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Hare coursing


Hare coursing The red dog(saluki type)on the plough

single handed daytime hare coursing(pre ban)

puppup ( preban hare coursing )

benji x molly the first mating

Red the coursing machine

A clip in memory of our dog red

Hare Coursing (8minutes) | Working Lurcher

for more videos and info go to
another 8 minutes of good hare coursing and coursing hares with lurchers

Waterloo cup 2004

Hare coursing at the Waterloo Cup in Lancashire, North West Uk, before the nanny state banned this wonderful sport of kings which goes back 2000 years

hare coursing with 3 dogs

black and white one only 10 months, second time out just gettin him used to it

The Last Hare

Waterloo cup 2005

Hare coursing Gorey 2009 - DTS winners presentation

Chairman of Gorey CC, Michael Gleeson, presenting winning connections of Fealesuir Johnny with their prize

Hare coursing The red dog(saluki type)2 off 1

single handed daytime hare coursing(pre ban)

red coursing(for a few hares more)

pre ban hare coursing.

Hare coursing Gorey 2009 DTS 2nd semi final

Bye course - Vaccume Casanova withdrawn

Coursing with Greyhounds - Pre Ban Hare Coursing

Full Length Video Available at New Footage added daily.Pre-Ban Hare Coursing with Greyhounds.

Red coursing (red meets an early season monster)

pre ban hare coursing

bill's queenie + bill's digger hare coursing

preban hare coursing

Hare coursing Gorey 2009 - OTS 1st semifinal

Cushie Cher vs Moat Belle

Hare coursingThe red dog (saluki type) give him law

single handed daytime hare coursing (pre ban) Head phones recommended

Hare coursing pre ban

Dice pup six month old on drop rabbit

hare coursing

hare coursing 2011

willie tuff lines

Hare coursing featuring Persian Salukis.



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