WIHS Equitation Finals Work-Off

This final phase of the 2014 WIHS Equitation Finals was held Saturday night, October 25th, at the 2014 Washington International Horse Show.

Frank Madden on "Fundamentals for Equitation" excerpt

Top equitation trainer, Frank Madden, emphasizes the fundamentals for novice and advanced riders in this excerpt from his DVD Fundamentals for Better Rideability available at EquestrianClinics.com

Equitation Ride Off - 2014 ASPCA Maclay Finals

Tori Colvin & Hunter Holloway were the final two riders called back by the 2014 ASPCA Maclay Finals judges. After these two rides (during which they swapped horses), the winner was announced.

Winner - Tori Colvin
Reserve - Hunter Holloway

Presentation de mes affaire d'équitation !!! ENFIN !!

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- Je m’appelle Mareva, j'ai 21 ans. Je suis d'origine Tahitienne, et je me situe en Île de France. Je pratique l'équitation depuis plus de 13 ans, j'ai commencé les concours il y à 7 ans. Je suis titulaire du galop 7, et l'heureuse propriétaire d'Uppercut de Chalusse. Anciennement propriétaire d'Uranie d'Audes que j'ai vendu en Décembre 2015. Au delà de ça, je suis actuellement en Master 2 en Marketing Digital que j'effectue en alternance. Ma caméra est une Sony, et je montais mes vidéo avec Power Director et maintenant avec Filmora.

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Maddy Darst: Hermès WIHS Equitation Finals Winner

Maddy Darst won the Hermès WIHS Equitation Finals at the 2013 Washington International Horse Show. This work off round was the final phase of competition. All ten ride from the work off are available on-demand on USEF network at

Strategy - Preparing for Equitation Finals

Diane Carney discusses strategy when preparing for medal finals.

Equitation Concours Saut d'Obstacles

Hello ! De nouveau une p'tite compil' de CSO à haut niveau...

Bon clip ...

Equestrian 101: Equitation over Fences

In the first installment of Equestrian 101, Kori Pickett guides viewers through the Equitation over Fences discipline.


Elfie doing New Zealands first ever 'Working Equitation' Competition. 24th May 2015 - still a lot of work to do but very proud of our 2nd place having never done a speed round before ;)

working equitation speed test. Beja 2008. By www.lusitanopassion.dk

Working Equitation. Speed test. Beja, Portugal. April 2008.
The rider is the amazing Pedro Torres and the horse is the fantastic Oxidado - my favorite horse of all. He is a Lusitano.
Learn how to ride this sport with the E-book from Amazon: working equitation with joao lynce.

Taylor St Jacques and Di Samorano - WIHS Equitation Finals

Taylor St Jacques won the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Finals riding her own Di Samorano at the 2017 Washington International Horse Show.

Pedro Torres - Working Equitation

Pedro Torres - Working Equitation

video by Velosign

music by João Quico Barros



Voilà une petite vidéo humour sur la comparaison de l'avant/après de l'équitation !
Si cette vidéo t'a plu tu peux me lâcher un petit sabot bleu, partager la vidéo à tes amis et surtout ...




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CLASSIC meets WORKING 2018 - Pferd International 2018 - Dressur vs. Working Equitation

Ich durfte am vergangenen Dienstag die Veranstaltung Classicmeetsworking von Pferd International München 2018 begleiten. Die Aufgabe bestand darin, dass das Working Equitation Team dem Dressurteam ihre Lektionen erklärt und vorführt und diese es versuchen nachzureiten. :) Wir hatten alle viiiiiel Spaß und es kamen so einige verborgene Talente zum Vorschein!

What Are Equitation Judges Looking For?

New event hopes to provide riders, trainers and parents with more insight into what it takes to be successful in the equitation ring.

Watch the video Preview of American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge presented by Whitethorne.

On June 20 & 21, the Blenheim June Classic III will host the inaugural American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge presented by Whitethorne.

This unique, three-phase class is open to all riders of all ages, both juniors and amateurs.

Highly renowned professionals Bernie Traurig and Stacia Madden will judge, but there's more. Mentors will be available such as Karen Healey, who will serve as Technical Delegate, and Tonya Johnston, who will provide Mental Skills Coaching.

Georgy Maskrey-Segesman of Whitethorne, who is responsible for the creation of the class, sought to bring more educational opportunities to the West Coast equitation world.

