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Flying trapeze


Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-15th Moscow International Circus Festival 2016.

Flying Trapeze Heroes
''Flying Harlequins''
15th Moscow International Circus Festival september 2016.
Nikulin Moscow Circus.
Silver prize award.
Воздушный полет Герои''
Летающие Арлекины'' - 15й Международный Цирковой Фестиваль в Москве сентябрь 2016.
Московский Цирк Никулина На Цветном Бульваре.
Серебряный Слон.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-42 Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo. 23.01.2018

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-42 Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo. 23.01.2018
(Bronze Clown)
Воздушный Полет Герои''-42 Международный цирковой фестиваль в Монте Карло. 23.01.2018
(Бронзовый Клоун)
Московский цирк Никулина.
(Р.Ганеев, Н.Чистова)

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.
Воздушный полет ''Герои'' - 37' Всемирный Фестиваль Цирк Завтрашнего Дня в Париже 2016. Цирк ''Феникс''.
Серебряные медали.
''Московский Цирк Никулина на Цветном бульваре''.

43 flying trapeze tricks by David BOREL

43 tricks at flying trapeze to catcher
from basis to more advanced
by David BOREL
catchers : Fred Vernay, Roland Bontaz, Karim Ould-Amara, Sébastien Prieto

Part 1: Introduction to the Flying Trapeze

Fabien Matas FIRST double Back tuck on net at flying trapeze

My first double back tuck at the flying trapeze without safety lines...
You can note the fear in the eyes ^^

Flying Trapeze

For something completely different I wanted to challenge my fear of heights and take on the flying trapeze. The Trapeze School of New York has a location on the Santa Monica Pier and for $42 on Groupon I got to take a 2-hour beginning class.

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Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' -Tbilisi Circus, Georgia. 18.01.2015

Воздушный полет Герои''. Тбилисский цирк,Грузия. 18.01.2015
Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' -Tbilisi Circus,Georgia. 18.01.2015

Jen Tries: Flying Trapeze

Woooo, I'm flying! Check out my experience with flying trapeze at the Toronto School of Circus Arts -- a little bit scary, but a lot of fun!
Blog post:
Thank you to Jason for filming!
Music: Kevin MacLeod - Five Card Shuffle (

Flying Trapeze - Kill and Build Drill

Here's a recent try at a no-call Kill and Build; the timing was a bit off to start, and I could be bringing my feet up higher in the first few force outs, but once I got the swing going things went pretty smoothly.

For those of you unfamiliar, a Kill and Build is a drill you can do on the flying trapeze to improve your swing, particularly the force out. It's all in the name -- you jump from the board, kill your swing (whether by doing pull ups, stretches, or just hanging there), and then build it back up as high as you can until you run out of energy, your hands give way, you get bored, or you have maxed out your swing.

The basic calls I learned for building your swing, starting at front peak: hang straight, right before back peak kick forward, around the time you would normally sweep kick back, and then as much of a force out as you can muster. Keep repeating this until you're swing is high enough to have the time to add back the hollow and sweep, and then pick up your normal swing from there.

Please feel free to respond with a video of your own, especially if you have a different way you build your swing!

Taken on 1 October 2012 at TSNY New York - Pier 40. Thanks Debbie for filming!

The Flying Trapeze Gazelle

Flying Trapeze''Heroes''-Circus''Hermanos Vazquez''Donna,Texas,USA 14.03.2014

Flying Trapeze''Heroes''-Circus''Hermanos Vazquez''Donna,Texas,USA 14.03.2014
Вoздушный Полет ''Герои'' - Цирк ''Братьев Вазкез'' Донна,Техас,США.14.03.2014

Flying Trapeze - Gorilla Circus Regents Park

Flying trapeze: Pelicano

I think this is also called a straddle layout or something weird like that. From a TSNY-DC staff performance, Oct. 2014

Swing turnarounds on the flying trapeze

swing turnarounds on the flying trapeze at the Cotton Candy Club

Flying Trapeze - Swing

Finally got around to taking a video of my swing on the outdoor rig, albeit after 2.5 hours of flying so I'll admit it's not my best work. Still a slight bend in my knees during my sweeps, a tad early with the hollow, and the sevens are a bit too angled for my liking; I had been throwing half turns earlier and apparently forgot to turn back the switch from swing sevens to half turn sevens. At least I managed a somewhat passable late-twisting cradle, which I was happy with since the net was super flat and clingy after the rain earlier in the day.

Taken at TSNY New York (Pier 40) at staff fly on May 9th, 2012.

Flying Trapeze Philippines

Flying Trapeze Philippines, the first and only trapeze school in the country, recently opened in Taguig, and we gave it a go.

To read the full story:



Flying trapeze China 2017

Kaifeng china 2017

Flying Trapeze Summer 2011

Some arty footage from our summer of flying- check out for more!

Circus Elite Presents Flying Trapeze at Independent Lake Summer Camp

Filmed up in the Poconos at Independent Lake Camp.

At the end of every summer we runs circus elite program for kids of very skills and abilities this year was focused on Flying Trapeze.

We had 9 amazing flyers some have been flying for years some only a few weeks. The young boy Tucker who catches his double at the end had only been flying for 4 weeks.

Thanks to the coaches
Dylan Ehrenburg
Jack Peterson
Gia Codispoti



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