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Fly fishing


Fly Fishing Big Rivers for AGGRESSIVE Fish

Searching big rivers for Smallmouth bass! Casting small streamers into little pockets and current breaks payed off big time. It took a little searching, but I finally was able to find some fish! Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy the video.

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Reel: Ross Animas 5/6
Rod: Quarrow Fine River 5/6 (Cheap temporary rod)
Line: SA Lefty Kreh floating line
Leader: 10lb tapered flourocarbon

Chest cam: Gopro Hero 3+
DSLR: Canon T6I

How to Fly Fish- Beginner Fly Casting

How to fly cast for beginners. Capt. Chris Myers explains and demonstrates the basic fly fishing cast.

To begin the basic fly cast, start the flyrod down at the water and the line straight. (To learn how to straighten the line, watch my roll cast video) Begin lifting the line off the water slowly and smoothly. As soon as the fly line is out of the water (the leader and fly will still be in the water) increase your acceleration and come to a sudden stop causing the fly line to travel behind you and unroll off the tip of the rod in a candy cane shaped loop. zPause and do not move the rod while this loop unrolls. As soon as it is unrolled, begin moving the tip of the rod forward in a straight line with constant accelration to a sudden stop that is travelling out towards your target. As soon as the loop begins to form off the tip of the fly rod travelling forward, follow through by lowering the rod tip back to the starting position.

This cast should be made with about 20-25 feet of fly line outside the tip of the rod. Your elbow will remain close to your body and you wrist should remain firm and not bend to move the rod.

Capt. Chris Myers teaches fly casting and fishing in the Orlando area. You can also get your fly fishing cast analyzed online at

Saltwater fishing charters near Orlando & Disney

Fly Fishing NZ - Variety, The Spice of Life.

Fly Fishing NZ - Variety, The Spice of Life.

A wet period in November a few seasons back made for higher river levels but myself and Kresten Ovesen set out and had some great fishing. We set ourselves a target of fishing a different river on each of the four days out. It meant a little travel but very rewarding fishing with a few big browns to the net. Some lowland rivers were fished and all spots we chose were close to the road. You don't need to go that far...

Finally!! Fly Fishing My FAVORITE Pike Flies

Wading small rivers for some hungry pike on the fly! Finally to target some fish with the big streamers I've been tying up, and I managed to get some awesome takes. Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Fly rod: 9' 8wt Orvis Clearwater rod (4 piece)
Reel: Waterworks‑Lamson Liquid 3.5
Line: SA Wavelength Titan Taper Floating fly line
Leader: 5' 25lb tapered flourocarbon leader / 12 Wire tippet

Chest cam: Gopro Hero 3+
DSLR: Canon T6I

Song: Defqwop - Heart Afire (feat. Strix) [NCS Release]



Fly Fishing for Trout in the Mountains

Took a random trip to Colorado, targeting cold water rivers deep in the mountains. We had an awesome time fishing and caught some really nice fish.

FLY Fishing Colorado. Drift Boat style!

First day fly fishing in Colorado from a drift boat with the boys from Mountain Angler fly shop in Breckenridge Colorado. really fun day fishing huge dry fly's on light fly rods.
You can go fish with these guys here :

Hit me up in the comments if you have any video ideas.

Cheers Gareth

Deschutes River Salmon Flies by Todd Moen

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During the last week of May, the adult salmonflies on the Deschutes River in Oregon start driving fly fishers and rainbows crazy. This video, Sky High Salmonfly, came together with weather perfect, bugs everywhere and with two fly fishing angler/guides with a rare day off work. Elke Littleleaf and Jakob Lund get caught up in the frenzy. Amid great scenery and slashing strikes on dry flies, I experimented with some new camera technology.

T-Motion Theater -- Sky High Salmonfly
Date filmed -- May 25, 2012
Camera and Edit by Todd Moen
Location -- Deschutes River, Oregon
For an amazing Deschutes River fly fishing experience during the salmonfly hatch please contact Elke and Alysia Littleleaf at Littleleaf Guide Service -- 541-615-0402 or e-mail Thanks to Jakob and Elke for a great couple of action packed days of fly fishing.

*Space is limited, book now! 541-615-0402 or e-mail*

Fly Fishing for Trout Pennsylvania 2016

Grant Forney, Dan Black, Tyler Bomberger, and Jeremy Armstrong fly fish for trout during June and July 2016 in Pennsylvania.

Camera gear that we use:
Mirrorless System Camera -
Lens -
Microphone -
Camcorder -
Drone -

Pennsylvania Outdoors Unlimited:

Tenkara fly-fishing

Daniel W. Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA and Masaki Nakano go tenkara fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada. Tenkara is the traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing, ideal for mountain streams. In tenkara one uses only a rod, line and fly, no reel is needed for stream fishing. Originally it was practiced by commercial/professional fishermen in the mountain streams of Japan, who used to catch fish for a living.

How to Set Up a Fly Fishing Reel (Full) - Fly Fishing and Dreams

A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to setting up a fly fishing reel from start to finish. Including the Arbor knot, the Nail Knot, and the Loop to Loop connection. Install the backing, fly line and the leader. Have fun fly fishing

Fly Tying For Beginners Adams with Jim Misiura

Step by Step instruction on tying an essential dry fly for those that are new to fly tying.

Fly Fishing Small Streams for Pike and Smallies

Went out to a new section of the river in hopes of catching some big pike. Had a great day and landed some nice fish. Still getting the hang of the fly rod, but I'm quickly learning to love it and becoming much more comfortable using it.