It is my gift to all the people that want to do equitation — whether it's an adult-amateur who wants to learn more, or a junior that does plan to go east, or a parent who wants to know more about the discipline, she said. I'm looking for it to be something that's enjoyable and educational and something that people can walk away from and say, 'Wow, that was a great experience. I want to do it again.

Phase One will consist of a Hunter Derby type track set at 3'3 designed by Karen Healey and Mauricio Garcia. The two judges will produce one score. However, what makes this event unique is that each rider will receive a judges' comment card that will provide input into why they received the equitation score that they did.

The second phase, held at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, will be an opportunity for the riders to interact with the judges and other mentors. The evening includes a video presentation, Equitation - an American Tradition of Excellence presented by Bernie Traurig. Tonya Johnston will present Mental Preparation for Medal Finals. Presentations will be followed by a Question & Answer session between the judges, trainers, and riders.

Riders with scores of 60 or higher will be invited to return to compete in Phase Three. Once again, riders will jump a Hunter Derby style course. Riders will carry forward, their scores from round one. Once again, riders will receive a score and judges' comment cards. Then the top six riders will compete in a work-off with the winning trainer receiving $10,000 and the winning rider receiving a Butet saddle. Additional prizes will also be awarded.

Judges and Mentors

This event provides a rare opportunity to engage with some of the most well-respected equitation judges and coaches. Maskrey-Segesman explained why she put together the team that she did.

Karen Healey is responsible for contributing to the rules of equitation in conjunction with the USEF. She has dedicated much of her career contributing to the equitation division, both as a trainer and a judge.

Stacia Madden has produced many top riders in major national championships and medal finals. She is also a well-respected judge.

Notably, Bernie Traurig will be the guest judge at the ASPCA Maclay Medal Final in November at The National Horse Show.

Tonya Johnston is a highly-respected mental skills coach and a top show jumping competitor herself. As such, she brings a unique perspective, knowing exactly what it feels like to walk into the ring and the preparation it requires.

Technical Delegate, Karen Healey explained her role as liaison between the competitors and judges.

She was optimistic that the program will provide riders with constructive feedback that they can take away to become more successful in the equitation ring.

This is an opportunity for riders to learn why they were placed where they were. Both of these judges are extraordinarily accomplished horsemen with tremendous credibility. They're both great teachers. They can analyze what they are seeing and provide insight rather than simply putting a ribbon on them.

Healey went on to explain some of the things that the equitation judges will be looking for:

Find All The Jumps - ride everything smoothly and on stride

Correct Style - who is stiff? who is loose? (loose in a good way ie elastic and fluid). The horse is with the rider and it appears effortless

Style Includes The American Forward System - closed hip angle, lighter in the tack and with the motion of the horse

When I'm judging, when I don't pick up my pencil, that's the winner.
Karen Healey

What Are Equitation Judges Looking For?

Frank Willard, USEF “R” judge shares his insight about what judges are looking for in an equitation class.

Form follows function.

Do the course as you would on a hunter but separate riders based on their equitation which is the style of the rider.

Unlike hunters where only the horse is judged, in equitation both horse and rider are judged.

What separates a rider with a score in the 80's from one with a score in the 70's?

One element is the number of strides. We're looking for the “right distances”.In our case, the first fence walked a really nice ten stride. For example, a good 10 [strides] always beats a good eleven [strides] as a good five always beats a good six.

So, do judges counts strides?
To answer that consider the inside turns and the shortest distance between two jumps, if they're jumped well, is the best way to do it.

And the the style of the rider and how they mesh with the horse. The horse is also very important.

Is there one element that stands out?

I would say a Natural Equitation. Too often people associate equitation with a stiff back.

“California is kind of the king of the equitation world”

When California riders come to the finals, they're better prepared because they've been competing in equitation classes that are conducted on the grand prix field. When you're in the Carolinas and Virginia, the equitation classes are very simply hunter courses in front of the equitation judges,

You can't underestimate the horse and the suitability of horse and rider. You don't want a big rider on a little horse or vice versa.

It's a 50/50 deal.

A lot of judges have idiosyncrasies. One of mine is that I don't like the backwards release. That is when the rider does not release the horse's head over the jump. I like an automatic release.

Sarah Ryan - Equitation Over Fences

Sarah Ryan - Equitation Over Fences
2016 HITS Thermal Week 2
Catch Ride for age division equitation

ARAMIS --- Gernot Weber --- DM Working Equitation --- Juli 2017

Deutscher Meister Stil Trail S
Working Equitation
Reitsportzentrum Wintermühle / Neu-Anspach
7 - 9 Juli 2017

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