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Van D, hits the ball

Sunday morning golf game. Van D hits it pretty nice!

Hit van Bas

De bal is niet altijd sneller dan de man

Hitting Down on the Golf Ball - Why You SHOULDN'T!!!

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That's right, you shouldn't TRY to hit down on the golf ball. That is unless you like digging squirrel graves with your irons and setting yourself up for a wrist injury!

Let show you how to let the golf club do and physics to do the work of hitting down for you!

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How to Play Golf - Hitting a 3 Wood off the Fairway

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Here's a technique for hitting a 3 wood off the fairway.

You need to make sure that your setup is different to when you're hitting it off the tee. When you hit it off the tee you're looking to sweep the ball off it. Now that the ball is on the ground all that would happen is we'd hit the ball on the up too much and top it, or hit the ground before.

Change your setup by moving the ball slightly further back in your stance, more towards the middle. This encourages more of a descending blow to the ball so it will hit the ball and then the turf.


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Massage Balls - Neck and Shoulder

Video of how five different massage balls are used to massage and work the neck and shoulders.

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yogi wajahat


Достойный удар свояка в исполнении Владимира в партии по свободной пирамиде, русский бильярд

Достойный удар свояка в исполнении Владимира в партии по свободной пирамиде, русский бильярд.

Гильдия поклонников русского бильярда:

Для занятий подавляющим большинством современных видов спорта существует возрастной барьер – для бильярда такового нет. В бильярд можно играть в любом возрасте, добиваясь высоких спортивных результатов и принимая участие в турнирах и соревнованиях как внутри страны, так и в международных.
Бильярд - вид спорта, окутанный массой тайн. Разгадать их помогут базовые знания в области геометрии и физики.


È uno sport nato poco più di trent'anni fa da un'idea del professor Luigi Gigante. È stato portato nelle scuole e insegnato a studenti, grandi e piccini. Ancora adesso fa della diffusione nelle palestre scolastiche la sua arma vincente. Sto parlando dell'Hitball. Cerchiamo di conoscere da vicino questa disciplina poco nota al grande pubblico, grazie alle parole di chi la vive con passione. I Buccaneers e le Giovani Marmotte sono due squadre di Serie C1, che vedono nell'Hitball un pretesto per stare insieme, per scaricare la tensione accumulata in tutta la settimana e che cercano di uscire vincitori dagli incontri del weekend.
Sentiamo adesso le parole dei protagonisti, e chissà che a qualcuno non venga la curiosità di conoscere meglio l'Hitball!



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