Hapkido Austria (합기도 오스트리아) - International Championship Seoul 2016

In July 2016, the International Daehan Minguk Hapkido Championship was held in Seoul, South Korea. This is a short documentary about the Austrian team visiting Korea in order to train and to participate at the Championship.

A film made by Gabriel Danis.

Hapkido Fighting Techniques

Master Shin schools a black belt in the ways of hapkido, including kicking, boxing, weapons, and takedowns

Hapkido Extremo

Powerful Hapkido Fighting Techniques!

Due to numerous requests, the group got together to create another series of Hapkido techniques for you guys. Hapkido is one of the world's most under-rated martial arts style. It includes kicking, punching, throws, and ground work. So many tools that can make one an efficient fighter. What do you guys think of Hapkido? Let us know in the comments below.

Filmed and Edited By
Eric Nguyen

Choreographed by
Eric and Irvin Nguyen

Irvin Nguyen
Mikey Arce

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Hapkido Techniques

Hapkido techniques demonstrated by Master Shin, an 8th-degree blackbelt.

Hapkido Self-defence using Belt, Gun disarming & Bystander techniques

Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung and SKMA instructors show Hapkido techniques and self defence techniques, Hapkido Belt techniques, Gun disarming, Bystander techniques, punching defence, kicking defence, Women self defence, pre-emptive attack techniques. Hapkido Kicks. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), Acton (London), New Malden, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean martial arts London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, Kick boxing, Krav Maga, Jiujitsu, Aikido and any other self defence schools in London.

Hapkido documentary

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Hapkido is a highly eclectic Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs similar joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques to other martial arts, as well as kicks, punches, and other striking attacks. There is also the use of traditional weapons, including knife, sword, rope, jool bong (nunchaku), cane, short stick (dan bong), and middle-length staff (joong bong, gun (analogous to the Japanese jō), bō (Japanese)) which vary in emphasis depending on the particular tradition examined.

Hapkido contains both long- and close-range fighting techniques, utilizing jumping kicks and percussive hand strikes at longer ranges as well as pressure point strikes, joint locks, or throws at closer fighting distances. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to incorporate the use of leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

Hapkido vs Aikido

This video was recorded on April 6th at Montrose,Colorado. This video contained Hapkido's joint lock fundamentals, such as locking and unlocking grip control,distance control,ground control. Plus, small comparison of between Hapkido and Aikido's technical approach. Please don't get me wrong,I have no intention to negatively criticized on Aikido as whole.I personally respect the traditional Aikido a lot,except the Americanized style by the illegitimate wannabe instructors.
In addition,this session was not intended on the free fighting situation, please know that this session covered only a small portion of the fundamental of Hapkido's self-defense theory and a way of controlling opponents without harm them unnecessarily. I do welcome your honest comments BUT If you are one of those YouTube troller then you don't deserved this video and do something better for your self.

HAPKIDO maestro viejito

[Боевые искусства] Хапкидо - не для всех (Hapkido)

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King of Hapkido

Hard core, full contact hapkido sparring. These guys are fast.

Best Kicking Combinations in Hapkido | Hapkido

Lesson by Master Chai

Welcome -

The wide variety of kicks in hapkido make it distinctly Korean. Taekwondo kicks appear to be similar to many of the kicks found in hapkido, though again circular motion is emphasized. Also, in contrast to most modern taekwondo styles, hapkido utilises a wide variety of low (below the waist), hooking or sweeping kicks, with one of the most distinctive being the low spinning (sweeping) heel kick.

Hapkido's method of delivery tends toward greater weight commitment to the strikes and less concern for quick retraction of the kicking leg. Traditionally, Choi Yong-Sool's yu kwon sool (Hangul: 유권술; hanja: 柔拳術; RR: yugwonsul) kicking techniques were only to the lower body, but most derived varieties of hapkido, probably as a direct influence from other Korean arts, also include high kicks and jumping kicks. At the more advanced levels of Hapkido the practitioner learns blade kicks which utilize sweeping blade strikes of the inner and outer foot against pressure points of the body.

Two of the earliest innovators in this regard were Ji Han-Jae and Kim Moo-Hong, both of whom were exposed to what were thought to be indigenous Korean kicking arts. They combined these forms together with the yu sool concepts for striking taught to them by Choi and during a period of 8 months training together in 1961 finalized the kicking curriculum which would be used by the Korea Hapkido Association for many years to come.[10]

Other influences also were exerted on the kicking techniques of important hapkido teachers. Kwon Tae-Man (권태만) initially studied under Ji Han-Jae before immigrating to southern California in the United States. Han Bong-soo studied under Gwonbeop (Hangul: 권법; hanja: 拳法) and Shūdōkan karate from Yoon Byung-In (윤병인), whose students were influential in the later forming of Kong Soo Do and Taekwondo styles, specifically the Chang Moo Kwan and Jidokwan. He, like Kim Moo-Hong, also trained briefly in the Korean art of taekkyeon under Lee Bok-Yong (이복용).[31]

Many other teachers like Myung Kwang-Sik (명광식), Jeong Kee-Tae (정기태), Lim Hyun-Soo (임현수), and many others trained in tang soo do and kong soo do, Shotokan and Shūdōkan karate based systems which predated and influenced the forming of first tae soo do and later modern taekwondo styles.

Kim Sang-Cook states that while many of the original yu kwon sool students were exposed to many different contemporary Korean arts the Chung Do Kwan was of particular importance in the transition from the original jujutsu based form to what we know today as modern hapkido.[32]

Most forms of hapkido include a series of double kicks used to promote balance, coordination and muscular control.

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The Origin Of Hapkido

In this episode, Gio and guest Steven Reich discuss the origin of the Korean Martial Art of Hapkido, beginning with its founder Choi Yong Sool, and later discussing some of Choi's disciples who helped pioneer the art here in the USA, and make it into what it is today.


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2008 World Hapkido Championship-Lee Chang Soo

44th Anniversary Hapkido Grand-Master Lee Chang Soo, Demonstration of Grand Master LEE Chang Soo, Master Shin Yun Wook and Master COUET Raphael, Hapkido Jin jung Kwan, Hapkido JJK


Here's my New video,this time i decided to do something new and different hope you'll enjoy and i wll make more of these in the future.

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25 Basic Kicks of Hapkido | Step by Step Tutorial fro beginners

Hey guys,so in this video i'm covering the 25 basic kicks in Hapkido,and i tried my best to explain slowly and show the details of your body when doing them,so i hope you'll enjoy this how to video,more tutorials are on the way so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more,thanks.

Hapkido Special Kicks

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Hapkido Fighting Techniques Grandmaster Chris Garland

Special demonstrations of the techniques of Hapkido for self defense and military applications, by Grandmaster Chris Garland.

Hapkido Belt Test- White to Yellow

Test for yellow Belt

AIKIDO y HAPKIDO diferencias y similitudes de dos Artes Marciales MAGISTRALES

Aikido arte marcial japones y Hapkido arte marcial coreano. El aikido del actor Steven Seagal. El aikido y el hapkido tan similares como el Judo y el jiujitsu pero con las mismas diferencias que hay entre el taekwondo y el karate. Diferencias entre el hapkido y el aikido. técnicas de aikido y técnicas de hapkido.

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