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Freestyle footbag


Ultimate Footbag Skills 2016 | World Champion

Camera & Edit by Slava Sidorin
Multiple World Footbag Champion Honza Weber showing the best of his freestyle skills one at Prague sunrise one day before his 30th birthday. :)

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The Greatest Footbag/Hacky Sack Routine of All Time

Performed at the World Footbag Championships 2010 by Nick Landes during the Semi-Finals. This routine beat the current world champion, Vasek Klouda, and the former world champion, Damian Gielnicki.

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Freestyle Footbag on Playground | World Champion Honza Weber in Slow Motion

Slow motion footbag - hackysack footage of 7 times World champion Honza Weber. Additional footage that was shot for Czech TV on Honza`s profile in 2014, but was never used.

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Footbag Lessons - Tricks of the Trade #1 - Choosing Freestyle Shoes

Choosing the right footbag shoes can mean all the difference in your freestyle play. Watch this video and learn why.

This is the first of the actual lessons we'll be posting from the Tricks of the Trade DVD. Each week you can tune in to our YouTube Channel for a new video from the DVD. Eventually we'll post them all!

Here is the playlist of all the videos in the series we have posted so far:

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Featuring Kenny Shults, holder of over 40 world titles and unanimously considered the best footbag (hacky sack) player on the planet, this comprehensive 40 minute how-to DVD focuses on freestyle skills.

You'll learn the moves from the pro who created most of them. Using slow-motion and freeze frame techniques, accompanied by Kenny's detailed, but easy to understand instruction, this DVD guides you step by step through over 40 of the most popular freestyle tricks, from the simplest to the most complex.

*This DVD is formatted to play on all DVD systems worldwide.

Intense Freestyle Footbag (hacky sack tricks)

Nathan Deschamps playing freestyle footbag. New moves. Triple around the world. Good stuff :)

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Unseen New Footbag Goddess 2008



5 times world champ ripping it up with the craziest hacky sack / footbag moves you have ever seen!

Clipper Tutorial - Football / Soccer Freestyle Footbag Trick

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Freestyle Footbag Champion

This video features the 5 time World Freestyle Footbag Champion, Vasek Klouda, after he won his 3rd championships. This was filmed in Montreal, Canada after Worlds 2004 by Evan Lovely.

Worlds 2017 Open Circle Finals


Freestyle Football/Freestyle Footbag compilation part 1

I decided to put together 2 compilation videos of freestyle football and freestyle footbag to help bring the players of both sports closer together and for all to see the potential of what people can do in each. I hope I did both sport justice in these 2 reviews!

This is the first part: the so called Hardcore freestyle part of both sports, aka. The Revolution/Dexterity Fiasco (for the most part!). Enjoy guys!

Freestyle Footbag

full performance from grass.

Learn Footbag Basics I - Kicks

This video goes over a few of the basic footbag kicks you can learn to get started

How to Play Hackysack

Watch more Summer Fun videos:

Kicking around a hackysack develops agility and coordination and is a fun game to practice alone or play with friends.

Step 1: Gather your friends
Gather your friends in a circle about four to five feet across.

Step 2: Serve the hackysack
Serve the hackysack to any player by gently tossing it about waist high.

Tip: Only the server can use his hands—and only when he serves the hackysack.

Step 3: Don’t use your hands
Keep the hackysack in the air using any part of the body but your arms or hands.

Use your thigh, heel, inside of the foot, and forehead to keep it aloft.

Step 4: Pass it on
Pass the hackysack back and forth around the circle of players for as long as possible.

Step 5: Don’t kill the hack
If a player lets the hackysack hit the ground—or touches it with a hand or arm—it kills the hack, and game must be restarted.

Step 6: Play until you’re tired
Play until you tire of kicking the bag around.

Did You Know?
In 1997, Ted Martin set an individual hackysack record with 63,326 consecutive kicks.

Footbag Hacky Sack DIY

Footbag Hacky Sack DIY

Playing with a Hacky Sack is a great way to have fun, get exercise, and stay limber. In this video, I show you how to make one at home from common materials.

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German footbag champion 2002 & 2006 Matthias Lino Schmidt plays footbag freestyle before the 30th IFPA World Footbag Championchips 2009 in Berlin hosted by FC Footstar Berlin e.V.

World Championships Finals:
July 25, 2009 - Arena Berlin

Footbag: Matthias Lino Schmidt

Director & Producer: Marcin Glowacki
Jim Pansen Production:

Camera: Jens Schwengel

Edit: Max Kerkhoff

Color Grading: Jannis Mayr
Graphic Design: Viktor Kirchner

supported by OMSTUDIOS :

World's Best Freestyle Footbag Competition (Awesome Footbag Tricks)

Watch the best Footbag Players in the world compete in an ADD and Dex hunt. Shred Global was pleased to help donate some money for the prize winners. Some of the most amazing strings you will ever see are in included in this video.
Featuring in order:
Tina Aeberli - 4 tricks worth 20 ADDs
Ken Somolinos - 4 tricks worth 24 ADDs
Rene Ruhr - 4 tricks worth 24 ADDs
Cory Allen - 4 tricks worth 21 ADDs
Mathieu Giard Montpetit - 4 tricks worth 20 ADDs
Brian Sherrill - 4 tricks worth 22 ADDs
Nick Polini - 4 tricks worth 20 ADDs
Chris Dean - 4 tricks worth 23 ADDs
Rafal Kaleta - 4 tricks worth 24 ADDs
Aleksi Airinen - 4 tricks worth 25 ADDs
Damian Gielnicki 10 tricks worth 31 dexes (10 uniques)
Aleksi Airinen - 10 tricks worth 31 dexes (10 uniques)
Anssi Sundberg - 10 tricks worth 32 dexes (6 uniques)

Circle Contest Final - Variety Phase - World Footbag Championships 2015

Freestyle football/footbag compilation 2

After several weeks of mucking around, several computer crashes and a lot of profanities, the ultimate footbag/football freestyle compilation is completed. I hope you guys have as much fun as I had editing it. It certainly had been a pleasure.

Worlds 2009 - Karolina Modrzejewska - dropless routine - footbag freestyle

This is a dropless routine played by Karolina Modrzejewska (Słupsk, Poland) at World Footbag Championschips 2009 in Berlin. It's a routine from qualification round and one of few ever played dropless by footbag shredita' and as I think first one ever played dropless on WFC.



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