Gungdo practice

Stronger grip, quicker but shorter torque (not all the way around) for better arrow flight. Getting closer to ideal form. Need a little more forward khatra because the limbs don't bend evenly.

Gungdo "eagle" | 그리스의 한국 국궁 - 독수리

Just an other video of Gungdo shooting. I called it eagle because I was more like 160m distance rather than the usual 145m.

NOTE: This is the second upload. First one had a sound copyrights issue.

Gungdo - Proper follow through for optimum arrow flight

After months of trying to solve the problem of my arrows slapping the bow and thus flying sideways before they stabilize, I have come to the conclusion that not only the correct release but also the follow through actually effects the arrow flight more than one can assume. For the KTA I found essential to use both the torque technique and the technique pull the tiger's tail, push the high mountain in order to have a consistent arrow flight and direction. Roughly stated, you have to get the bow out of the arrow's path. On release everything happens instantly, but when your technique is correct, the mechanics of the torque and follow through have just began to take enough effect, on that very moment, and the result is proof of it's effectiveness. Not everybody needs to resort to this technique to accomplice the above wanted outcome, because there are many factors that play a role on the arrows flight, one of the most important ones is the archers paradox. Other archery styles use bows that are center shot and don't face the challenge of the archers paradox as much as the traditional bows without a shelf.

In KTA many archers hold the bow arm steady on release, but others use the techniques described above. In the following link you can watch the well known Kim Hyeong-tak shooting. Observe how he (in this video) moves his bow arm to the left on release and use torque technique:

Finally, we can find more examples, in other styles of archery, even in compound shooting, on similar follow throughs. One is in the following link:

Happy Summer wishes from Gungdo Greece!

See you again in a couple of weeks!

160 yards Korean Archery shot

The original distance to the Gungdo target is 145 meters (about 158 yards). I shoot carbon .300 spine. The last arrow in the video, the one that has greater paradox (more flex) than the others, is only .340 aluminum.

Arco coreano

Arco coreano

Tirando con arco tradicional coreano. My bow, Korean YMG Hwarang. 53#@28. Arco asiático

Parte 2 - Fabricación de Arcos Coreanos Tradicionales - El Maestro Cum

Estos son momentos inolvidables que vivimos junto a este ser humano de magnifica personalidad Maestro y Arquero. El Gobiernos de Corea del Sur ha colocado en la entrada de su casa una placa hermosamente tallada donde se manifiesta su nombramiento como Patrimonio Cultural vivo de Corea del Sur, este fue un día muy especial para nosotros como arqueros. Peru Traditional Archery Academy.

Traditional Archery Khatra Testing

줌 쥐는 법, 활 잡는 법 Korean Traditional Archery_Grip_How to grip bow

줌 쥐는 법 Korean Traditional Archery_Grip_How to grip bow

Korean Combat Archery practice - 실전 활쏘기수련법

Korean traditional archery, Field archery & Horseback archery
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Kukgung - Korean Horn Bow(Gak Gung) Shooting Demonstration by Heon Ku Kim

Gak Gung is Korean traditional horn bow; Master Kim demonstrates the shooting skill from preparing, set position, push & pull, full draw, aiming, release and following through...

Korean archery in Greece - 한국 국궁의 매니아를 위한 초대

Every scene of the video deliberately demonstrates the stance and the technique of Gungdo as I have come to perform it taught from books, articles, videos and discussions with experts.
If you happen to be around Ancient Olympia, lets arrange a KTA event!

Archery 185 yards shooting - 한국 국궁 170미터

Korean Traditional Archery (Gungdo) has an original distance from the target of 145m (158 yards). In this area, I couldn't place the target at that distance. I had to choose from a too short or a little longer. I chose the longer distance. In this long distances, the arrow reaches the target like falling from the sky, landing softly, making it almost impossible to loose arrows.

WTAF2009 - World Traditional Archery Festival

Korean traditional archery, Field archery & Horseback archery
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arco "coreano" de pvc 45 lbs

Archery speed shooting fail!

Gungdo is not a speed shooting style! This video was made with all good intentions and a teasing mood! If I get the chance to practice some speed shooting I might actually take up on Martin's challenge...
Martin's Channel:

Korean traditional archery

Korean traditional archery, Field archery & Horseback archery
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making korean laminated bow

Bracing the Korean bow - 한국의 활 얹기

Special thanks:
Konstantina: camera
차세웅 : korean translation
Wan Archery link:

Hello my friends.
I am sorry I haven't been consistent in posting Gungdo videos.
Some obligations will keep me away from my field for some months.
Summer in Greece is too hot for K.T.A anyway.

Often use of the bow, in all kinds of conditions, plus bracing and unbracing it a lot, is very hard on your bow; and can often conclude to delamination and breakage.
From time to time we see fellow gungsa on facebook or youtube having their bows broken.
I would like to point out that practicing during extreme temperatures should be avoided.
Today I want to demonstrate how I have being bracing my bow, doing first some warm up on the bow, and applying even pressure to both limbs at all times.
I first put on the lower loop and, being careful not to take it off, I do a step through placing the bow grip behind my right knee. The bottom limb must carefully press against the curve of the left leg, just above the foot. The ear should not be forced at all, just the lower part of the limb.
With your left hand pull the string and with the right hand bring the upper limb towards the braced position, without twisting it. You are done.
Thanks for watching.
Stay tuned for future uploads.

안녕하세요 여러분
궁도 영상을 꾸준히 올리지 않아서 미안합니다
저는 몇가지 일들로 몇달간 습사를 하지 못할 것입니다.
그리스의 여름은 국궁을 즐기기엔 너무 덥습니다.
여러 상태에서 자주 활을 사용하고, 많이 얹고 부리는 것은 활에 무리가 갈수있습니다. 그리고 그것은 박리나 파손으로 이어질 수 있습니다.
때때로 우리는 페이스북이나 유튜브에서 동료 궁사들의 활이 부서지는 것을 봅니다.
그래서 저는 혹서 기간동안 연습을 피해야 한다고 말하고 싶습니다.
오늘 저는 어떻게 활을 어떻게 얹고, 준비하고, 위,아래 장에 힘을 균등하게 분배하는 방법을 설명하고자 합니다
먼저 아래 심고가 빠지지 않도록 조심히 걸고, 활의 줌통(손잡이) 부분이 오른쪽 무릎 뒤에 위치하도록 합니다.
아랫장을 발의 바로 위에 있는 왼쪽 다리의 곡선으로 조심스럽게 눌러야합니다.
활대의 아랫부분인 고자부분에는 절대 힘을 가해선 안됩니다.
오른손으로 윗장을 앞으로 밀어 얹은 모양이 되게 하고 왼손으로 현을 걸어주고, 활을 비틀지는 마십시오.
이제 끝났습니다.
봐주셔서 감사합니다.
다음 업로드까지 지켜봐주세요.