GoPro: Enduro MX Racing the Back Alleys of Portugal with Jonny Walker - Extreme XL Lagares

Jonny Walker takes on the grueling course of the Extreme XL Lagares, in Portugal. Not one to back down to a challenge, follow Jonny as he tackles the rugged course along the sea wall and then taking to the narrow streets of Porto's old city.

Shot 100% on the HERO5 camera from ‪

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Onboard at the British Extreme Enduro Championship Round 1 Tong West Yorkshire. 2018

Hard Enduro | 2017 Nut Buster

Watch the prologue -
Nutbuster - Canterbury, New Zealand.
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Best Moments of Hard Enduro 2017

Not sure what happened in the 2017 Hard Enduro Season? Check out on this video all the best moments, crashes, victories and more from an unforgettable season.
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Enduro is Awesome 2.0


Rob Mitchell Films @sirrobfilms

Derek Hallman @derekhallman

Derek Hallman

Spektrem - Shine (Gabriel Drew and Bloom Remix)
Askery & Lash ft. Laurell - Float Alone

⚔ Hixpania Hard Enduro 2017 ⚔ The Lost Way | Graham Jarvis 🏆

In this year's Hixpania Hard Enduro race -held for the 2nd Time- riders competed till the last hill and kept the excitement at maximum. Their struggle was worth to watch and fans enjoyed the hell out of it. Graham Jarvis claimed the victory. There were some memorable horror moments during this hard-core struggle. First Billy Bolt accidentally wrapped a staff around his rear tyre and tried to continue without knowing and then Jonny Walker made a headshot with his bike to another staff. Thankfully there were no serious injuries. We salute those two veteran staff and the rest of all.

✦✦✦ Final Results ✦✦✦
1st Graham Jarvis
2nd Jonny Walker
3rd Alfredo Gomez
4th Mario Roman
5th Billy Bolt

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⭐ Tim Coleman ⭐ The New Rock Star of Hard Enduro World

He was continuing his career as a motorcycle show performer and trainer. I don't really know what changed his mind but thanks to that reason we had welcomed one of the most talented rider into hard enduro world with Red Bull Sea to Sky 2017. Despite the problems he had with his bike but he made it to the gold. You will be watching the highlights of his 10 days in Turkey, enjoy!

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Taking On the World's Toughest Enduro Race. | Paying the Price FULL Documentary

►Get up to speed with Dakar Rally 2018 here:
Toby Price knows that completing The Dakar Rally is a triumph in itself. The South American terrain knows no regard for man or machine, breaking both at will over the course of 14 days and some 9000km travelled.
But to wipe the sand from the eyes and the blood from the boots to hold The Dakar trophy aloft, takes more than just strength. Victory demands sacrifice. And the Australian off-road racer has known more than his fair share of pain – including more than 27 broken bones and a broken neck that very nearly rendered him motionless for life.
From first jumping on a bike as a two-year-old to dealing with his sister’s death and then witnessing the death of his best friend in succession, Paying the Price follows Toby’s emotional journey from country kid to becoming Australia’s first ever winner of The Dakar Rally.


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HIXPANIA 2017 Main Race | Graham Jarvis Hard Enduro

Onboard Hixpania 2017 The Lost Way

How hard is hard Enduro.. Eddy's Extreme Enduro at Tong UK 2018

The Highs and Lows of Xtreme enduro, filmed by Garry Barnes and Martin Gardner, at round 1 of the ACU British Extreme Enduro Championships 2018

Enduro GP Germany Zschopau 2017

Mistrovství světa endura Německo Zschopau 2017

⚔️ Hixpania Hard Enduro 2017 | Day 2 | Campoo X-treme | Pol Tarres

Good performance by Pol Tarres at Hixpania Day 2 Campoo X-treme. At the last lap he had a serius crash but finished 6th. This video contains only one lap.

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Taylor Robert || Extreme Enduro

I have compiled his short films for you ..
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Graham Jarvis - 5 Techniques to Improve Your Hard Enduro Skills | RBS2S

Graham Jarvis explaining and demonstrating you 5 crucial techniques for Hard Enduro!

In this video Graham Jarvis shows some wheelies, no engine moves, double clutch technique, tap turn and more... And you will see how to made (or not) trainees and therefore we preferred to cut off quite a bit. This is the reason of some missing focus and some video issues. Hopefully you will enjoy and catch some trick from this video! Leave your comments and please don't forget to subscribe! 👊



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It's always a pleasure to film and watch top extreme enduro riders in action with stunts and tricks on dirt bikes. But it doesn't matter what type of motorbike you are riding, or in fact the type of vehicle you are on, or your gender, when you are pushing hard things will always turn bad eventually. Tim Coleman plans to fly out from Australia and ride hard enduro events like Romaniacs and the Red Bull Sea to Sky because he has applied his trials riding to extreme enduro technique.

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Ruben Chadwick is not exception. These obstacles are tough enough on his trials bike, but he'll just keep trying and trying until he nails them on his dirt bike too. A trials background certainly helps make the crashes easier, wherever possible trials riders will just step off the bike and ease it to the ground.

This casual dismount is the hallmark of the trials rider even at speed... or on an actual trials bike. Well most of the time.

