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2003 FivePin Pins Game

2003 FivePin Pins Game
Match 1 - Derek Handley Vs Julian Chiasson
Match 2 - Steve Mayer Vs Terry Little

2008 FivePin Pins Game

Preliminary Round

Match 1 - Mark Johnstone (Alberta) Vs. Aaron Alblas (Manitoba)
Match 2 - Bobby Torraville (Southern Ontario) Vs. Steven Peters (Saskatchewan)
Match 3 - Mark Johnstone (Alberta) Vs. Steven Peters (Saskatchewan)

Bowling Tips & Techniques : How to Score a Game of Five-Pin Bowling

A game of five-pin bowling is scored similarly to tenpin bowling, except that a third opportunity to knock down all of the pins can result in five points. Discover how a perfect game in five-pin bowling amounts to 450 with help from a professional bowler in this free video on scoring a game of five-pin bowling.

Expert: D.C. Knight
Bio: D.C. Knight is a professional bowler who has been bowling for 27 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC



5 Pin Bowling - Scoring and Free Calculator to Download

I recently played 5 pin bowling for the first time ever and I really enjoyed it and thought it would be fun doing a video tutorial on it's unique scoring system. I also made a Microsoft Excel 5 Pin Bowling Scores Calculator and you can download that in the link below!

Download the notes in my video:
PDF Document:
Excel Calculator:

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Brock Lesnar boasts one of the greatest win-loss records in WWE history, but these five Superstars have done the unthinkable and survived The Beast Incarnate.


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Wrestling Basics with Jordan Burroughs - Pins

In this segment Jordan shows us how to finish off your opponent with different pins from half-nelsons to arm bars. He also shows us a cheap tilt to sneak in some backpoints.
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Learn To Bowl

Basic 5-pin bowling techniques for kids and adults. Video created by the Canadian Bowling Association.

How to Shoot a 10 Pin / Bowl a Strike | Bowling

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Strikes in bowling. Putting strikes together is going to give you a great game. The proper way of making a strike is the ball entering the pocket at a certain angle. When the ball is being thrown down the lane, that ball has to be perpendicular to that pocket angle. That's going to create pin action, and the ball's going to travel through the pins creating a great shot, and you're going to get a strike. Lane conditions, ball speed, rotation, and angle, that ball is going to be placed in the pocked in a certain position. The perfect position is determined on how you perform on certain conditions. There's a lot of parts of that, because you have a different ball, style, speed, and rotation.

Those combinations allow you to strike on a consistent basis. The entry angle of that ball entering the pocket is going to be your strike result. Getting a strike is not an easy thing to do. There's a combination of things that have to happen to have your ball enter the pocket properly, to gain a strike. There are factors that have to do with your approach, lane conditions, rotation, and speed. As a whole they come together at some point to create a strike. When determining your strike pocket, on the left side you have 1-2 pins that create the left handed packet, and the 1-3 pins that create the right handed pocket. Those are the two pockets you're looking for if you're a lefty or righty.

The 1-2 or the 1-3 pins are the two areas of the pins that create the strike. On the right hand side you have the 1-3, the entry of the ball through the packet will allow the strike with the ball traveling through the pins, hitting 5, 8, and 9. The same for the left hand side going through the 1-2 picket, going through the same angle hitting the 5 pin and the 8 and 9 pins. With all that being side, here's how you throw a strike.

Second Chance Fatal 5-Way Match ends in controversy: Raw, Feb. 12, 2018

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Five-Pin Bowling in Ottawa

Four American tourists trying the version of bowling that's popular in much of Canada. In five-pin bowling, one gets three shots to knock down the five pins. The headpin is worth five points. The next two pins are worth three points. The two pins nearest the gutters are worth two points. A strike is worth 15 and a perfect game is 450. The bowling ball is slightly bigger than a softball and weighs about 3-1/2 pounds. Many thanks to Don of Walkley Bowling Centre in Ottawa for showing us Americans how to the play the game.

Warrior Youth Five Pins

Five in a row against Central at the York County duals in Red Lion. February 13, 2011.

Professional Bowling Tips & Techniques : Bowling Follow Through & Delivery

Learn the proper bowling follow through and delivery with professional tips and techniques in this free bowling lesson video.

Expert: Ed Kramarcik
Bio: Ed Kramarcik is has been an AMF staff player and a member of the PBA since 1989. He plays in various professional tournaments and owns three pro shops in the Orlando, Fla., area.
Filmmaker: Madison Paige

TOP 5 - Best Selling Darts of All Time 🎯

Here's a look at the top 5 best selling darts of all time. While this video doesn't have any facts to back up the claims made I did contact several companies and made best guesses based on a few polls I did. Let me know what you think.

How to zero your Pin Sight

Build your Bow: Part 10 - How to zero your pin sight. Team Wild TV's resident expert and Master Archer Ben Jones from Merlin Archery explains how to zero the pin sight on your hunting bow.

Pin Pointers - The Bowling Approach and Timing - Four and Five Step

This video is an instructional video on the proper technique and timing of the four and five step approach in Ten-Pin Bowling.

Within the video each step is examined and broken down to explain what is happening and the proper technique involved throughout.

Feel free to use this as a visual aid for your own game, or for any students you coach in the game. The goal of this video is to teach and inform, so please feel free to share as you see fit!

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for a lot of great coaching episodes coming in this featured playlist, Pin Pointers!

How to Sight-in a Compound Bow

The law is follow your arrow. Im using a 55# bow at 27 draw with 400gr arrows. it only took me about 5 minutes to sight in my bow from scratch. i suggest starting out at 10 then when its sighted in moving back to further distances to refine it. Make sure it is not too windy when shooting at further distances because that can change the arrow path.

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The thumbnail is from bowhuntordie.

The Best Way to Sight in Your Bow

Are you confident in your shot? Really, truly confident? If you’re questioning yourself even a little bit, here’s a faster, easier, and more accurate way to sight in your bow.

Rather than trying to hover over the top of an “X” on an archery target, use a vertical and horizontal line to hone in your bow sight quickly and effectively. By aiming at lines rather than a bull’s-eye you focus on one axis at a time and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to drive tacks with your bow and arrow.

Follow the 7 easy steps here:


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