Fast-pitch softball

How to Fast-Pitch in Softball

It's helpful to use your whole body when pitching in softball. Learn some tips towards throwing faster strikes in this softball video.

14 Year old Fastpitch Softball Pitcher. (60.2 mph)

Lol , My names Kristina,This is Me pitching. I Pitch from 59.4 - 60.2 mph. And a chanqe up of 46 mph. I'm 14, I play Jv, Travel, && Recreational Softball ♥ (this is a rec game) Comment && tell me what you think.

Thanks Guys :)
-kristina x3

Boys trying to hit off Fastpitch Softball Girl Pitcher! USSSA

Wanna see it at the Major League Level?

Now, it is funny to hear the boys complain about this video. Please keep it up!

Best Pitchers In College Softball

I have covered most but not all of the bases (*Pun intended) but If you guys can think of any more then feel free to leave a comment below

Fastpitch Softball, Den - Aus, Men's World Championships 2015

Denmark vs. Australia
Pool B
Compressed version
Saskatoon, Canada

USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 16U Championship Game

USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 16U Championship Game

Kaitlyn Hooper--Pitching (Softball)

SBALL Skills Video with Kaitlyn Hooper: Pitching
Filmed and Edited by Jeremiah Blessinger

Basic 5 steps for a beginner pitcher

These 5 steps will help someone interested in pitching get started. These steps are specifically designed for a Fastpitch Softball pitcher.

Softball pitching tips with Amanda Scarborough

Former Texas A&M All-American softball pitcher Amanda Scarborough breaks down the fundamentals of several different softball pitches. For more info, visit and

For more softball pitching tips, visit:

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lesson - Meagen Denny

Produced by - This week former pro pitcher Meagen Denny gives us a fastpitch softball pitching lesson.

*** The word Denny is saying is BUCKING like a bull does in the rodeo****

is a great resource for fastpitch softball bats.

For all you fastpitch softball players out there looking to see if pitching is for you, Meagen Denny joins us in this show to demonstrate the basics of pitching. Meagen goes through each of the motions, from the wind up to the drag of your foot. while explaining the significance of each motion. Check this out to find out how to get the maximum amount of control and speed from your pitch!

ashley fast pitch, 8 year old

5 Yr Old Fast Pitch Softball Girl

This is my 5 year old granddaughter demonstrating her fast pitch softball skills. Video was shot in my driveway across the street from Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville, Kentucky USA July 18, 2012. She and her family were visiting from her home in Eads, Colorado. They had just come from a regional softball tournament in Kansas where her big sister had played. They were the Colorado State Champions in the 10 and under league.

National Pro Fastpitch Highlight Footage

National Pro Fastpitch highlight footage produced by Winkler Productions

Softball Pitching Drills for All Ages

- Visit my blog today for more free softball drills and videos. In this video, you'll learn about the one knee drill, which will help your players keep their weight back when throwing and pitching the ball as well as another pitching drill that's terrific for younger players. Click Like if you think this would work well in your next softball practice!

fastpitch pitching mechanics in slow motion

fastpitch pitching mechanics in slow motion 1000fps video

by amanda scarborough and softball power drive

Promotional video - women's fast pitch softball

From the playground to the Olympics... and everything in between. This shows footage not only from softball's four appearances at the Summer Games (1996, 2000, 2004, & 2008) but from three world championships (1998, 2002, & 2006) and a couple other international tournaments.

Softball Hitting Tips Fastpitch: #1 Biggest Lie In Hitting

- CLICK the softball hitting tips fastpitch preceding link to read the full blog post at the Hitting Performance Lab...

In this softball hitting tips fastpitchvideo post, we're going to answer one of my reader's questions...

Ways to use your hips to create bat speed?

We'll cover:

- Inward hip turn towards catcher to load?
- Springy ‘X’ Pattern, and
- Landing open with the front foot.

CLICK the following softball hitting tips fastpitch link to read the full blog post at the Hitting Performance Lab:

HD 1080p 12u Fury Fastpitch Vegas vs 14u Norton Elite softball game

The 12u Fury Fastpitch Vegas takes on the 14u Norton Elite in the 14u Junior Akron Racers league in Akron, Ohio 6/9/15 12u fastpitch travel softball team go head to head in league play versus 14u travel softball teams.

19 NK pitching for Fury(in navy)
5 MG 2nd
10 CK CF
12 NS C
22 OV 3rd
28 SA 1st
33 ES. OF
34 TG OF
35 RM OF

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Hurricanes vs. Lupi Roma (1), Super Cup 2012, mens fastpitch

Final of Super Cup between Danish and Italian champions. Compact version.

Knuckleball (Fastpitch Softball's Best)

Knuckleball (Fastpitch Softball's Best)