her and her family to get on the ice for the first time.

Hockey Family Advisors & How They Can Help You

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Nick [0:00:07]: Hey guys. It's Nick with The Junior Hockey Truth and today I've got a special guest with me. His name is Mark Hetherman and he is from Sports Scholarships and Beyond. It is an agency that does family advisement—they're family advisors. And I get a lot of guys writing in, a lot of parents writing in, “What is the deal with family advisors? How do they work? How are they different from agents? And should I get one?” So today I wanted to get Mark on here. He's currently advising—or his business is currently advising—over one hundred clients and they've got a whole menu of different programs for athletes to help move them on to higher levels to get scholarships. So I'm going to introduce him now. How you doing, Mark?

Mark [0:00:47]: I'm very well, Nick. Thanks for giving us a call.

Nick [0:00:49]: No problem. Before we get started and we dig into all the different stuff that family advisors do, why don't you introduce yourself and tell us how Sports Scholarships and Beyond came into being?

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Goliath Grouper, Snook and Largemouth bass for "the" Hockey Family

Peter invites a Hockey family of 5, from Boston to come fishing in Captiva, Florida. They score big with largemouth bass, snook and goliath grouper.

Subban: The Next Hockey Family

Open Ice Hockey's Nathan Dearing talks with the Subban clan at this year's OHL Showcase Cup in Mississauga.

Chris Neil emotional thanking family & friends as he retires from hockey

Ottawa Senators tough guy Chris Neil announced his retirement and spoke about those that helped him in his career in the NHL.

STX Field Hockey Surgeon Stick Family

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Watch the Owen Sound Attack bring their game to the hershey centre to face off against the Mississauga Steelheads!

MINI HOCKEY ft.My Family!


Wayzata vs. Holy Family Turkey Trot Boys Hockey - Full Game

Recorded 11-25-2017

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Geraldine Heaney: Importance of Family - Hockey Hall of Fame

Family video: Hockey Night in Saskatchewan!

My little brother Teddy Bear, #22 jersey. On this night the Maidstone Jets win 4-2 against Meadow Lake Stampeders in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. My brothers 1st year with the Jets in the NRHL (North Saskatchewan Regional League). This footage was shot during the 2nd period, just the jist of some fast and hard hitting hockey. Also in the video is my nephew Kash dancing and my son Miskinahk popping in and out of the video.

Hockey: Vianney's Gutt played for family pride in win over Middletown South

Family pride was on the mind of St. John Vianney standout John Gutt, who helped his Lancers to a win over Middletown South on Friday.

Mark Knowles on how family has improved his hockey performances

Kookaburras captain Mark Knowles explains the important role his young family has played in improving his performances since he became a dad at the end of 2011.

Our thanks to Lauren Mazzucato, Monique Hammond and Belinda Thomas, students at Curtin University, who produced this feature.

Gamblers Hockey Gets Assist from the Poeling Family

The Green Bay Gamblers hockey team got a double dose of talent in to their system when Jack and Nick Poehling both suited up for htem this year. After a dream senior season in Minnesota, the twin brothers ventured east to Green Bay, and now Coach Mikesch and the Gamblers are reaping the rewards.

The Sutter Brothers Hockey Story part 1


Karl Subban on new book and family's hockey success

Karl Subban, patriarch of the Subban family, joins NHL Now to promote his new book How We Did It where he discusses their success in hockey

PK Subban with Dad and Brother on family and hockey

Wed, Sep 5: Defenceman for the Montreal Canadiens PK Subban, his brother Malcolm Subban and their father Karl Subban open up to us about their childhood and family dynamic, built on a foundation of togetherness and hockey.

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Alex Danson: What The Hockey Family Means To Me

How does the Hockey Family influence an Olympic hockey player on the pitch? Alex Danson shares her story.

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