F1 Powerboat Crashes South Africa

F1 Powerboat Crashes South Africa

A variety of F1 Powerboat crashes that happened over the past few years in South Africa

F1 powerboat Crash

South Africa, Gauteng

Formula 1 Powerboat Crashes

2015 F1H2O World Powerboat Championship season crashes

Elzane - Female F1 Powerboat Racer - Accident On Vaal River, South Africa

Elzane's Accident On The Vaal River, South Africa - F1 Powerboat Race Series

Crazy Inflatable Powerboat Crash - Thundercat South Africa

Gerrit and Anthony gets thrown out of their boat during a surf circuit race held in the Strand, Cape Town South Africa. This was a major crash but luckily no one got hurt, just some egos.

TOP 5 crashes of the last two seasons

26/09/2004 - Crash Putrajaya Cappellini vs Trask

F1 Powerboat - Crash between Guido Cappellini (Italy) and Bob Trask (Australia) in Gp of Malaysia, Putrajaya September 26, 2004.

F1H2O Grand Prix of CHINA 2015 - Highlights

26 Minutes Magazine of Grand Prix of China - Liuzhou - October 2, 2015.

Wait for the movie F1 Powerboat crash Lebos Chaguri Motonautica F1H2O Nations Cup

F1 Powerboat Racing in Qatar

The H2O Formula 1 Powerboat Championships is the highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world. It takes a special breed of driver to pilot a boat through a world series of challenging courses. Jay Price returns to claim the title as he blasts his Qatar team boat at speeds of 150 mph.

Featuring: Jay Price, Alex Carella, Sami Selio, Shaun Torrente, Francesco Cantando, Ahmed Hameli

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15/09/2002 - Crash Waterford, Pharaon, Gillman

F1 Powerboat - Waterford, Ireland September 15, 2002. Amazing flips of Laith Pharaon (Saudi Arabia) and Scott Gillman (USA).


A little crash compilation from offshore powerboat racing, old but gold video!


Bilba crash with victory team 7, 1994 ST Tropez


Boat details can make the difference!

Jonathan Jones takes you inside and behind the scenes of the F1H2O World Championship.

HUGE crash F2 Formula 2 Grimstad Powerboat Show GPS Frode Sundsdal Johan Østerberg

Two Formula 2 boats flipping side by side at Grimstad Powerboat Show 27.08.11.

2015 F1 GP of France Al Hameli Crash

Incredible boat crash of the Emirati driver during the Q2 of the 2015 UIM F1H2O Gp of France

F1 Powerboat Crash PARYS

Greg van Heerden crashes his F1 Powerboat in Parys

BEST SCARY SPEED BOAT CRASHES Formula 1 Boat Racing Fail Collisions Compilation! Part 1

Shocking Speed Boat Accidents Fails Crashes Collisions Compilation 2016 NEW!


All kinds of powerboats losing control, catching on fire, flipping over, crashing into spectators (no casualties), smashing & colliding all over the place!

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Sharjah F1 Boat Racing accident Dec 2012 !!!

Another accident this year caused the race to stop following couple of laps.