Fly rod: 9' 8wt Orvis Clearwater rod
Reel: Waterworks‑Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Attempting the Impossible! Goliath Grouper on Fly Fishing Tackle

Our goal was to attempt the impossible, hook and land a giant goliath grouper on fly fishing tackle. To my knowledge, no angler has ever accomplished this before. I was fishing with fly fishermen John Kelly and Tom Kazazes. Goliath groupers are one of the toughest and strongest fish in the ocean. We started the day off fishing for false albacore (bonito) to use for bait for the goliath groupers. After catching half a dozen albies, we headed offshore to begin our quest for a goliath grouper on fly fishing tackle.

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▼ To learn more about the species of fish caught in this video, click the links below:

• False Albacore →
• Blacknose Shark →
• Blacktip Shark →
• Goliath Grouper →

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Fishing for Big Sharks with Pro Footballer Sébastien Thurière:

Fly Fishing. Fly Casting :: Roll casts, Curve casts and more! :: Cast that Catch Fish

Get the complete Fly Casting DVD at
This clip and many more available for download from our site.
Fly casting Video from Casts that Catch Fish, a fly casting instructional video from Master Fly Casting Instructor Carl McNeil that turns the instructional DVD genre on it's head.
Fly casting, Roll cast, Switch cast, Wiggle cast, Reach casts, Tuck casts, Curve cast, casting into the wind - it's all there and executed with super high production values, ear tingling audio and plenty of slick effects and animations - from the funky people at On the Fly Productions

How To Drift A Soft Hackle - Fly Fishing Video - RIO Products

The eighth episode of this second season of RIO's How To videos is How To Drift A Soft Hackle; presented by RIO brand manager Simon Gawesworth. In this film Simon explains the subtleties and nuances of this technique of dead drifting a soft hackle to a rising trout. Simon also shows how to rig the perfect outfit for fishing this style - including the crazy, but excellent Slinky Indicator.

This film is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to learn this technical, yet deadly effective technique.

RIO's How To videos are a series of short films that explain all you need to know to learn a particular way to fish, or cast. Where applicable, each film talks through the gear that you need, shows how to rig the gear, how to read the water, and how to fish that particular technique. These educational films are packed with information and top tips designed to improve the knowledge and skill level of all fly fishers. Each one is bought to you by a RIO employee or a RIO brand ambassador.


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FLY TV - Grayling Dreams - Fly Fishing for Big Grayling

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman goes grayling dry fly fishing in the Swedish mountains of Ammarnäs. It's in the middle of the summer and the may flies and sedges starts to hatch like crazy when the sun sets behind the mountains...

Check out the FLY TV playlist:

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FLY TV - Small Stream Brown Troutin' in the Mountains

There's nothing like brown trout fly fishing in small, untouched and crystal clear creeks far up in the mountains...

In this episode of FLY TV, Daniel Bergman is targeting mountain brown trout together with Robert Hansson from Fish Your Dream in the mountains of Ammarnäs. The river is called Ältsån and it's an exclusive water that belongs to Ran Sami Community.

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Fly Fishing in the Bonefish Capital of the World; Andros, Bahamas

Florida fishing girl Darcizzle goes to the top, best, biggest, most excellent bonefish saltwater flats in the world to start fly fishing...Andros, Bahamas. Check out this incredible destination with tons of DJI Phantom 4 Drone footage. Part 2 link below. ⇊ CLICK BELOW FOR MORE LINKS! ⇊

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This video is Day 5 in our Andros, BS mini-series, see other vids here:
Day 1: Tiny Plane Travel:
Day 2: Mahi & Sinking Boats:
Day 3: My First Flyfishing Bonefish Trip:
Day 4: Top 5 Travel Sights on Andros:
Day 5: This video
Day 6: Fly Fishing in the Bonefish Capital of the World, Part 2:

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Fly Fishing & Hiking Adventure in The Blue Ridge Mountain Forest

As we come to the end of 2016, I am traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains of New York to go on a fly fishing adventure for the steelhead trout. I have never caught this fish before, and my previous fishing trip for this elusive trout didn't work out. These blue ridge mountains get their name from the constant mist that fills the air above the rivers and streams that run through the forest. With waders and boots, we went hiking through the forest that was filled with wildlife like deer and birds. The temperate climate allowed for beautiful green mosses and ferns to grow amongst the colorful falling leaves from the many species of trees leading up to the river. When we finally reached the river, it was full of round rocks that tumbled the clear water through creek bends and waterfalls. Fishing down the river, we eventually ended up next to a rocky cliff where the river had carved out a nice pool where the trout could live. Crossing the river in spots felt dangerous with the cold water and all the heavy camera equipment I was carrying. Fly fishing with small eggs and zonkers, we hooked up on only a few steelhead trout that broke the light fishing line that we were using for the clear water. Exhausted, cold, and out of flies to fish with, we made our way back up the mountain where I ran into a fellow fishing freak that was a fan of the my fishing videos. It lifted my spirits back up and gave me the confidence to post this fishing video, even though I didn't catch anything for the second time. Learning how to master fly fishing is a fishing challenge in itself, but add in the smart fish like the trout and cold climate and it becomes an extreme fishing challenge for a Texan like me. It was still an amazing day and fishing adventure with some of the most beautiful displays or nature and wildlife I have ever scene. Hiking through the forest alone was worth the trip.

Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to show as many fishing places as possible and help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie and french bulldog Winston.


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New Zealand Trout fishing Opening Day

Trout season opening 2017/18 weather forecast was crap but got in a little bit of back country and it was worth it

The Rod I used:
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