Highland games

The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival - The Highland Games / 4K

New to the Arnold in 2017 was the addition of the indoor Scottish Highland Games. Amateurs and Professionals battled side by side over two days of competition to find a champion in the traditional Scottish strength sports.

Chad's First Highland Games | JTSstrength.com

Chad Wesley Smith enters his first Highland Games at the Costa Mesa Scottish Festival and competes alongside top throwers Matt Vincent, Dan McKim and Andy Vincent.

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2017 World Highland Games Championships

Hank Holland was host to the 2017 World Championship games. 11 athletes from across the globe.

Looking for supplies and gear for the Highland Games? Head to Gear Up. Get Throwing.

Highland Game Live is proud to offer live, streaming coverage of Scottish Highland Games events from around the globe. See the top Pros compete and get a front row seat at the famed festivals that host them.

Inveraray Highland games (2016-07-19) :

Inveraray Highland games (2016-07-19) :
Lukasz Wenta.
Matt Vincent.
Stephen King.
Scott Rider.
Jason Johnston.
Lorne Colthart.
Sebartian Wenta.
Bruce Aitken
Hans Lolkema.
Ray Siachowicz.
Neil Elliott.
Sebastian Huys.
Overall winner Scott Rider.

Assistent fotograaf Hans Lolkema Jr.

Julian Vandervelde: Released 21 Times to Launching Logs at the Highland Games | NFL Films Presents

NFL Films Presents dives into the life of former offensive linemen Julian Vandervelde and his journey to the Scottish Highland Games.

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Cold Showers, Scottish Highland Games, and FlexiSpot Stand-Up Desk


In this video I attend the Scottish Highland games in Woodland, CA. For the first time ever, I get to watch the weight over bar, hammer throw, stone toss, caber toss, and sheaf toss. I also witnessed the Beard competition, Scottish dancing, and some awesome LARPing!

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Daniel Mckim ( World Champion ) Caber Toss ... The clock strikes 12

( SAAA State Championship ) Costa Mesa, CA Scotsfest 2011

Highland Games Caber Toss Championship 2014

Video I recorded while at the Highland Games this year in Enumclaw, Washington.

World Highland Games-2013. Glasgow

Scotland, Glasgow, 2013 August

It was a great festival.
The festival took a lot of interesting events: the World Championship Highland Games, the World Championship of the national Scottish music, Scotland Fair of National Arts and more.
One of the main organizers of the festival is the famous Douglas Edmunds and his awesome wife Linda.
Douglas is the father of the strongman sport in the World.

Deadlift - 160 kg/ 20 reps. Highland Games. Glasgow-2013. Kristy Scott (USA)

World Highland Woman Championship - 2013

This word truly means a lot…
It’s was always interesting for men - who is the strongest, fastest, toughest?
This interest of competitors and public is the base of sport.
An initiative of restarting the Olympics in 1896 year gave a strong impetus to development of modern sport.
Nowadays sport is a huge industry. Its arsenal contains all necessary attributes of a first-class show: athletes, coaches, stadiums, swimming pools, all types of infrastructure and equipment… and thousands of so-called managers that firmly holds their grips on sport business and give a hard treatment to anybody who dares to disturb their financial schemes.
Millions of dollars that circulate in the sport industry every year stimulate not only new records, but also constant widening of sports variety.
But let’s discuss financial issues another time.
Today it would be wiser to talk about new sports. To be precise, about one particular new sport - STRONGMAN COMPETITIONS.
In the faraway seventies of the XX century in faraway Scotland the strongman named Douglas Edmunds
got an idea. He decided to find a civilized way to answer the traditional and interesting for all the peoples question: who is the strongest man in the world?
To make this idea a reality Douglas registered International Federation of Strongest Athletes (IFSA).
From the very beginning this Federation had its Statute, its Rules and other formal attributes of a modern sports federation. When the question of specific exercises and rules of their completing arose, Federation turned to basic situations of everyday life - situations, when people got to carry, lift, drag and throw some common things. But the weight of these common things was increased to match the level of the true champions. Winners in every exercise were sportsmen that managed to show best results: weight, time, distance, height and number of repeats - standard objective criteria of modern sports. That should cause all the concerns about judges’ unbiassment to disappear.
You may ask - oh, come on, why do you think that variety of other power sports cannot determine the strongest man?
The answer is obvious. No modern power sport can uncover the true variety of a sportsman’s force capabilities as fully as strongman sports do. To win the extraordinary prestigious title of World’s Strongest Man a person must possess a unique combination of absolute strength, velocity strength, static strength, dynamic strength, physical endurance, dexterity and coordination of movements - and he must show them in different exercises, numbers of which had surpassed 50 long ago.
It means that for successful results on competition athlete must be splendidly prepared in all the above mentioned aspects.
And what it means to be “splendidly prepared” in strongman sports?
From the first glance, fortune favors those, who have:
- Excellent anthropometrics;
- Perfect health;
- Genetically imprinted strength;
- A decent gym with all the necessary for the strongmen trainings equipment nearby;
- Enough resources to provide himself with additional equipment, special food and medicines;
- (sadly, not all appreciate this) a trainer truly interested in this sportsman.
If you think so - you’re right.

Scottish Highland Games Challenge In Afghanistan - Camp Leatherneck Competition

The first Highland games held at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. Featuring the caber toss, braemar, open stone, hammer throw, and weight throw events.

The Kansas City Scottish Highland Games

The Kansas City Scottish Highland Games June 13, 2010

World Master Highland Games Championships Iceland 2017 - Open Stone M45-49 Flight 2

Trailer Highland Games Emsdetten 2016

Am 17.09.2016 finden zum 6. mal die Emsdettener Highland Games, auf dem Hof Hans in Ahlintel statt. Beginn der Spiele ist 12 Uhr.


Stone Put - SD Highland Games

San Diego Highland Games 6/25/2011.

2010 Antigonish Highland Games: 22ft Caber Toss (1 of 8)

Taken at the 2010 Antigonish, Nova Scotia Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events. Competitors included: Harrison Bailey III, Lyle Barron, Dirk Bishop, Matt Doherty, Danny Frame, Greg Hadley, Craig Hurford, Al MacFarlane, Adam Ogilvie, Kerry Overfelt, Stewart Walsh.

Highlandgames Kerpen 2017

Coming soon...
Highlandgames Kerpen 2017 Trailer

Am 23./24. September 2017 ist es soweit…
Highlandgames Kerpen powered by
Sichert Euch jetzt Euren Startplatz!

Anmeldung und weitere Infos unter:

Heavy Event
Klassen (mindestens DHGV-Qualifikationen):

Pro Klasse max. 12 Athleten!
5 Events, nur leicht

Preisgelder (nur A-Heavy):

Putting the Stone, Weight for distance, Scottish Hammer, Weight over bar, Tossing the Caber.

IHGF Highland Games, Bressuire - 7. cabertoss

IHGF European Amateaur Team Highland Games Championship Bressuire (France)

Strong men Scottish Highland Games Cowal 2008 .

Strong men Scottish Highland Games Cowal 2008.

Tommy de Bruijn.
Jason Young.
Mark MacDonald.
Bab Bam.
Special thanx to Paul Ferency for loaning the DVD’s.

JTSstrength.com-Matt Vincent Arnold Classic Highland Games

Matt Vincent wins the 2013 Arnold Classic Highland Games. Get his new ebook Throwing LAB at JTSstrength.com