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GoPro + QuadCopter + Goaltimate

Madison Winter Goaltimate 2013 Semi-finals 2

Hades's Night-Ninjas (white) vs. Hermes's Sky-Runners (dark) rubber match in best-of-3 series

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee : What Is Goaltimate in Ultimate Frisbee?

Learn what Goaltimate is in Ultimate Frisbee and how to play it in this free video on Ultimate Frisbee tips and techniques.

Expert: David Gelber
Bio: David Gelber was introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in 1979 at San Diego State University.
Filmmaker: Linda Kane

07-17-08 Thu-Goaltimate-LSU-Baton Rouge, LA

This variation of ultimate frisbee requires passing the disk thru the arch to a teammate to score.

Goaltimate Game Highlights - 3/12/16

Highlights from goaltimate game on 3/12/16 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park.

Steamboat Goaltimate #2

Steamboat Ultimate hosts Goaltimate again on 2/23/13 at Withrow High School.

Madison Winter Goaltimate 2013 Semi-Finals

Hades's Night-Ninjas (white) vs. Hermes's Sky-Runners (dark) game 2 in best-of-3 series

Goaltimate Game - 3/12/16

Goaltimate game on 3/12/16 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park.

Falmouth Goaltimate.mpg

Goaltimate clips from 2012-01-07

Goaltimate 10fps



Goaltimate in Boston 1/28/12

Goaltimate Highlights

Come to Goaltoberfest October 26th in Cincinnati! It's cheap and fun, and we'll feed you barbecue. All Ultimate players that can reasonably throw backhand and forehand are encouraged to register at

2012 08 17 Goaltimate Friday

The last Friday of the season we had some silly fun goaltimate.

2018 Goaltimate #1

Goaltimate at Withrow High School on 1/21/18.

DC Goaltimate

Miguel's first time playing Goaltimate. I'd say he did just fine.

goaltimate javelin

grant and phil

Goaltimate Practice

Andy and Christopher practice two pointers.

balancing goaltimate

wow... oreo's friend is cool

Maui Ultimate Goaltimate Celebrations

May 31st, 2015

Ultimate & Goaltimate 6-27-10



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