Folk wrestling

Olympic Wrestling: The Path to Folkstyle Success

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Jesse Delgado 2014 NCAA Wrestling Champion (125 lb)

University of Illinois junior Jesse Delgado won his second straight 125-pound NCAA wrestling title with a 3-2 decision over No. 2 seed Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) on March 22, 2014 in Oklahoma City.


Top 3 Folkstyle Wrestling Moves Ever

Best folk style wrestling moves, sit back, cement mixer, and peterson.

Folkstyle Wrestling Highlights

Some of my favourite moves hit in folkstyle competition

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Learn about Asian Style Folk Wrestling Called Desi Kushti in India and Pakistan

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The RULES OF WRESTLING explained for beginners and parents

RULES OF WRESTLING (with examples):
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Freestyle vs. Folkstyle Wrestling : Wrestling & Martial Arts

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Freestyle wrestling is a setup that gives you two out of three matches to win a particular event. Learn about freestyle versus folkstyle wrestling with help from an experienced Mixed Martial Arts expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Robert Weeks
Filmmaker: Hunter LeMoine

Series Description: Wrestling and martial arts are great ways to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, and even develop your confidence. Get tips on martial arts and wrestling with help from an experienced Mixed Martial Arts expert in this free video series.




Wrestling Moves CARY KOLAT Single Leg to Seatbelt Toss

Cary Kolat teaches a Single Leg to a Seatbelt Toss for Freestyle.
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Naga wrestling

Naga wrestling

03. Traditional wrestling from Bulgaria


Chidaoba Georgian (Folk)Traditional Wrestling Badiauri 2009 Part 1

Georgian Cup 2009 in Badiauri
Winner is Shida Qartli

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Oil wrestling, also called grease wrestling, is the Turkish national sport. It is so called because the wrestlers douse themselves with olive oil.

The annual Kırkpınar tournament, held in Edirne in Turkish Thrace since 1362, is the oldest continuously running, sanctioned sporting competition in the world.

Wrestling Georgia highlight

Wrestling Georgia highlight

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Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Pancake Trap

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Chidaoba Alexander Davitashvili Vs Adam Okruashvili Georgian Traditional Folk Wrestling Part 4

ქართული ჭიდაობა Georgian Cup 2009 In badiauri

Men's Wrestling Freestyle 66kg Final - India v Japan | London 2012 Olympics

Highlights from Japan's Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu's Gold medal win against India's Sushil Kumar in the Men's Wrestling Freestyle 66kg Final during the London 2012 Olympic Games on 12 August 2012.

The 1900 Games were the only ones where wrestling was not present in any shape or form. As from the 1908 Olympic Games in London, Greco-Roman wrestling has always been included on the programme. Since the 1920 Antwerp Games, there have been both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling competitions.

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Mongolian Wrestling vs Uyghur (Turkic) Folk Wrestling

A group of Mongolian wrestlers were invited to participate in a wrestling tournament in Northwest China where Uyghur people lives. Finally, one Mongolian wrestler capture the first place at the end, 2nd and 3rd place were captured by the natives.

Mongolian wrestling nice performances

Mongolian wrestling, known as Bökh is the folk wrestling style of Mongols。。

Traditional wrestling on wane in Pakistan

Wrestlers used to be the pride and joy of Pakistan. But the sport that once won medals for the country has been declining for several decades and the mud rings where champions once practised for heavyweight fights are often abandoned.Duration: 02:47