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Slow Jigging Ebek with Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker

Good sized Ebek (Diamond Trevally) congregate in large numbers off Miri's shores every year between June to October.
In this episode, Fred Goh and Atong Cbuti put the new Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker Jig to the test against Miri's Diamonds!

Sountrack Credits:
‘’Corporation Motivation’’ by Audionautix
‘’Roboskater’’ by Audionautix
‘’A Long Cold’’ by Riot
‘’C-Funk - Funkorama’’ by Kevin MacLeod
‘’It's All Happening’’ by Huma-Huma
‘’Don't Look’’ by Silent Partner

Gomoku Jigging Off Penang Island

Penang Island is not only famous for yummy street food and heritage buildings but also a great place for slow and speed jigging! On this episode, Fred Goh and Kok Ping check out some coastal spots off Penang Island in search for some slow and speed jigging action.

Creative Commons Licensing Attribution:
Live The Moment - AudioBlocks
Sophomore Makeout, Get There, Micro Fire - Silent Partner
Aces High, Beachfront Celebration, Electro Cabello - Kevin MacLeod

Gomoku Jigging in Sri Lanka

In this epic adventure, Fred and friends travel to Sri Lanka in search of jig-hungry species dwelling near the drop offs, very near the capital city of Colombo. Little did they know, they would encounter one of the most rare sharks to be caught on jig - the Pelagic Thresher Shark.

Special thanks to:
VMC France
Nicolas Jamin of Sportfishing Lanka
Sisek Malaya's Spikebaik Fariq

Electro Cabello - Kevin Macleod
Staccato - Vibe Tracks
Warrior Strife - Jingle Punks
The Last Hope - Platinum EDM
Fat Caps - Audionautix
Born of Flame
Mecanolith - Kevin Macleod

2015-08-12 Suzdal Renju World Championship

For 10 years I worked on the channel Chess Video Plus. Today we have more than 16 thousand subscribers. But to become financially justified we need 50,000. We really appreciate your subscription to Chess Video Plus

This will be your contribution to the development of the channel 2015-08-12 Suzdal Renju World Championship

How to Catch Trevally (Sagai) with Storm Gomoku Soft Series Micro Soft Plastics

The Japanese have 'Ajing'. We have 'Sagai'ing! In this episode of Fish On! TV, Nigel Hagley shows us a new technique of catching Longfin Trevally (Sagai) off Singapore's Southern Islands with two very small micro soft plastics called the Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring and Gomoku Soft Straight. To find out more read check out:

How to use Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring in Fishing Ponds

The new Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring is super versatile and deadly! From saltwater to freshwater, this micro soft plastic has been catching all sorts of species in unconventional ways. In this episode of Fish On! TV, Lor Weng Siang shows us how deadly the 1.5 Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring is on the barramundi at Singapore's D'Best Fishing Pond in Pasir Ris.

Ultralight fun fishing hampala barb with friend - Gomoku Dense part 1

Pesta strike ikan Hampala air keruh dengan menggunakan piranti ringan,casting bersama teman saat hujan gerimis,(maaf video jadi buram karena layar action camera saya terkena tetesan air hujan) Menggunakan lure gomoku dense dan sukses strike bertubi-tubi... Sampai akhirnya lure saya nyangkut di bawa ikan ke dasar air yang ada batang pohon nya...Semoga terhibur dan terima kasih sudah menonton...:)
Rod : Storm Discovery SUL 1-4lb
Reel : Ryobi mini power 800
Line : PE Sufix832 8lb/0,08mm
Leader : Sufix Zippy 15lb
Lure : Storm Gomoku Dense
Hook : VMC
Fish : Hampala Barb
Thanks for watching...

Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker

The Slow Rocker is as the name suggests, designed for ‘slow pitch’ style jigging. Slow pitch jigging references the technique of targeting bottom dwelling fish with traditional jigging tackle. A slower, more methodical retrieve style is used, often as simple as a gentle lift of the rod. Slow pitch or slow style jigs are often shorter and fatter in profile, which exacerbates the horizontal, fluttering action of the jig as it sinks.

Available in 40g, 70g, 90g & 120g weights, in 8 of the best holographic, dual face, glow and metallic finishes. Rigged with a single VMC 7177 jig hook for optimal hooking performance.

This product is not currently available in USA.

Ultralight Fishing - Storm Gomoku Minnow in Action


Storm Gomoku Kaiten (Black) 15.48kg DEADLIFT TEST

We pushed the Storm Gomoku Kaiten (PE 1-3) light jigging rod blank to 15.48kg and it handled it no problem.

Most reels suited to this rod have nowhere near that much drag!


Slow Jigging Storm Gomoku Kaiten PE 1-3

Rod: Storm Gomoku Kaiten PE 1-3
Reel: Daiwa Tatula Type R 100HL
Line: YGK Jigman Ultra PE 1.5
Micro Jig 25 gr

Gomoku Popper Storm

Zoom sur le Gomoku Popper, un petit leurre Storm conçu pour la pêche en surface. Idéal pour traquer perches, truites, chevesnes, et tous les petits carnassiers d'eau douce.

Gomoku Jigging Yellow Belly

Australian Salmon Caught On Gomoku Rod

Nice australian salmon caught on the new gomoku outfit during a quick rock fishing session. I was using an unweighted piece of pilchard for bait for a natural looking bait presentation. Stay tuned for more vids using the gomoku setup.
Hope you enjoy and please like, comment and subscribe cheers

Gomoku Slow Jigging (South East Asia style!) - Part 1

How is slow jigging done? How do you jig with Storm KOIKA jigs? Fred and Nigel share some slow-style jigging techniques with Storm Gomoku rods and Storm KOIKA jigs. Check out the number of species caught using the slow-jigging technique!

Gomoku Jigging For Snapper

Lee Rayner and Fred Goh visit Port Phillip Bay in search of some snapper using the highly effective Gomoku jigging techniques!

How to fish a Storm Gomoku Jig

Lee Rayner and Fred Goh give you some great tips on getting the most action out of your Gomoku jig!

Storm Gomoku Bottom Sinking Lure - 3cm / 2.5 grams

Designed to mimic small bait fish feeding and moving on the bottom. It flutters on the drop and is very responsive to short twitches with a natural darting action and tight body vibration.

If there was ever a lure to mimic wounded fry then it would be the gomoku bottom, this lure is unique in its appearence and can be bounced along the bottom like its name suggests or twitched through the water column where it has a fantstic flashing action, when brought in on a straight retrieve it has a tight vibrating swimming action, whilst it gives out an enticing fluttering action on its descent, a lure all fry feeding fish will find irresistible.

Gomoku Pencil Storm

Le tout nouveau Gomoku Pencil de Storm arrive au bon moment... Les petits carnassier d'eau douce vont se régaler ! A vos cannes à pêche pour dénicher truite, perche, chevesne et autres...

Southern Bluefin Tuna on Gomoku Rods!

Good trip out to greenly island South Australia, unfortunately no sampsons or kings but the tuna are still awesome fun on light gear!

Music - Ricochet by Rob Gasser (NCS Release)

Music 2 - RetroVision - Over Again (ft Micah Martin) (NCS Release)



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