Yep... I know... he did it again... sorry. But to be honest with you, I had to do this. When I was a child it was exactly this kind of stuff, that got me into training, first martial arts, later bodybuilding & powerlifting. This is not exactly a motivational video, but to some it might give the drive to go a little further. I just can speak for myself here, but when I listen to stuff like this while aiming for a new PR, whether it's deadlift or squats... or even bench, I usually succeed as I can drive myself in a meditative state of controlled anger. That's why I uploaded it - even though it's not your ordinary ALWAYS MASSIVE video. Hope you'll understand. Normal starts with next upload again! ;)

Here's a little AMV to one of my all-time favorite stories on this planet: BERSERK. Love, hate, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, rage, revenge... the list is long and BERSERK has got it all! This video is focused on the main cahracter called GUTS and his journey of becoming the black swordsman (involuntary).
This video might contain HEAVY SPOILERS, so if you haven't had your hands on Berserk yet, shame on you! You really should consider NOT watching this video and do your homework first, as this is simply the most amazing romantic story I know to this day. Well... you should probably just have a look at the Manga yourself or make it easy and watch the Anime series from the late 90's as well as the movies from 2012 & 2013. In 2016 Berserk got another series which is still airing and continues the story of Guts.

Even though I stumbled upon BERSERK pretty late myself, the story just blew me away and that's not just because I like the brutal anime the most, but it appeared to me, that the characters of BERSERK were so very well written, it almost felt like they were real indeed. Beside this, it was pretty obvious that Berserk had some depth when it comes to creating a world and making it truly live. I mean... for sure the astral thing brings up the fantasy part and you have to like such madness - I do. 100%.
I really liked the medieval part & idea of Berserk, the introducing of the characters & the story about love, loneliness, betrayal, trust, rage, revenge & following a path against all odds. But I really felt in love with the story when I realized that there was even more behind this - like another world beyond (the astral realm). As a fan of fantasy & science fiction, this was just a perfect extension from a story that already seemed great.
Anyway... already wrote too much here - I just wanted to make clear, that BERSERK is one of the most amazing stories in today's world of Manga & Anime that I've seen so far. And for the record: Yes... I liked the anime series from the 90's, yes I liked the movies from 2013 & yes, I still watch the show airing since 2016. I know there are a lot of fans of the manga out there, who are very disappointed with the adaption of the story - AND I TOTALLY GET THE POINT WHY... BUT... I have to admit that I am someone who still chooses watching something over reading the manga and I CAN ignore some CGI animations (that I despise) IF the story behind it interests me!
So... everyone who isn't into BERSERK yet... go and give it a chance!


BERSERK by Kentaro Miura

Berserk TV-Series [1997] (25 episodes)

BERSERK : The Golden Age ARC I (2012)

BERSERK : The Golden Age ARC II (2013)

BERSERK : The Golden Age ARC III (2013)

BERSERK official homepage

BERSERK (2016 -)


1. Kai Engel - Scenery

2. Sever The King - Atmos Pt. II

Aaron Chaparian Recordings


check out his amazing fan artworks!!!

Global Guts Ambar Anna Roy

Cathe Friedrich's Butts & Guts Live Workout

This is a short video clip of Butts N Guts Live from Cathe Live that was broadcast on Thursday, October 16th. This is our 24th Cathe Live production.

Equipment needed for this workout is a set of 15 lb dumbbells, a set of 10 lb dumbbells, firewalker loops and a fitness mat. We do weighted ab work at the end so if you want a lighter weight than a 10lb dumbbell for abs have a 5lb or 8lb dumbbell handy for the ab work.

The full class is about 55 mins long and is available to Cathe Live and OnDemand subscribers at

Dorian Yates - BACK AND REAR DELTS - Blood & Guts

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Dorian Yates - Blood Guts- 6 Week Trainer

Bubble Guts Everywhere at the 2017 Olympia

Most of the attention is on Phil Heath this year for having a gut, but the fact of the matter is he was NOT the only one.
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How to Play Guts Frisbee : Understand the Scoring System of Guts Frisbee

Learn about the offense and throwing team, as well as how they are able to score points, of guts Frisbee in this free video series.

Expert: Ryan Scott
Bio: Ryan Scott is a member of the United States Guts Players Assoc. (USGPA) and on the Board of Directors for Guts. He is the World Ultimate in Guts Championships 2008 Guts Frisbee Coordinator.
Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

Guts , Vacuum & Muscle !

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ross bugden soundtrack

Man Eats Guts

Came across this clip from my first trip to Africa years ago. GUTS

As a young boy, D.C. United defender Bobby Boswell starred on the hit Nickelodeon television show GUTS. Well, he lost to a girl, so starred may not be the right word choice...

NBA Guts and Glory

From NBA Guts and Glory VHS of 1993


This is GUTS!

Dorian Yates - Blood and Guts, Peito e Bicipes Legendado

Primeiro Episodio, do Blood and Guts, treino de peito e bicipes, com o mestre Dorian Yates. Legendei as partes mais importantes.
Espero que tenham gostado marombas.


Obs.: Não entendo muito do Inglês ''falado'', ah riscos de terem erros.




2017 NFA7v7 Highlights | UnsignedPreps | GNG | G.U.T.S.|C1N

Tampa Teams Showed out! Great Plays offensively and Defensivley made by UCF Commit- Justin Mcgriff, Tyrese Spain (Offers: FAU,Marshall,Eastern Illinois,University of Missouri ,ect.) , UF Commit Maurice Goolsby, Jolly Newman (Offers: UCF, UNC, ect.) , Messiah Turner (Offers: Southern Miss) , Armwood 2019 WR Ezeriah Anderson, Chamberlain 2019 QB Tyler Riddell ( Quaterback for unsigned preps the first day of the competition)

Workout BEAST - No Guts, No Glory

Music by The Artisans Beats -
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Chris Cormier and Dorian Yates - Blood and guts

Dorian Yates - Blood & Guts. Legs

Destroy your knobby-knee toothpick sized legs and build solid lead pipes with Dorian Yates crushing leg workout. The master of high intensity training, Dorian Yates, has 7 exercises to give you a leg-up in the gym. Hamstrings, quads, calves - Dorian Yates leg workout will help you pack on slabs of leg muscle that you've never known before!

GUTS - Swedish Indoor Nationals

A highlight reel from Indoor Swedish Nationals in Guts. One of the lesser known, but none the less exciting, disciplines in frisbee.

Dorian Yates "Blood & Guts" Training Seminar by Muscle Insider

Muscle Insider presents highlights of the Dorian Yates Blood & Guts Training Seminar held during the Toronto Pro Super Show weekend. Dorian led a select group of hardcore bodybuilders through the training philosophy that helped him win six Mr. Olympia titles. It was an unforgettable experience for all who attended.