Flying trapeze

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-15th Moscow International Circus Festival 2016.

Flying Trapeze Heroes
''Flying Harlequins''
15th Moscow International Circus Festival september 2016.
Nikulin Moscow Circus.
Silver prize award.
Воздушный полет Герои''
Летающие Арлекины'' - 15й Международный Цирковой Фестиваль в Москве сентябрь 2016.
Московский Цирк Никулина На Цветном Бульваре.
Серебряный Слон.

43 flying trapeze tricks by David BOREL

43 tricks at flying trapeze to catcher
from basis to more advanced
by David BOREL
catchers : Fred Vernay, Roland Bontaz, Karim Ould-Amara, Sébastien Prieto

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.
Воздушный полет ''Герои'' - 37' Всемирный Фестиваль Цирк Завтрашнего Дня в Париже 2016. Цирк ''Феникс''.
Серебряные медали.
''Московский Цирк Никулина на Цветном бульваре''.

Fabien Matas FIRST double Back tuck on net at flying trapeze

My first double back tuck at the flying trapeze without safety lines...
You can note the fear in the eyes ^^

Part 1: Introduction to the Flying Trapeze

Trapeze U in Gilbert, Arizona. Flying trapeze tricks that I learned in school in 2011.

A short video on the tricks I've learned at Trapeze U in 2011. Trapeze U is an excellent flying trapeze school in Arizona that is open to the public and students of all levels. Flying trapeze is a unique, fun activity that everyone should try! Trapeze U's supportive staff makes it a great place to learn flying trapeze and aerial arts.

Flying Trapeze :: Pullover Pump & Shoot w/ catch

Flying Trapeze Trick Departures

Straddle departure (including kip and return to board), splits, uprise and a bird's nest.

Flying Trapeze

For something completely different I wanted to challenge my fear of heights and take on the flying trapeze. The Trapeze School of New York has a location on the Santa Monica Pier and for $42 on Groupon I got to take a 2-hour beginning class.

Basic Swing Flying Trapeze

Basic Swing, Flying Trapeze at Hollywood Aerial Arts

Alyson Domoto - Flying Trapeze Reel

This video is about Flying Trapeze 2014

Flying trapeze Backend Split catch

Made by me

Flying Trapeze on Long Beach Boardwalk - iFly Trapeze

Had the chance to get together with the iFly Crew at their Long Beach NY location.... Had a great time hanging out and filming one if their shows...

Their Contact info is:
Site -
Facebook -

Check us out at

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-42 Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo. 23.01.2018

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-42 Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo. 23.01.2018
(Bronze Clown)
Воздушный Полет Герои''-42 Международный цирковой фестиваль в Монте Карло. 23.01.2018
(Бронзовый Клоун)
Московский цирк Никулина.
(Р.Ганеев, Н.Чистова)

Flying Trapeze Layout

Sean doing a beautiful layout on the flying trapeze!

Arizona Flying Circus 2017. Flying Trapeze, Paramotor Central, Oh Ya!

Paramotors, Planes, Flying, Flying Paramotor Trapeze Act, Shooting, Eating, Bowling Ball Cannon...what's not to like about Arizona Flying Circus!

Click to jump to section:
0:00 Quick Look At AZ Flying Circus
2:20 Welcome to MoTown
5:10 Pilots and their Flying Machines, Get up and close with the Pilots
10:45 Scott Richie flying a 14' Wing - Crazy!
12:24 Bloopers-some of the hair raising action...not always as easy as they make it look! Flipped Carts, Blown Mufflers, and more!
16:12 Formation Flying Paramotorist - 8 -12 at a time!
16:55 Hot Air Ballons
18:18 More Flying Fun
18:48 Wing Wars - Dueling Kites - by Little Cloud
19:20 Shooting Range is Open, Lunch, Seminars, Naps
20:00 Airplanes - Let's go a little faster, flyby's, WWII plane
22:50 Bowling Ball Bingo - reg speed, and slo-mo action
24:50 Flying Paramotor Trapeze - You've Gotta See this! Karen Fulmer and Mo Sheldon - Death Defying Flying Trapeze Hanging from a Flying Paramotor!
29:08 Evening Activities, Bonfires, Circus Ring entertainment, Lion Hoop trips
30:10 Chinese Lanterns, Live Band, Fireworks, 200 Christmas Tree Bonfire
33:38 My tandem flights in a Tandem Grasshopper, and a Delta flyer, sitting on the edge of my seat...nothing below! So Awesome! So incredible!
40:40 Time-Lapse and Credits

Filming, Photography, Editing by Richard Muhn. GoPro4Hero, Nikon D5200.

Check out 2016 Arizona Flying Circus Video:

Music consideration from these amazing talented people:
Gaslamp Funworks, “Mischief Maker”, “Son Of A Rocket”, “Fearless First”, “Take the Lead”, “Bushwick Tarentella Loop”, “Lachaim”, “Ascending the Vale”, “Living Voyage”, “Lively Lumpsucker”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Music by YouTube Audio Library, including: The Story Unfolds, Crimson Fly, Surfing Llama, Into the Wormhole, The Story Unfolds, Pride Before the Fall, On The Tip, Cataclysmic Molten Core, It’s All Happening

Jen Tries: Flying Trapeze

Woooo, I'm flying! Check out my experience with flying trapeze at the Toronto School of Circus Arts -- a little bit scary, but a lot of fun!
Blog post:
Thank you to Jason for filming!
Music: Kevin MacLeod - Five Card Shuffle (

Flying Trapeze Turn Around

Jennifer's Turn Around

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - USA Tour 2014.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - USA, Tour 2014.
Воздушный Полет Герои'' - США,Тур 2014.

Circo Hermanos Vazquez

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-Dresden,Germany. 03.01.2018

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-Dresden,Germany. 03.01.2018
Воздушный Полет ''Герои''-Дрезден,Германия.

Nikulin Moscow Circus

22' Dresdner Weihnachtscircus