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What is Airgun Field Target?

Welcome to Team Wild TV's informative seven part series on the WFTF World Field Target Championship of 2013, held in the beautiful countryside of Ebern, Germany. Team Wild covered the championship at the end of August and now it's our goal to bring you full and detailed coverage of the entire event from start to finish. From the history of the sport to the playful banter between teams of shooters, for the next seven days we'll be bringing you a video per day giving you insight to the sport, the craftsmanship and the individual personalities that brought this championship to life.

On tonights episode we find out more about the history and rules of the sport, giving you an inside look at the shooters involved, a break down of the equipment they utilise and what exactly field target is.

Following John Costello, this years 2013 World Champion, Team Wild opens the doors to a rather niche sport and follows the emotions from the eager beginnings to the tense end. If you haven't had a chance to look into our earlier videos following the WFTF World Championship be sure to check out our playlist of our previous onsite coverage:

Part 02:

Introduction to Air Rifle Field Target

Thanks to Paul Porch for the video!

Come shoot with us!

Oregon State Field Target Championship | 1st Day of Rifle Shoot | Part 1

Second day rifle shoot here:
Pistol shoot here:
Oregon State Field Target Championship from Ashland Oregon. In this video is the first day of the pellet rifle shoot. The event was sponsored & coordinated by Wayne Burns, Randy Ebersole, Corp Ranch and filmed by

Here's a link to the Airgun forum discussing the match and the list of competitors:

Filmed on a Canon C300 Mark II, Canon 80D and a DJI Phantom 4 by Alan Mash.

Was ist Field Target? Schießsportart wird genau erklärt

Outdoor, Wind, Wetter - und viel Präzision. Das macht den Schießsport Field Target aus. In diesem Video erkläre ich mit meinen eigenen Worten den immer beliebter werdenden Sport Field Target. Neben dem theoretischen Teil gibt es Scope-Cam Aufnahmen und es werde auch ein paar Ziele umgeklappt. Gedreht habe ich das Video in Ebern. Dort gibt es ein super Gelände und einen Field Target Verein. Viel Spaß beim anschauen. Hochwertige Luftgewehre gehören zu dem Sport. Vertreten sind die Marken Weihrauch, Steyr, Feinwerkbau, Walther, Anschütz, AirArms.

Im Video wird noch von einer Klickliste erzählt. Hier das Tutorial wie man diese erstellt:

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1st Day Rifle Competition | AAFTA Nationals 2017 | Airgun Field Target

Day one of rifle competition in Phoenix Arizona for the 2017 AAFTA Nationals. Airgun Field Target Competition.
See pistol shoot video:
See day two of rifle shoot:
See the award ceremony here:
This video filmed and edited by Alan J Mash, Owner of this YouTube Channel. Production paid for by Ashland Airgun Range of Oregon. Filmed on a Canon 80D.

Deutsche Meisterschaft Field Target & International Open 2016 - Todendorf

Field Target Deuschte Meisterschaft und International Open 2016 in Todendorf , Schleswig-Holstein.
Ausgerichtet vom MTV Dänischenhagen. Vielen Dank

The World Field Target Championship 2017

The World Field Target Championships (WFTC), which took place 19th – 23rd September in Crickhowell, Powys, Wales.

Over 350 competitors from 25 countries went head to head for the chance to be crowned the 2017 World Field Target Champion.

After a strong performance, Jack Harris was able to finish top of the leader board and recapture the trophy.

Jack put on an amazing shooting showcase throughout the 3-day competition, with 46 points on both days 1 and 2. He finished day 3 with 47 points, giving him a total 139, edging ahead of fellow Welsh and team Air Arms shooter, Dorian Falconer by 1 point.

Dylan Varney dominated the junior class finishing with 129; 23 points clear of 2nd place.

Air Arms Managing Director, Claire West commented:

Air Arms are both proud and honoured to have been part of this spectacular event. Air Arms shooters were out in force and put in some amazing performances, again we are so proud and humbled to have such a fantastic band of people using our products, not only here in the UK but from all over the world. The Air Arms team surpassed themselves with some excellent results and if they were not winning the Gold and Silver wear, they were certainly putting in some personal bests.

(Award ceremony footage courtesy of Colin Eaton)

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AMERICAN Field Target Airgun Competition @ Extreme Benchrest

A new event at the 2016 Extreme Benchrest competition, American Field Target! This high power event takes traditional FT shooting to the next level with targets set out at ranges as far as 100 yards, and requires powerful sporting style airguns to shoot the match. The event was geared towards allowing typical equipment common to the precharged airgun world to allow the mass of the American airgun shooters a new format for competing.

