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Endurance riding


2017 Tevis Cup - Western States Trail

A video of Shellie Hatfield and Bob Spoor racing the 2017 Tevis Cup. Bob is attempting to complete his 12th finish and Shellie is attempting her 10th. Pre-race footage, race footage, crew member interviews and post race interviews.

FEI World Endurance Championship Abu Dhabi YR & J 2011

61: Joyce van den Berg / Bas de Cardonne
62: Yara de Boer / Sumaya ''G''
63: Fenne Koppenol / Valesco
64: Marijke Visser / Eomer

2013 Vermont 100 mile endurance ride

My adventures on trail during the 2013 Vermont 100 mile endurance ride & run, located in Woodstock, VT.

CYCLING TIPS: Endurance Rides

Graeme Street from shares some common mistakes for going long and endurance ride events and how to avoid them and improve your long ride endurance.



Trailer - Longines FEI World Endurance Championships 2016

46 nations and a total of 136 horse/rider combinations will contest the Longines FEI World Endurance Championships 2016 on-site at Slovakia’s state-of-the-art Šamorín Equestrian Centre.

The equestrians will head out on the 160-kilometre track in a 6am mass-start, with five loops of 40, 35, 35, 30 and 20kms running across grass, field and forest tracks alongside the River Danube and skirting around Bratislava at the foot of the Little Carpathians mountain range.

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An Introduction to Endurance Riding

This video is a brief introduction to Endurance Riding by the UK governing body for the sport, EnduranceGB. We have a countrywide Group structure designed to help and support all riders coming into the sport. After viewing the video, please click go to and click Groups where you will find full details of the one nearest to you. Membership details are also a click away, please browse at your leisure. Click Joining for more details of membership.

During 2006 over 10,000 riders enjoyed the feast of Endurance fun EGB organised at over 125 venues all around the country, why not come and join us?



qatar international endurance ride 2014

22/02/2014 Qatar International Endurance Ride

FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders & Juniors 2013 - Ibos Tarbes

FEI TV followed the Czeck team through the competition at the FEI European Endurace Championships for Juniors & Young Riders in Tarbes 2013.

Endurance Riding in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Endurance Horse Riding at Horse Riders Net, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Endurance Horse Riding in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Endurance Horse Riding at Horse Riders Net, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Endurance Ride Normandie


Tevis Cup Riders At CougarRock 2007

Sorry, I accidentally deleted this video and had to re-post it. It had over 200,000 views between 2007 and 2015.

Fatima Al Harthi: Abu Dhabi Endurance Rider

The UAE President Cup Endurance Race - Abu Dhabi 2017

H.H Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival

Bridger Trail Endurance Ride

Horse Endurance Ride in Otto, Wyoming, April 26, 2014

Fort Howes 2009 Endurance Rides - Part 1/3 - Pre-Ride

The Fort Howes Endurance Ride has its base camp on Bill and Jan Stevens' ranch in Southeast Montana. The largest part of the trails are in the Custer National Forest. The rides in 2009 were held on June 6 and 7 and consisted of a 35 mile, a 50 mile, a 55 mile, a 75 mile, and a 100 mile endurance ride. Horses and riders came from many sections of the U.S. and Canada to participate. Most arrived several days in advance of the ride. This video is part 1 of 3 and shows the base camp activity in preparation for the ride. Video # 2 shows the rides on Saturday. Video # 3 shows the rides on Sunday. To see the other two video parts of this ride go to com. Also on that website are videos from earlier years of Fort Howes rides.

Distanzreiten - Info Video - Endurance Riding - German version

Eine der ältesten Pferdesportarten der Welt. Dieser erklärende Kuzfilm zeigt Scenen aus Sportveranstaltungen in Middle East und Europa.
Conny Coller ( hat freundlicherweise die Textvorlage zum Moderationstext entworfen. Vielen Dank, Conny!

How To Train For Ultra Endurance Cycling

Training for Ultra Endurance Cycling isn't all plain sailing. It requires time, effort and mental strength. We explain how to ride your way into a double century ride and beyond

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With plenty of long distance events/challenges on the calendar such as the Transcontinental, Paris-Brest-Paris, 24hr time-trials and audax events, it's not as simple as just riding your bike. However, it doesn't need to be a daunting experience, it's all about fun and the achievement of doing it.
Ex-Professional Cyclists Matt Stephens and Tom Last explain How To Train For Ultra Endurance Cycling along with some words of advice from Bruce Berkeley who is specialist in Long Distance Cycling.

We go through
- preparing for the event
- building up to the distance with your training
- resting
- nutrition
- mental strength
- equipment checks
- pacing the ride
and finally, doing the distance.

Let us know your tips for Ultra-Endurance Cycling in the comments below 👇

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QLD Endurance State Championships 2017 - My first 160km

A collection of photos and videos from the amazing experience that was my first 160km endurance horse ride. Queensland Endurance State Championships 2017, held at Rockybar Station.



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