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Full Race report from COPENHAGEN HALF MARATHON on September 17, 2017

IAAF World Half Marathon Championships 2018 - WORLD RECORD !!!

IAAF World Half Marathon Championships 2018 - World record

Women's: Kebede wins (WR) 66:11
Men's: Kamworor wins ! 60:02

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Berlin Half Marathon 2018 – FULL RACE

Full Race report from Berlin Half Marathon in Germany, April 8, 2018.

Erick Kiptanui Goes For WR (13:32 Through 5k) and wins In 58:42!!! Fastest time in the world this year, just 19 seconds short of the world record.

Mo Farah wins London Half Marathon 2018

Short Version Race report from The Vitality Big Half, London's brand new half marathon, March 4, 2018.

Istanbul Half Marathon 2018 – FULL RACE

Full Race report from Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon in Turkey, April 8, 2018.

Half Marathon Pacing Strategy

Hanging onto that perfect half marathon pace is no easy feat! Use this simple half marathon pacing strategy to achieve your next PR!

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Carrera completa - Valencia 2018, Campeonato del mundo de medio maratón

Emisión completa de Teledeporte del campeonato del mundo de medio maratón en Valencia, 2018. World Half Marathon Championships-

RAK Half Marathon 2018 -FULL RACE [HD]

Full Race report from RAK Half Marathon, February 9, 2018.
Seven men broke 60:00. For the first time two women broke 65:00, four women broke 66:00, seven women broke 67:00, nine women broke 68:00 and 11 women broke 69:00!

Galen Rupp wins Roma-Ostia Half Marathon 2018 - FULL RACE

Full Race report from Huawei Roma-Ostia Half Marathon, March 11, 2018

How To Run A Fast Half Marathon With GCN's Dan Lloyd

You’ve done a 5km, a 10km, and perhaps you’ve already done a Half Marathon, but now you’re looking to do a FAST Half Marathon! Here is GTN's guide to running a fast half marathon with the help of Dan Lloyd from our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

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Training - For a half marathon, threshold and long runs should take a greater importance in your training programme. The threshold run helps the body adapt to clearing lactic acid more efficiently, whilst the long run helps to increase aerobic capacity.

Pacing - You can monitor your time through each km. Some people like to write the splits down on their hand and know what time they need to go through 5km, 10km etc. Depending on the time you’re doing, the races often have pacers running too. Normally with a big banner or flag so that you can spot them.

Fuelling - As most races take place in the morning, a big carb-heavy breakfast probably isn’t the best idea. It's a good idea to fuel well in the couple of days before and the evening before. Not bowls and bowls of carbs, but a good regular size meal to stock those fuel levels up. And to avoid any issues on the run, we normally suggest trying to eat your breakfast around 2.5-3hrs before the race start.

You may also want to take a gel around the half way or 10 mile mark. It helps as an incentive and energy for that final push. It’s personal preference so if you don't like gels, you may want to take on another fast releasing carb source.

Warm Up - As a warm up, we suggest heading off for a short 10-20 minute jog. Its a good idea to finish with a few strides of around 50-60 meters building to a fast pace.

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Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Get the workouts, the race strategy, pacing, and training tips needed to go sub 2 for your next half marathon!

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How Hard Can It Be to run a half-marathon without any training?

How hard can it be to run a half-marathon without any training? Andrew Younghusband, host of the Discovery Channel's popular show How Hard Can It Be?, finds out at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2015.

RAK Half Marathon 2017 (Jepchirchir 65:06 old WR)

Peres Jepchirchir beats Florence Kiplagat's old world record by 3 seconds.
Women start @6:10
Men start @21:10

Warsaw Half Marathon 2018 – FULL RACE

Full Race report from Warsaw Half Marathon at Poland, March 25, 2018.

Top Men’s Results:
1. Kiprotich Sang Ezrah (KEN) - 01:01:37;
2. Kassa Mekashaw (ETH) - 01:01:51;
3. Maiyo Kimaiyo Hillary Kiptum (KEN) - 01:02:18;
4. Oubaddi El Hassan (MAR) - 01:02:52;
5. Rop Abel Kibet (KEN) - 01:02:57;

1. Wanjiku Njeru Polline (KEN) - 01:10:01;
2. Mhretu Gebrekidan Birhan (ETH)- 01:10:26;
3. Hayelom Shegae Maeregu (ETH) - 01:10:51;
4. Jelagat Lillian (KEN) - 01:11:03;
5. Kiplimo Joyce Jemutai (KEN) - 01:11:27;

Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 - FULL RACE

Full Race report from Cardiff Half Marathon at Wales on October 1, 2017

Eritrea - IAAF World Half Marathon 2018 Highlights - Eritrean Aron Kifle

Highlights from IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018. Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor wins the Mens race, second goes to Abraham Cheroben representing Bahrain, and third goes to Eritrean Aron Kifle.

HOW TO RUN A SUB 1:30 HALF MARATHON: Training tips & workouts | Sage Running

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Mo Farah vs Kamworor at World Half Marathon Championships 2016

Race report from Men’s IAAF World Half Marathon Championships at Cardiff, United Kingdom, March 26, 2016.

Julien Wanders 60:09 at Barcelona Half Marathon 2018

Race report from eDreams Barcelona Half Marathon, February 11, 2018. Julien Wanders set new half marathon Swiss record and European U23 record of 60:09.

Top Men’s Results:
1 Mule Wasihun (ETH) 59:44
2 Julien Wanders (SUI) 1:00:09
3 Moses Kurong (UGA) 1:00:10
4 Abdallah Mande (UGA) 1:00:18
5 Leonard Langat (KEN) 1:00:20
6 Meshack Koech (KEN) 1:01:05
7 Azmeraw Mengistu (ETH) 1:01:10
8 Ben Connor (GBR) 1:01:12
9 Luke Traynor (GBR) 1:01:57
10 Jonny Mellor (GBR) 1:03:17

Top Women’s Results:
1 Tejitu Daba (BRN) 1:08:36
2 Dibabe Kuma (ETH) 1:08:37
3 Salome Nyirarukundo (RWA) 1:08:48
4 Mimi Belete (BRN) 1:09:26
5 Failuna Matanga (TAN) 1:09:36
6 Susan Kipsang (KEN) 1:12:28
7 Sonia Samuels (GBR) 1:12:40
8 Katrina Wootton (GBR) 1:12:50
9 Mekdes Woldu (ERI) 1:12:53
10 Corina Harrer (GER) 1:13:21