Haxey Hood

The Game of Haxey Hood (1929) | BFI National Archive

In North Lincolnshire we witness the game of Haxey Hood, in which the villagers of Haxey and Westwoodside tussle with one another whilst pursuing the 'hood', originally a hat worn by Lady de Mowbray, which got blown off in a gust of wind whilst she was out riding. To the Lady's delight it was rescued by the villagers and has been celebrated by replaying this game every year since. Who says village life is boring! (Laraine Porter)

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Haxey Hood 2015

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Haxey Hood 2008 - Upon yon hill the game will commence

Once a year in a field in Lincolnshire...

Haxey Hood 2016

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Bizarre: The ancient game of Haxey Hood

Action from the annual Haxey Hood competition, which sees villagers try push a 'hood' into a local pub.



The Haxey Hood 2005



365DaysofSport - HAXEY HOOD - Show 67/365

700 years old and completely mental...

She's Dope written by Michael Badger of The Demon Parade

Shrovetide Football

A short intro sequence from a documentary about Shrovetide Mass Football

365DaysofSport - OUT TAKES #1

WARNING - Excessive use of profanity.

Odd Sport - Haxey Hood

It's a 700-year-old tradition from North Lincolnshire in rural England, but we're unsure how the hood turned into a piece of leather tubing...

Sunday football

Taverners against kings arms team b

Haxey Hood 2011 - Look North report

Dodgy picture quality with some problems with sound - but you get the jist. Non-yokels should look out for:
- celebrity interviews with (Jules' sister) Angie and (brother-in-law) Kev
- pictures of me shoving in the sway, sporting my magnificent holiday beard
- pictures of Jules' parents' pub - the legendary (and victorious!) Carps.

Haxey tournament champions 2008

Im the one in grey lol

BIZARRE: Bog Biker's Big Win

Oliver McKenna wins the World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales on Saturday (27th August).

If you're sad about Rio being over, don't worry: the organisers of the World Alternative Games think they've got just the event to fill the gap.

We're at the peat bog in the small village in Wales that hosts the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships.

It's possible you haven't come across mountain bike bog snorkelling before, so just in case, here's the lowdown. Competitors ride a mountain bike along the bottom of a two-metre-deep water-filled trench for 45 yards, wearing a snorkel so they can breathe when fully submerged.

Floatation is a common issue when bike bog snorkelling, so the bikes are specially prepared with a lead-filled frame to keep them in the trench, and the riders wear lead weight belts.

Tyres are filled with water beforehand so you can grip on the bottom of the trench, and you'll be glad to learn that these divers are on hand for safety purposes.

Here's this year's world champion Oliver McKenna, a 36-year-old mountain biker from Brighton in the UK.

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A festive game of punch-ups

The twelfth day of Christmas (6th January) is for the Haxey Hood game, a primitive kind of rugby, which dates back to the 14th Century.

Smutsig och våldsam tradition

På en lerig brittisk åker utkämpas varje år The Haxey Hood. Lagen tävlar om segertrofen i en kamp som har anor från 1300-talet.

Publicerad på hd.se måndag 15 januari 2007.

Axholme Tanks Training Session

Members of the awesome Axholme Tanks basketball team trainig at Epworth leisure centre on 28 Jan 2007

World Shin kicking Championships 'kick off' in Gloucestershire

This year's world shin-kicking championships were held in central England. The aim? To kick your opponent until you bring him down... that's it. Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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