Australian Tim Coleman loves to ride hard enduro events like the Red Bull Sea to Sky on his Beta RR300 dirt bike due to his trials background.
Tim Coleman has the same trials background, and the same issues with gravity when he's pushing the envelope. Many of you will have seen Tim riding the tightrope into the back of his van. It's taken a lot of preparation by riding along narrow logs.

In extreme enduros you never know what sort of crazy places a pivot turn could be needed, so Tim likes to practise in weird spots. So when you see Tim Coleman, Ruben Chadwick or any top extreme enduro rider pulling those ridiculous stunts, you can be sure there were countless hours of repetition, crashes, mistakes and bruises to get there with stunts and tricks.

Ruben Chadwick is one of Australia's young upcoming enduro riders with a strong trials background that makes him a natural at extreme enduro. Ruben was Australia's junior trials and endurocross champion in 2014 and is a strong believer in the cross training style of riding - applying trials techniques to hard enduro riding.

Thanks to Tim Coleman and Ruben Chadwick for letting us see these vids. I don't know about you, but I am way less discouraged knowing that no matter how incredible some of the stunt riding looks, all the riders have spent countless hours making mistakes, and they are just human after all when it comes to stunts and tricks on dirt bikes.

Ruben Chadwick has a pile of trophies at home: Junior Enduro X National Champion 2014, Expert Enduro X National Champion 2015, Junior Moto-Trials National Champion 2014, Youth Moto-Trials National Champion 2015. Tim Coleman from is ridiculously talented on a dirt bike or trials bike, and does all kinds of dirt bike stunts and enduro tricks across Australia and now worldwide, especially on his Beta RR300. Tim Coleman is a sage in the world of trials and enduro, boasting an impressive 15+ years of experience. And he doesn't stop at that. He still actively participates in trials competitions and enduro races around the world and constantly refines his art of two wheeling in the most gnarly and technical terrains one can possibly ride in. He also coaches students around the world and does motorcycle stunt shows! What do the world's best extreme enduro riders have in common? Riders like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez are all former trials riders who applied cross training skills to hard enduro events. And Ruben Chadwick is hot on their heels! Learning how to ride a dirt bike? Or taking your enduro technique to the next level? Get into cross training.

Title: Eminence - Where The Light Is
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Erzberg Rodeo 2017 | World's Hardest Enduro Race

Every year 2000 of the world’s toughest dirt bike riders descend on the small town of Eisenerz, Austria in an attempt to finish one of the most difficult enduro races in the world. How difficult? Watch the video. Also watch those;

✦ On Board FULL race video:
✦ Mother of Hill Climbs:
✦ Rocket Ride:
✦ Iron Road On Board:

Erzbergrodeo Iron Roads 2017 results:

✦ 1. Ossi Reisinger
✦ 2. Wade Young
✦ 3. Matthias Walkner
✦ 4. Jonny Walker
✦ 5. Rannar Uusna
✦ 6. Patrick Neisser
✦ 7. Dwayne Kleynhans
✦ 8. Paul Bolton
✦ 9. Sam Winterburn
✦ 10. Brett Swanepoel

Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble 2017 results:

✦ Alfredo Gómez (KTM) 2h 17m 6s
✦ Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) +3m 22s
✦ Cody Webb (KTM) +5m 4s
✦ Wade Young (Sherco) +9m 31s
✦ Jonny Walker (KTM) +10m 41s
✦ Paul Bolton (KTM) +15m 53s
✦ Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) +18m 24s
✦ Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) +24m 47s
✦ Mario Roman (Sherco) +30m 20s
✦ Travis Teasdale (KTM) +34m 6s

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Hard Enduro 🏔️ Three Mountains 🏔️ Bansko 2017 Highlights

Bansko is a town in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at an elevation of 927 m above sea level. It is a popular ski resort.
Endurolife was there for recording the Hard Enduro Race in Bansko / Bulgaria 🇧🇬 🇧🇬 🇧🇬.

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Hard Enduro || Awesome Techniques 2017 ✌ HD

Hello friends,
I have made a rich review from a technical point of view today, and I would like to have a very good quality video in terms of driving techniques... :)

Forget that I'm on my subscribers, thank you for watching.





KTM 125 EXC HARD ENDURO GoPro HD 2014 Summer Ride

Quick Ride on Rooley Moor
GoPro HERO 3 HD Black edition Helmet side mount.
Bikes used-
KTM 125 EXC 2007
KTM 250 EXC-F 2008


Hard Enduro Series ⭐ Tim Coleman ⭐ Awesome Tricks Compilation

Thanks to Tim Coleman for letting us to introduce his skills to Enduro Life. Don't forget subscribe to Tim Coleman's Youtube Channel
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Tc Trickz Trials Entertainment is an exciting motorcycle stunt show performed by Tim Coleman and his talented friends.

With over 20 years of competitions all over the globe, its now time to showcase these skills to the public. Performances not just in Australia, Tc Trickz travel all across the world from Asia, Europe and the U.S to display the unique motorcycle skill set they hold.
The show attends your event with our own portable setup, Public Address System, Insurance, speakers & generators. Performances can be done in almost any weather conditions, any type of surface with minimal impact to the surface

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Music: Wontolla, Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away [NCS Release]

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