2003 FivePin Pins Game

2003 FivePin Pins Game
Match 1 - Derek Handley Vs Julian Chiasson
Match 2 - Steve Mayer Vs Terry Little

Bowling Tips & Techniques : How to Score a Game of Five-Pin Bowling

A game of five-pin bowling is scored similarly to tenpin bowling, except that a third opportunity to knock down all of the pins can result in five points. Discover how a perfect game in five-pin bowling amounts to 450 with help from a professional bowler in this free video on scoring a game of five-pin bowling.

Expert: D.C. Knight
Bio: D.C. Knight is a professional bowler who has been bowling for 27 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

5 Pin Bowling Perfect Games of 2016/17 Season

Perfect 5 Pin Game Iain MacRitchie, Willowbrook Lanes

BC Provincial Open Championships at
Willowbrook Lanes, Langley, BC
Saturday April 19, 2014
Iain also totaled 1018 for the first three games.

How to zero your Pin Sight

Build your Bow: Part 10 - How to zero your pin sight. Team Wild TV's resident expert and Master Archer Ben Jones from Merlin Archery explains how to zero the pin sight on your hunting bow.

Learn To Bowl

Basic 5-pin bowling techniques for kids and adults. Video created by the Canadian Bowling Association.

2004 TSN Pins Game Tournament.mp4

In 2004 I made my first appearance in the 5 Pin Bowling TSN Pins Games. A great accomplishment of mine, that I am happy to share with my friends and family who have not had a chance to watch this.

10 Shortest Matches in WWE History

top 10 of the quickest Wrestling matches in the history of WWE
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When it comes to the length of wrestling matches, there’s rarely a limit. Once in a while a cap is placed on the amount of time allowed, and obviously televised matches need to fit within a designated timeslot, but most of the time, wrestlers are able to continue grappling until someone is pinned and a winner is declared.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, the shortest amount of time possible for a wrestling match is three seconds - just enough time for the referee to count off the pin. Through distractions, quickly gained advantages, and devastating finishers, a couple matches have actually lasted for only the minimum length, with a number of other notable bouts coming quite close. Here are the 10 shortest matches in WWE history.

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Craziest Kickouts: WWE Top 10

It’s not knocking a Superstar down that’s the hard part in a match; it’s getting them to stay down that’s the trick. Watch these memorable moments of competitors who kept hope alive by escaping a pinfall before the referee counted to three. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

Fastest Title Changes: WWE Top 10

In an instant, these Superstars and Divas lost their championships before they had a chance to fight back. Take a look at the fastest title changes in WWE history. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

1995 Fivepin Championships - Part 5

How well do you know the rules of WWE? - 5 Things

This week on 5 Things, Tom Phillips introduces five of the strangest, but true rules in WWE. From two obscure Royal Rumble rulings to a pinfall clause in Falls Count Anywhere Matches, you are bound to learn a new rule or two in the WWE Universe.


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Five-Pin Bowling in Ottawa

Four American tourists trying the version of bowling that's popular in much of Canada. In five-pin bowling, one gets three shots to knock down the five pins. The headpin is worth five points. The next two pins are worth three points. The two pins nearest the gutters are worth two points. A strike is worth 15 and a perfect game is 450. The bowling ball is slightly bigger than a softball and weighs about 3-1/2 pounds. Many thanks to Don of Walkley Bowling Centre in Ottawa for showing us Americans how to the play the game.

Warrior Youth Five Pins

Five in a row against Central at the York County duals in Red Lion. February 13, 2011.

Fastest one-on-one matches - WWE Top 10

A Superstar's chances for victory can end a lot faster than they plan. Here are the 10 fastest one-on-one matches to take place in a WWE ring.
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1995 Canadian Fivepin Bowling Championships - Part 3

Part 3.

1995 Canadian Fivepin Bowling Championships - Part 2

Part 2. Match one. The end of the match is cut off unfortunately. Geno Ziebarth ends up winning the Match.

1995 Canadian Fivepin Bowling Championships- Part 5

part 5


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Gadsden City sophomore Hannah Gladden made history by finishing fourth in the 138-pound class. The top four wrestlers in each weight class advanced to state.

Gladden (10-17 with five pins) advanced to the consolation final by pinning Bob Jones junior Alex Maxwell.

I'm excited, said Gladden, who lost her next match to Buckhorn eighth-grader Gage Sasnett. I pinned him with a hip toss. That's my number-one move, is the hip toss.

5 Superstars who beat Brock Lesnar - 5 Things

Brock Lesnar boasts one of the greatest win-loss records in WWE history, but these five Superstars have done the unthinkable and survived The Beast Incarnate.


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