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

BFTA Field Target European Championship 2016

A short video of the BFTA Championships 2016 held at Weston Park. This just features the AM session on Saturday.

Field Target in South Africa

Field Target shooting is great fun!
Come and see what this is all about.

Field Target Practice with FWB 300S, 10 shots at 50 meters

Field Target Practice with FWB 300S, 10 shots at 50 meters

Faszination Field-Target

Heute will ich euch in einem kurzen Clip mal das vermitteln, was mich mit dem Thema Field-Target verbindet, wofür ich dabei stehe und dieses Hobby lebe, liebe und weiter vorantreiben möchte.

Viel Spaß beim anschauen

und einen guten Rutsch in ein neues Jahr hoffentlich wieder schönen Erlebnissen und Erfolgen rund um dieses schöne Hobby.

Steyr LG100 - Field Target rifle - Review

Hi guys just a review of my Steyr LG100 target air rifle. coming soon will be an accuracy test of the steyr but that will be after christmas when we have more zoom on camera. Thanks for watching. Like rate and subscribe THANKS!

H&N Field Target Trophy, H&N Baracuda Match, JSB Exact Heavy, Technogun Strike, Hatsan AT44

Some groups with H&N Field Target Trophy, H&N Baracuda Match, JSB Exact Heavy, Technogun Strike, and Hatsan AT44 .177 single shot PCP air rifle. This air rifle was using a regulator valve at the time the video was recorded, also Air Rifle small silencer/sound suppressor. Distance: 32.8 yards. Shooting from a benchrest.

More pellet tests videos in the playlist:

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This Youtube channel is dedicated mainly to airgun shooting and related activities. Info on Hatsan AT44 .177 and BT65 SB Elite .22 PCP air rifles peculiarities, maintenance and accessories (regulator valves, suppressors, scopes,etc), CBC F18 B19S Standard and El Gamo 68 .177 springers, Beeman P17 air pistol, Crosman MK-177 multi pump, pellets tests, ballistic coefficient, and some other things like electronic projects...


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World Field Target Championship 2012 - "The Competition"

A small video about the 3 days of competion in the Worlds Championship.

Crosman All-American Field Target Championship

Upstate New York heats up in the summer with the largest field target event in the country. Shooters from across the country and many international competitors participate in the event hosted by Crosman Corporation in nearby Rush, NY at the Rochester Brooks International Skeet and Trap Club. Novice shooters to members of Team USA enjoy a challenging course, compete for titles, enjoy side matches, a factory tour and the camaraderie of the shooting sports. The event is free to the public.

Hunter Field Target Training

Resultado do treinamento em 9/3/2014. Troca de luneta e ajustes. No vídeo é apresentada a técnica do Hunter Field Target, ou seja, não é permitido tocar na luneta durante a prova.

Field Target Brasil - 2º Etapa Nacional

Importadora de armas de fogo, armas de pressão, maquinas de recarga e luneta.

Field-Target Hubertus Parcours 2017 in Ebern war ein schöner und anspruchsvoller Field-Target Wettbewerb, aber bei Sch...wetter.

Reviewing the FX Streamline .177 with some Field Target

This review focuses on the .177 Streamline, a caliber not typically popular out here in the USA when it comes to PCP air rifles, but one that offers a number of choices as of late with pellets available in weights from 3.4g up to 21g.

Equipment from this review:

FX Streamline .177 Synthetic:
H&N Field Target Trophy Green .177 Cal:
JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal:
MTC Viper Pro:

3:30 - H&N Field Target Trophy Green Chronograph Max Power
4:31 - Decibel reading at Max Power
4:53 - H&N Field Target Trophy Green Chronograph Mid Power
5:07 - H&N Field Target Trophy Green Chronograph Low Power
5:39 - Decibel reading at Mid Power
7:09 - FPS Graph H&N Field Target Trophy Green
7:33 - JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy Max Power Mid Power
8:34 - FPS Graph JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy Max Power
8:52 - 25 Yard Shot Group - H&N Max Power
9:12 - 25 Yard Shot Group - H&N Mid Power
9:28 - 25 Yard Shot Group - JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy
10:06 - 50 Yard Shot Group - JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy
11:30 - Intro to Field Target
12:12 - Hunter Field Target shooting with JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy pellets