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Flyak - Kayak on a hydrofoil

kayak aquaplaning on a hydrofoil. check

Flyak - Hydrofoil Kayak Vs K1 Sprint Kayak

This is a prototype Flyak with hydrofoils blowing by a conventional olymipic style K1. The foils are under water of course, which is why this kayak looks so strange. Capable apparently of a 27 km/h top speed.

K1 vs. K4 flyak- kajak 27km/h HQ

K1 won a race ageinst K4,this is the flyak.

Flyak Salto


FLYAK - Leavenworth, Washington

On May 22nd 2018 we woke up to a perfect day in Northern Washington...So perfect in fact that the weather allowed us to fly our paragliders over the top of the entire Enchantment Mountain Range and then run Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River at extremely high flows! (Both of which are normally very hard to nail) This day perfectly sums up the idea and of FLYAK...two different flow motion dynamic sports in one day, Air and Water! Still buzzing from it! Enjoy

Japanese flyak


Ken Wallace hydro foil Kayak

Men's Heats - Canoe Sprint Kayak Single 200m - London 2012 Olympics

Full replay from Eton Dorney at the London 2012 Olympic Games as the heats round of the men's canoe sprint kayak single K1 200m event takes place.

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In 1924 in Paris, flatwater canoeing featured at the Games as a demonstration sport. Canoe and kayak racing became full medal sports at the 1936 Berlin Games. However events were initially limited to canoe sprint until canoe slalom made its debut at the 1972 Munich Games. Slalom racing was not competed again in the Olympic Games until the 1992 Barcelona Games.

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Hydrofoil Kayak (Foilkayak)

Hydrofoil Kayak or Canoe which is the World's fastest kayak.

Foil Kayak

Hydrofoil kayak, moves insanly fast

flyak.randat flyak.yusal'to!ETO YA I ROMIK SHIRKIN!.240.mp4

3 года назад

Danuta Kozák canoe sprint athlete

Danuta Kozák canoe sprint athlete

Gar flyak

B'bong Ods. - Hydrofoil

The Future of Big Wave Riding

HYDRO FOIL BOOGIE SESSION - 15YO NateV having fun lying down.

Dedicated to all our body board friends around the world, fun segment with Nathan van Vuuren FLYING on his Signature Performance Foil.

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Trailer Canoe World Championships 2018

After 45 years the Canoe World Championships return to the Muota!
Be prepared for four days of world class canoeing in the beautiful scenery of central Switzerland!

flyak on the wall in the entrance.

Freerun athletе: Maksim Vazemiller

Kanoshop Flyak

Wat doe je als je in de winter niets te doen hebt, je gaat met je kajak Indoor Skydiven! Met dank aan Indoor Skydive Roosendaal!

Grek Kirill - first independent flyak - KIDS - INSIDE Dancing

Новый Набор в Dancing Center INSIDE
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